Assassin Farmer

Chapter 125 - Sentimental Road Trip

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By wei-shi (1-3pm), when they were around twenty meters away from Feng Cheng’s gateway, four big carriages, each drawn by four horses, slowed down. Eventually, they stopped in front of a tea house.

Two youthful looking females walked out of the tea house before carefully climbing into one of the carriages. Once boarded, the delegation continued to run toward the city’s gateway.

Situ Yun agilely jumped off the carriage and showed Wangye Jing’s pass token to a soldier guarding the gate. Then, in the admiring eyes of the soldiers, he put the token away and hopped on the carriage. Four big horse carriage slowly moved away from Feng Cheng, following the main road down towards the South.

“Shiii--!” After fifteen minutes, the carriages slowed down.

“Guye, someone is blocking us.” The driver of the first carriage reported to Lin Si Yao, who was sitting in the carriage.

Lin Si Yao put Lin Long who was playing in his embrace on the soft bed in the carriage. He shot Su Shuilian a comforting look before lifting the curtain and getting out of the carriage.

Around one hundred meters away, was a group of five people. They stood side by side, which was enough to block the whole road.

The man standing in the middle was the Blood Union’s Emperor – Xue Li, who had told him a lot of strange words in the imperial palace. Seeing them, Lin Si Yao narrowed his eyes. A second later, he glided from the carriage to stand in front of the other five.

“Why do you stand in our way?” The cold, soft voice reached the five’s ears.

“Li!” Xue Li hadn’t opened his mouth when the beautiful, luxurious-dressing woman cried out to him. She was so touched when she saw Lin Si Yao, tears lingering in her eyes.

“Is that him? Right, is that him?” The woman hurried to ask Xue Li to confirm. Her eyes studied Lin Si Yao as if she was afraid that as long as she moved her eyes away, the young man would disappear.

The other three included two young guards, one male and one female, and a bearded General, Lu Qing, who often appeared in attendance for the Blood Union. As soon as they heard the woman’s question, they all turned to look at Lin Si Yao, their eyes filled with yearning and hope.

Xue Li looked at Lin Si Yao for a while before smiling. “We meet again!”

“If there is nothing else, please give way.” Lin Si Yao frowned lightly. He turned and glanced at the four horse carriages behind him, estimating whether he and Situ Yun could protect the four carriages in case they had to fight against the others.

“ (Senior) Uncle!” Situ Yun flew to Lin Si Yao. “Are they here because of us?”

“Yes!” Xue Li was standing opposite to them. Hearing Situ Yun’s question, he answered, raising his brows.

“Everyone, we don’t have any grudges. Why do you stand in our way?” Situ Yun raised his voice. He wasn’t afraid of fighting. However, there were vulnerable women in the carriages and kids they had to protect. That’s why he wasn’t interested in fighting with the others. Moreover, they weren’t common people. From this situation, that bearded man could be the infamous General Lu Qing. And eighty percent that he was here to protect the members of Blood Union’s royal family. If they actually got engaged in a battle, it would turn to be a political matter between the two countries.

“Young man, we just want to talk to your Uncle for a while. We didn’t have any other purpose.” Xue Li smiled, assuring Situ Yun who was acting like a hen protecting its chicks.

“If you have any matter, just say it right here! Why are you beating around the bush like that?!” Situ Yun rolled his eyes at the sky. He hated this sort of man, who speaks in one manner but acts completely different, the most.

“Haha! I’m afraid that if I tell you here, you will be so stunned you wouldn’t even be able to close your mouth.” Xue Li wasn’t irritated when he heard Situ Yun’s provoking words. He smiled until his eyes narrowed.

“What surprise? Do you have some earth-shaking secret you want to reveal? It’s okay, you can tell me now!” Situ Yun exaggeratingly picked his ear, flicking his finger at Xue Li’s team.

He would never believe that the others had some earth-shaking secret to tell his Uncle! If there were anything related to his low-key Uncle, there would be only the deaths of the twelve Blood Knights. If so, he wouldn’t let Uncle go with them. Although his Uncle got profound skills, no one knew if those people would plot something dirty.

“Do you really want to talk here?” This time Xue Li didn’t mind Situ Yun anymore. He turned to look at Lin Si Yao who didn’t look at him as he was sinking in his thoughts. “Alright…” Xue Li paused as if he was about to say something.

“Evidence.” Lin Si Yao suddenly lifted his head, looking at the other in the eyes. “Do you have any evidence for things you are about to say?”

Since Xue Li had called him to talk in the side hall in the middle of the feast in the imperial palace and forced him to listen to some fantasy-like story, he could guess what Xue Li was about to tell him. Thus, he turned around and walked away, denying listening further. It wasn’t that he didn’t care whose son he was or the fact that he had a complicated origin. He just needed a reason to persuade himself, to make him believe, and less unwilling to accept that he was abandoned since he was just a baby. For what reason to be abandoned by his family, tossed aside due to unforecasted causes and that it was against their will.

“Of course, yes. If you don’t believe me, you can follow me back to Blood Union.” Xue Li nodded carefully. As long as he was willing to listen, everything would be easy to solve.

“No need. I’m in a hurry to go home.” Lin Si Yao denied faintly. “Then, see you in Yue Kui Town!” Just find an inn for the night, and listen to his explanation to see how difficult and immeasurable it is. Let see if it was worth his acceptance or not. After twenty-five years being an orphan, it was really stunning when his parents, a pair of excellent Emperor and Empress, came and talked to him. Although he was the cold, merciless God of Slaughter, when he knew this, he just wanted to run away and hide. He didn’t want to confront them.

“Alright,” Xue Li heard that. He solemnly looked at Lin Si Yao as he nodded slowly. He replied, “Yue Kui Town, I won’t leave until I see you.”



The five standing in their way swiftly disappeared into the small woods by the road. They were taking a short-cut to Xue Kui Town.

Situ Yun turned around, looking at Lin Si Yao worriedly.

“It’s okay. We’ll talk after we reach Yue Kui Town.” Lin Si Yao turned around, returning to his carriage. He pulled the curtain, hoping in.

Situ Yun shook his head begrudgingly and walked back into his carriage. His Uncle was the biggest here. If he said okay, then it should be ok.

“Let’s go!” Situ Yun announced loudly. The four horse carriages continued to move to the South.  

“What? What happened?” As soon as Lin Si Yao got into the carriage, Su Shuilian pulled his hand, patting and asking worriedly. Her furrowed brows showed how anxious she was.

“It’s nothing.” Lin Si Yao felt happy when he saw her unconsciously comforting him. He turned his hand and pulled her into his embrace. “Nothing.” Even if what they told him were true, there wouldn’t be any problems. But…

“Those people…” Su Shuilian muttered. She had peeped through a corner in the carriage’s window and seen them pulling back and forth. However, due to the distance of several meters, she couldn’t hear the content of their conversation.

However, she recognized them. On their way to the imperial city, while passing Yue Kui Town, they saw them in a restaurant. And Yun-er told her that those people were from Blood Union.

“They aren’t relevant.” Lin Si Yao rested his head onto her neck, answering her with his somewhat rusty voice. To him, except for the woman in his chest and the twins that were sleeping on the soft bed after playing hard, the others were all irrelevant. Including the two who hold blood-ties with him, the ones who gave him his life.

“It’s good that nothing happened.” Su Shuilian listened to him and didn't ask any further. She believed that he would handle it properly.

“A Yao, it’s been two years, have you been happy?” She leaned on his shoulder, asking in a low voice.

“Why do you ask?” He stooped to look at her, reaching out to ease her furrowed brows. “How about you?” He replied with another question. Because she was the fountain of his happiness.

“I’m very happy. A happiness that I have never experienced before!” Her mouth curved lovingly as she talked to him gently but firmly.

She had thought that she, Su Shuilian, would spend the rest of her life dedicated to sewing.

In the past, she was appreciated by her grandfather and father because of her excellent sewing technique. After she got married, no matter how he had treated her, he had picked her because of her sewing skills.

She couldn’t think that she would come to this place – a world that was completely different from Suzhou of Republic of China. Besides her panic, she also exhaled in relief from the bottom of her heart: She was freed. She was freed from the pressure of the powerful Su family. She was freed from the burden of Suzhou’s embroidery and can finally be herself.

She had her current life solely based on her own decisions, no? She got married to A Yao, settled in Fan Hua Town, and even gave birth… Every step, every phrase… she had lived it fully and happily.

Although her parents were unexpectedly of an aristocratic family, she was lucky her parents felt guilty so they didn’t force her out of her simple happiness.  

“As long as you’re happy!” Lin Si Yao looked at her, pampering. He stooped and sucked her rosy, soft lips. A deep kiss was enough to make her breathless and faint.

“How about you? You haven’t told me yet.” She insisted to know what he had in his heart and if he had lived happily for those two years.

“You already know.” He gently bit her chin. He had never been a man who would bear losses. Only she could arise his love and pamper from deep within his heart.

“A Yao…” She hugged his neck, calling his name. It seemed she wasn’t satisfied with his vague answer.

“Mmm?” He seized the chance and slipped his hands into her dress. Her peaks had become rounder and plumper after childbirth.

“Don’t…” Until his cool lips stuck on her warm fullness, did she remember they were in a horse carriage and their precious twins were fast asleep on the soft bed next to them.

“No one would know.” He whispered. Desire surged in his chest, urging him to take her.

“But…” This was too unruly! She thought groggily. However her denial, her struggling had become soft and tender moaning in his ears.

“But what?” He knew but still asked. Then, his other free hand pushed her thick woven skirt down, crawling to her flower that had become warmer and wetter. He smiled, looking at her. Already so wet, yet still protesting?

Instantly, he got rid of his own clothes, pulling her up to let her sit on his thighs and helping her to straddle his waist. He straightened his body. They both exhaled, he was now fully in her.

“A Yao…” The running carriage brought an intense shaking she had never experienced before. She couldn’t help but whimper.

“Hold tightly…” The tip of his tongue licked her sensitive ear. As he was attacking her with a stronger wave after another, he savored all of her sensual moaning…

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