My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 125.2: Trial Tower pt. 2

“Who are you?” the young Yi Wang’s voice was cold, but also slightly hoarse at this moment.

Jing Yue dared not speak. He knew Yi Wang was smart. If he spoke, even if he changed his voice, he would be easily recognized.

He was still thinking how to get closer without Yi Wang suspecting anything when a sword was already placed against his neck. Jing Yue pushed the sword away and the power contained in his two fingers left Yi Wang with no room for resistance so he could only let go.

He wanted Yi Wang to know that it couldn’t be easier if he wanted to kill, but he didn't do it because there was no malicious intent.

Sure enough, Yi Wang calmed down; no, Yi Wang was always calm.

He stared in the direction of Jing Yue with his dim black eyes, but his line of sight went beyond him—he couldn’t see him.

“Are you human? Are you also here to slay Yao?”

“Why don’t you speak? Are you a mute?”

Jing Yue took out a bottle of elixir. Although he couldn't see it, he seemed to smell the fragrance of the medicine. His body froze before he quickly relaxed. “You want to help me heal my eyes.”

So, Yi Wang stayed still and allowed Jing Yue to tie a strip of cloth that was smeared with the medicine over his eyes.

When the bandage was done, Jing Yue was about to leave when he heard Yi Wang say, “Shizun, are you leaving?”

At that moment, Jing Yue almost twisted his back. Embarrassed and helpless for a moment, he smiled bitterly and said, “How did you recognize me?”

“How did he recognize you?” Blue phoenix was dissatisfied with Jing-jing’s dawdling storytelling and said angrily, “Is Jing-jing deliberately teasing Ji-ji?”

“I won’t say anymore then.” Jing Yue really stopped talking, pressed blue phoenix into his arms, and walked to the next floor.

Blue phoenix kept protesting in his clothes but Jing Yue ignored it. His thoughts gradually drifted away to the sea of fog that permeated the Boundary Mountain.

The youth had a white cloth over his eyes. Despite the several hideous scars on his face, his straight nose and a smile on his thin lips could still be seen.

“Because no one would treat me this well, only you, Shizun.”

On this floor, Jing Yue had been delayed for quite a while. When he had just entered the 41st floor, Wei Zhentu had already reached the 50th floor.

Outside the tower, Alba stared at the fox who had passed the assessment, wanting to see how far the other party could go, while paying attention to Wei Zhentu's bone pillar, wanting to see how fast he could go.

No one noticed Jing Yue, except for Qin Yanzhi and the fox under the tree.

At the same time, far away in a palace hall in the imperial city of the snake tribe, a snake Yao bowed and said to a person in the palace, “Lord Kang Xi, I have received news that Kang Ji has returned to the Yao world from the human world and was recommended by Zhao Zhu of the fox tribe to participate in the trial tower assessment.”

“In that case, Kang Ji is in Amandu?” The man on the main seat had a pale face, the green-blue veins faintly visible under the skin, and his voice was like the frost on the plum branches in winter, cold and clear.

“Exactly. Should we capture Kang Ji back here?”

Kang Xi lowered his eyebrows and said after a long time, “He can no longer do anything. Let him be.”

The snake Yao looked up at Kang Xi, then quickly dropped his eyes and said, “Yes!”

Kang Xi, “Remember, Father mustn’t find out about this.”


The golden light of the bright sun gradually faded.

There were bursts of sighs in front of the trial tower. Just now, the fox they were optimistic about had reached the 72nd floor in one go, but unfortunately, it didn't take long for the bone pillar belonging to the other party to completely extinguish—the fox had failed.

But they quickly turned their attention to another bone pillar, because Wei Zhentu had also reached the 72nd floor.

When Wei Zhentu crossed the 60th floor, the onlookers no longer regarded him as a foreign tribe, because they all knew that this snake Yao was already a member of the Fox Emperor. He could already fight for the Fox Emperor and lead the soldiers into battle, which was a great honor to them.

Even if some people were dissatisfied, they dared not show it. Moreover, they also hoped that the fox tribe could gain another powerful addition.

Therefore, everyone stared at the bone pillar fixedly and no one paid attention to the defeated fox contender who just came out of the tower, except Alba.

The person was a white fox, which was considered a good bloodline in the fox tribe. Being able to pass through the 71st floor in one go was enough for Alba to hold him in high regard.

He recalled the name of the other party and greeted him, “Congratulations, Du Jia.”

Du Jia seemed very satisfied with his achievements, and there was no disappointment on his face. “Thank you, Lord Alba. May I know when I can see the Fox Emperor?”

Alba smiled and said, “Soon, an envoy from the Fox Emperor will pick you up and bring you into the army.”

Du Jia was a little anxious, “Can't I see the Fox Emperor?”

Alba, “If you achieve success in the army, of course, the Fox Emperor will summon you.”

Du Jia was a little disheartened and was about to nod when the Yao clamored again.

“73! He has passed through the 72nd floor!”

“Who?” Only then did Du Jia realize that those people didn't even look at him, but stared at another bone pillar. He hurriedly walked past Alba and looked at the bone pillar.

On the bone pillar, the 73rd section had lit up.

“Lord Alba, who is that?” Du Jia asked gravely.

Alba, “That’s Kang Ji of the snake tribe.”

Du Jia's expression changed. “Snake?” Then he wrinkled his eyebrows and thought, “Kang Ji, it seems a little familiar.”

Not allowing him to think carefully, a fox not far away shouted again, “Ah! The 61st floor! He also passed the test!”

Who was that now? Du Jia subconsciously followed the line of sight of the fox Yao under the tree and saw a bone pillar in the west with the 61st section also lit up.

Alba smiled with satisfaction and said, “It’s a cat Yao recommended by Lord Zhao Zhu. He’s with Kang Ji.”

Du Jia’s tone held slight jealousy. “No wonder, they turn out to be fancied by Lord Zhao Zhu.”

At this time, Du Jia wasn’t concerned about his two opponents yet, but whether Kang Ji or the cat Yao, they seemed unable to stop, clearing the levels one after another.

The more Alba watched, the more shocked he was. Outside the tower, it was also getting quieter and quieter. No one expected the people recommended by Lord Zhao Zhu to be so aggressive!

Some people finally couldn't hold back anymore. They learned that the wolf and the rabbit Yao on the side were the attendants of the two contenders, so they approached them to inquire. Ruan Jiu knew that he wasn’t very smart and might let the cat out of the bag, so he simply pretended to be cold and aloof and kept his mouth shut, while Qin Yanzhi... Qin Yanzhi was always cold and aloof.

All the Yao were a little dissatisfied, but seeing that the female wolf was not weak, and had the master as the backing, they dared not make things difficult for her.

The sun slanted west and gradually fell. Out of ten bone pillars of the tower, only two were still lit.

No one entered the tower again. They stood outside, waiting for a miracle to happen.

When the 91st section of the eastern bone pillar was lit, there was an uproar.

In the last 500 years, no contender within the fox tribe had passed the 90th floor. It was said that past the 90th floor, any further opponents encountered would be Yao Marshals with extremely strong combat power and definitely not inferior rivals that only relied on the bloodline.

“That snake Yao… seems to be just a Yao General, right?” The fox under the tree was so suffocated with curiosity that he actually approached Qin Yanzhi to find out.

Qin Yanzhi, “Mm.”

Fox, “It’s a pity. Is that the end for him?”

Qin Yanzhi, “Don’t know.”

The fox said with dissatisfaction, “Isn’t he your master’s companion? Aren’t you concerned at all?”

Qin Yanzhi stared fixedly at the bone pillar in the west. “No.”

Fox, “…”

He was thwarted by Qin Yanzhi and now turned to Ruan Jiu beside him. Ruan Jiu panicked, “I-I don’t care either.”

Fox, “…” Do you think I’m blind? You’ve been staring at the bone pillar belonging to the snake, okay?!

At this moment, he heard sighs again. The fox looked up and found that the snake’s bone pillar had been extinguished.

In the tower, Wei Zhentu wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth. He knew that he could only stop there, and there was a touch of regret in his heart, as well as indescribable helplessness.

He was considered the best among the cultivators, and outsiders who heard his name would call him a genius. However, in front of real geniuses like Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi, he was so insignificant.

Wei Zhentu smiled bitterly as he looked at the broken bone token in his hand. Once he admitted defeat, he could crush the bone token at any time and the trial would end.

He wouldn't go all out for this, but he still felt a little indignant after all.

When Wei Zhentu came out of the tower, Ruan Jiu ran over to him quickly. Although he didn't speak, his eyes were full of concern.

No matter how much Wei Zhentu disliked Ruan Jiu, his heart softened at this time, and he said, “I’m fine.”

Ruan Jiu laughed immediately and a shallow dimple appeared on his left cheek. “Yeah! You’re amazing!”

Wei Zhentu chuckled and turned his head to look at the only bone pillar that was still lit—A-jing was still inside, as expected.

As the stars sprinkled the night sky, Jing Yue had reached the 96th floor. It could be said that he met no match along the way, but now, six Yao Marshals stood in front of him.

From the 91st floor onwards, one Yao Marshal was added to each floor. In other words, he would be up against nine Yao Marshals in the end.

The six Yao marshals attacked together and surrounded him tightly, but Jing Yue faced them calmly. With one technique, he conjured 12 Golden Core clones. Although the golden core clones had no chance of winning against the Yao Marshals, Jing Yue’s main body could switch freely among the clones.

In the secret realm, the snowstorm was brutal and sword Qi raged incessantly. The yao marshals fell one after another, fragile like papier-mache in Jing Yue’s hands.

Time slowly passed and the people outside the tower held their breaths. Even Alba couldn't maintain his calm. It must be known that the last contender who reached the 96th floor dated back to 3,000 years ago. The other party was now a great Yao serving under the Fox Emperor now, the Fox King Zanbu.

Like everyone else, his eyes were fixed on the bone pillar.



Alba covered his heart, which was beating so fast that it almost burst.

Then, he saw the last section of the bone pillar lit up.

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