My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 126.1: Fox Camp pt. 1

Fox tribe, Imperial City.

In the splendid golden hall, Fox Emperor Jia Lou reclined on a white jade bed inlaid with countless gems, with thick furs of ferocious beasts spread under him.

Although he took on human form, seven tails showed behind him, which swayed slightly to the singing of the white bird Yao. Obviously, Jia Lou was in a good mood.

Alba saw this scene when he was led into the hall. The fox emperor slowly opened his eyes. The gold pupils seemed to be full of sunlight, with a silver border around the pupils like a clear cold moon.

“What's the matter?” The fox emperor asked casually.

Alba bent down slightly, “My emperor, the day before yesterday, three Yao passed the Trial Tower assessment.”


Alba didn’t dare to pique the fox emperor’s curiosity and said directly, “One of them is Du Jia of the fox tribe who passed through the 71st floor.  The other two are Kang Ji of the snake tribe and Qian Su of the cat tribe.”

Fox Emperor, “Kang Ji? Is it the son of Kang Duo?”

Alba, “Exactly.”

Fox Emperor, “Mm, I think Zhao Zhu mentioned this before.”

Alba, “They are indeed here on Lord Zhao Zhu’s recommendation.”

The fox emperor raised his chin and motioned for Alba to continue.

Alba swallowed and looked slightly excited. “Among them, Kang Ji is very extraordinary. He persisted until the 91st floor before he was defeated.”

When the Fox Emperor heard this, his eyes finally looked more serious. “Is Kang Ji so powerful?” He laughed. “Kang Duo this idiot, he actually sent this treasure into the hands of my fox tribe. Hehe.”

Alba also smiled and said, “Kang Duo will regret it sooner or later, but Kang Ji is not the most powerful. That cat Yao, Qian Su, he... he passed the trial tower!”

The fox emperor sat up abruptly. “What did you just say?”

Alba, “Qian Su broke through the trial tower, from the first floor up to the 99th floor!”

Fox Emperor, “How long did it take?”

Alba, “One day.”

The fox emperor stood up and retracted his seven tails. “One day, only a little slower than me back then. Is this Qian Su credible?”

Alba, “Since he was recommended by Lord Zhao Zhu, he should be credible, not to mention the cat tribe has no one else to rely on. Does my emperor want to see them?”

“Of course…” The Fox Emperor stopped mid-sentence and finally shook his head. “Send them to Deerfield and let Zanbu take a good look.”

Alba, “Yes!”

At the same time, the news that Kang Ji had officially joined the fox tribe also reached Kang Xi's ears. His gaze was gloomy as he paced back and forth in the hall.

After a while, Kang Xi stood still, and his tone was neither joyful nor angry. “He was actually able to break through the 91st floor in one go. After not seeing him for 100 years, this younger brother of mine seems to have become even more powerful.”

The snake Yao on the side stared at Kang Xi's bare white feet, closed his eyes to cover his burning desire, and said hoarsely, “My lord, you shouldn't be soft-hearted back then.”

The corner of Kang Xi's eyes jumped nervously and he kicked the snake Yao. “Do you have the right to talk about my business?”

The snake was kicked to the floor and slid some distance away. He quickly prostrated on the ground. “I know my mistake!”

The snake lowered his head and a chill ran down his back. A fine sheen of sweat appeared on his forehead and rolled down his cheeks. But the next moment, he felt a hand on top of his head. “Hai Song, go find Kang Ji and see what he wants to do.”

The hand was so cold, but the snake felt a fire burning in his lower abdomen, and his throat was even more parched. “Yes, my lord.”

Kang Xi's indifferent voice came from inside the hall. “Find an opportunity and abolish him.”

The snake perked up. “Yes!”

Kang Xi withdrew his hand, looked past the snake, and stared blankly at a pot of green plant in the hall. The edges of the tender green leaves were tinged with yellow. After a long time, he said slowly, “Be careful not to harm his life.”

Snake Yao, “… Yes.”

He replied respectfully, but there was a trace of decisive killing intent in his eyes.

A few days later, Jing Yue and the others received the order to go to Deerfield.

Deerfield was grassland and also the fiercest battlefield between the fox and turtle tribes. Once the turtles occupied Deerfield, they would be able to force their way through Yudu and enter the Fox Imperial City. On the contrary, if the fox defended Deerfield, they could use Deerfield as a base to bypass the Sangdu Forest and enter the turtles' Sawtooth City, thus penetrating the turtles’ hinterland!

On their way to Deerfield, the news of Qian Su and Kang Ji passing through the trial tower spread.

On one hand, the turtle and tiger tribes were jealous that the Fox Emperor had gained more combat forces, while on the other hand, they wanted to watch how the snake tribe would react. And could they find an opportunity to benefit from it? But the snake tribe remained silent, and Kang Duo seemed to know nothing about it.

Deerfield, fox camp.

The mist in the early morning had not yet dissipated when a few vague figures appeared.

“Who is it?” a fox on guard duty shouted.

“I'm Qian Su. The Fox Emperor ordered us to come to join Lord Zanbu.”

The figures came out of the mist, and they happened to be two men and two women.

The fox was stunned, and the others respectfully stepped aside. “So it’s Lord Qian Su and Lord Kang Ji. Lord Zanbu has been waiting for you.”

Jing Yue, “Please announce our arrival.”

The fox bowed and said, “Please wait.”

However, it was not Zanbu who came to greet them, but Du Jia, who passed the test the earliest on the day of the trial.

Du Jia scrutinized the few people in front of him. Although his gaze was not cold, there was hidden hostility. “Everyone, I am Du Jia, the captain of the first army red team. Lord Zanbu has no time to see you for now. Let me bring you around.”

Jing Yue, “Thank you.”

Du Jia sneered and said, “You’re welcome.”

He led them into the camp and briefly talked about the current situation along the way, but what he said was nothing new, which Jing Yue and others had already found out on their way here.

“Lord Zanbu has assigned you the white team and the green team, each with a hundred foxes. You need to lead the team to Deerfield to clear the turtle scouts and familiarize yourself with the terrain. Now that the war is approaching, I hope you can gather the team as soon as possible. Don’t wait to go to the battlefield for everything to go wrong.”

Seeing Du Jia’s uncanny attitude, Jing Yue had no intention to be polite either. Although Du Jia was a fox, his status in Deerfield Camp was equal to his, so there was no need to do so. Thus, he merely hummed.

Du Jia frowned slightly and his anger burned. He held back and said, “Do you want to summon the red team and the green team to meet with you now?”

“No need, we'll do it ourselves.”

Du Jia didn’t expect Qian Su to refuse and he hesitated several times before he finally snorted and walked away.

When Du Jia left, Ruan Jiu wondered, “Why did he speak so aggressively? He seemed quite condescending too.”

They were baffled, but at least they could be sure that Du Jia was certainly not friendly to them.

Qin Yanzhi, “He seems to be from the white fox tribe, and the white team also consists of white foxes. As for the green team… the green fox tribe has always been good friends with the white foxes.”

Jing Yue, “So it’s not unlikely if both the teams may side with Du Jia and make things difficult for us by the way?”

Wei Zhentu said disdainfully, “I can't imagine that the Yao race would also engage in this initial display of strength.”

Everyone felt amused, and Ruan Jiu asked, “So, should we call the White Team and the Green Team to come over now?”

“No,” Jing Yue said. “Let’s go to the battlefield first. Those people want to show their strength, right? Let them wait a little longer then.”

Ruan Jiu immediately said excitedly, “Okay! I didn't think I could kill Yao when I’m here, so I was worried at first! My Shizun said that cultivators have to fight all the time to maintain their fighting spirit, so I was afraid that my skills will go rusty, hehe…”

Wei Zhentu felt a headache subconsciously when he heard the words ‘my Shizun said’ and hurriedly urged the others to leave the camp together.

The sky was like a dome and shrouded over the wilderness.

They stood in a field of tall grass and looked up at an eagle with its wings spread wide open.

“Is that Yao?” Ruan Jiu asked in a daze, because in his perception, the sky, grassland, and eagle should form a natural painting.

Jing Yue waved an ice spike and gave Ruan Jiu the answer. A scream was heard and the eagle fell violently, transforming into human form in midair. The feathered wings instantly became several times larger but there was a sharp ice spike on one of the wings.

The eagle was furious but didn't know he had encountered several killing gods. Before he could hit the ground, he was slain by Ruan Jiu.

Jing Yue had gotten used to Ruan Jiu's style and only reminded, “Xiao-jiu, remember not to expose the techniques of Genesis Sect.”

Ruan Jiu nodded. “I know. I’m imitating the Yao. If it’s the Genesis Sect, I should…”

Ruan Jiu explained enthusiastically and Jing Yue listened patiently. Occasionally, he would exchange a few words with Ruan Jiu, unlike Wei Zhentu's face full of impatience.

Qin Yanzhi watched this scene quietly and smiled lightly. The person he liked was full of warmth.

As they went deeper into Deerfield, they encountered more and more scouts, including the eagle tribe and Zergs, but most of all, the turtle tribe.

As far as they knew, both the eagles and Zergs had surrendered to the turtle tribe, so it was normal that they would help the turtles to scout the way. However, Yao scouts were different from the human race. They scouted openly without hiding at all. This made the several humans uncomfortable and wondered if the Yao was right in the mind.

Occasionally, they could also meet people from the fox tribe. Although the foxes noticed that they belonged to the same camp, they looked unfamiliar and usually didn't pay much attention to them. But when Jing Yue walked past a grassy slope, a fox reminded him, “Don't go any further. On the other side of the grassy slope is the turtle's territory. It’s very dangerous.”

Jing Yue thanked the other party. “We'll just take a look.”

Do as the locals do. Since the Yao scouts were so simple and crude, they also wanted to sneak around in the turtles’ territory.

The fox wanted to say more but was stopped by his companions. “Let them go. It’s out of their depths.”

Jing Yue and the others heard but didn’t argue with the other party. Only Wei Zhentu muttered, “I didn’t expect the fox tribe to make a laughingstock out of their own.”

Jing Yue, “Isn’t there scheming and in-fighting among the humans too?”

Wei Zhentu thought about it and had to agree. “If all the Yao are like this, it’s better for us.”

As soon as he said that, he suddenly heard the voice of a woman in front calling for help. They looked at each other and rushed over quickly.

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