My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 126.2: Fox Camp pt. 2

Soon, they saw more than a dozen turtles surrounding a female fox. The fox had transformed into its original form with three tails behind it, while several fox carcasses lay beside it.

Although the fox only had three tails, they could see that the other party belonged to the nine-tailed clan, which was the royal family of the fox tribe today.

Sure enough, a turtle said, “We’re really lucky today to run into a nine-tail. What is your relationship with the Fox Emperor?”

The fox was not small, but at this time, it shrank into a ball and said with a trembling voice, “I, I… If you dare to hurt me, the Fox Emperor won’t let you go!”

The turtle laughed. “The Fox Emperor? Tsk, on the day we enter the fox tribe’s imperial city, the fox emperor will only end up as a prisoner of my tribe. What can he do then? Hehe, if I catch you and present you to Lord Gesa today, he’ll definitely reward me.”

Another turtle also said, “But of course. Lord Gesa is short of someone to warm his bed. I heard that foxes taste quite extraordinary, and the nine-tails are even… ah!”

The turtle was still talking smugly when a sword suddenly came flying and stabbed through its lower abdomen. It immediately turned into its original form that looked as big as a house with a hard shell comparable to mountain rock.

Other turtles said angrily, “Who is it!”

No one answered except for a sword light that was slashed out by Jing Yue again.

A dozen turtles were not weak but they had no chance of winning against Jing Yue and the others. In a flash, not a single one survived.

When the last turtle fell, its shell had completely shattered, revealing the soft flesh underneath, and fearful disbelief remained in its eyes.

“Are you alright?” Jing Yue didn’t approach the female fox but observed the other party from a distance.

The fox said in surprise, “W-Who are you?”

Jing Yue, “I’m under the command of Lord Zanbu, the captain of the White Fox Team, Qian Su.” He pointed at Wei Zhentu and said, “He’s the captain of the Green Fox Team, Kang Ji.”

The female fox was stunned. “Qian Su? Kang Ji? Are you the ones who passed the trial test not long ago?”

Jing Yue, “Yes.”

“Boo-hoo…” The female fox instantly transformed into a girl of 15 or 16 and flew into Jing Yue's arms. “What took you so long? I almost got caught!”

Jing Yue, “…”

Qin Yanzhi: !!!

For some reason, as soon as he saw Qin Yanzhi's expression, Jing Yue's heart tightened. Subconsciously, he pushed the girl away and into Wei Zhentu's arms.

Wei Zhentu, “…”

Female fox, “…”

Ruan Jiu: !!!

The atmosphere was awkward. Jing Yue laughed dryly and turned to look elsewhere.

Wei Zhentu calmly pushed the girl away. “There should be some boundaries between men and women. Please bear that in mind.”

The female fox was dumbfounded and said after a while, “I’m the younger sister of the fox emperor, Sang Ji. Don’t you know me?”

Several people were shocked. They didn't expect that the fox they rescued was actually the princess of the fox tribe but immediately thought that this was an opportunity. Wei Zhentu changed his indifference and said gently, “So it’s Princess Sang Ji. We just joined the fox tribe and are ignorant of many matters. I hope the princess will forgive us.”

However, Sang Ji ignored him and looked at Jing Yue instead.

She was quite desperate just now.

Although these turtles didn’t know her, Gesa must recognize her. If she was captured and taken to the turtle camp, it could be imagined what would be waiting for her. Even if her brother came to her rescue, everything would be too late.

However, Qian Su suddenly appeared, just like those heroes in the human storybooks, and saved her from misfortune without a big commotion.

Her memories that were in disarray due to panic gradually became clear at this moment. She could even recall every action and every gesture of the other party, like a star in the night, a light in the darkness, illuminating her, giving her warmth, and guarding her.

Sang Ji felt that her heart was falling…

The blue phoenix hiding in Jing Yue's arms poked its head out as a pair of beady eyes flashed green—here it comes! After waiting for more than a hundred years, it finally got the benefits that belonged to a straight phoenix!

“Jing-jing! Did you hear that?”

Jing Yue: ?

Blue phoenix, “The sound of the door opening to a new world…”

From today, the doors to Jing-jing’s harem would slowly open, waiting for the mistresses of the halls!

Jing Yue, “…” Don’t understand.

Blue phoenix said anxiously, “Jing-jing, the first mistress of your harem has appeared! As long as you accept her, you’ll be highly valued by the Fox Emperor. With your cultivation and wisdom, you’ll rule over the Yao world one day! After that, you can promote peace between the Yao race and the human race, and let the human race appoint you as the emperor. When the time comes, you can be both the emperor of the Yao and humans, with boundless merits and virtue, and the heavenly Dao will surely acknowledge you! It will help you fly…”

Before the last few words could be spoken, blue phoenix found that it had been thrown into the Sumeru Ring.

Hmph! Ji-ji was fuming!

Jing Yue didn't take blue phoenix's delusions seriously at first, but reality hit him hard.

“Qian Su, I want to marry you!” Sang Ji said aloud.


Dead silence.

After half a beat, Wei Zhentu and Ruan Jiu turned their heads at the same time, staring at Jing Yue without saying a word.

Jing Yue also turned to Qin Yanzhi, staring at him without saying a word.

This scene was so familiar. Except for the difference in the specific expression and a different person, everything else seemed to be a repeat of the day he returned from Haotian Realm to the World of Seven Continents.

Qin Yanzhi froze. When the same thing was done by someone else, apart from anger, he also felt a trace of embarrassment.

At this moment, from the perspective of a bystander, he seemed to be looking at himself through Sang Ji.

So… was he so shameful at that time?

Wei Zhentu's gaze wandered between Qin and Jing suspiciously. He didn't understand why Jing Yue wanted to look at Qin Yanzhi, but he felt that it wasn’t good. Qin Yanzhi and A-jing must be hiding something!

Only Ruan Jiu was the first to regain his senses and said angrily, “You, you’re so…”

Beside him, Wei Zhentu hurriedly nudged him, and Ruan Jiu changed his words in time, “… don’t do this. Lord Qian already has a wife!”

Qin Yanzhi was suddenly startled and leaned toward Jing Yue. He took the other party's arm and said expressionlessly, “Husband.”

Jing Yue, “…”

Wei Zhentu, “…”

Ruan Jiu, “…”

Sang Ji was a little disappointed but she forced a smile and said to Qin Yanzhi, “It doesn't matter. My brother has many wives too. I don't mind sharing a husband with you.”

Qin Yanzhi, “…”

The atmosphere froze and the four of them were silent.

After a long while, Jing Yue activated the ‘I can’t hear anything’ technique and asked, “What is the princess doing here?”

Sang Ji only assumed that Qian Su was shy. After all, no one could refuse the love confession from the fox princess. She thought she was being considerate when she followed the other party's cue and said, “I was chasing after a falcon and didn’t expect to fall into the turtle’s trap. Hmph! The turtle tribe has learned all the insidious and cunning methods of the human race. Now it seems that they have the upper hand, but sooner or later, they’ll suffer from it. The Yao race has always placed importance on strength. If their minds have gone crooked, how can they achieve sainthood?”

Seeing that Qian Su was silent, Sang Ji asked, “Qian Su, do you think I'm right?”

Jing Yue was tempted to hold back, but he couldn't. “It just took a falcon to lure you here?” How could the Fox Emperor's sister be so ‘simple’?

Sang Ji nodded. “What's wrong?”

Jing Yue, “…Nothing. The princess is always right.”

Sang Ji suddenly smiled like a spring flower.

Jing Yue, “Princess, we still have to explore inside. Why don’t you…”

Sang Ji, “I’m going with you!”

Qin Yanzhi, “It's dangerous inside.”

Sang Ji glanced at him unhappily, bit her lip, and said, “Elder Sister, you don't have to be so wary of me. I just want to spend more time with Qian Su.”

…Elder sister…

Everyone was dumbstruck by Sang Ji’s address. Jing Yue calmed down, thinking that since they were newcomers, they might be able to learn more from this princess of the fox tribe, so he said, “In that case, the princess can follow us.”

“Qian Su, you’re so kind to me.” After saying that, Sang Ji gave Qin Yanzhi a smug look.

Qin Yanzhi, “…”

Along the way, Jing Yue didn't waste the opportunity. Several people took turns in talking and got a lot of inside information about the Yao race from Sang Ji.

Now, the fox was at war with the turtle, and the turtle had the upper hand, while the tiger and snake remained motionless. As the Snake Emperor was seriously injured by Kong Miao in Three Realm Temple a hundred years ago, he had remained very quiet since then. He did something that made the tiger tribe show signs of working with him, which made it difficult for the fox and turtle to make a move on him.

However, although the four tribes were at odds with each other, they were united against the external enemy when they faced the human race. Including the cooperation with the demonic cultivators, it was also a joint decision made by the four emperors.

Unfortunately, Sang Ji didn’t know the purpose within, and said guiltily, “Only the few Yao Emperors and their confidants knew about this matter. My brother didn't even tell me. If you want to know, I'll go back and ask my brother…”

“Don’t!” Jing Yue was afraid that Sang Ji's eagerness would attract the Fox Emperor’s suspicion so he quickly said, “It’s just a casual question. If it's a secret, it's not something I should know.”

Seeing him so ‘considerate’, Sang Ji was even more delighted. “You’re the best. I’ll listen to you.”

Several people were afraid to let the cat out of the bag and dared not say too much. As the sun got dark, mist appeared over Deerfield and moistened the greenery.

When the sun's afterglow sprinkled down, the mist was also coated with a layer of rouge. A light pink filled the surroundings and obscured their vision.

Sang Ji said in horror, “It’s the Blood Mist! We have to go back!”

Jing Yue, “Blood Mist?”

Sang Ji, “You just arrived in Deerfield so you probably haven't heard of it. Whenever the blood mist appeared, the turtle tribe will send their dark turtles into the mist and use the cover of the mist to go on a killing spree.”

Jing Yue had heard of the dark turtles, which seemed to be a prestigious clan within the turtle tribe. They had three eyes that could ignore darkness and obstacles, and could clearly see all living creatures within a radius of ten miles. Moreover, their turtle shells also had a strong concealment ability that could block prying divine consciousness to a certain extent.

However, the divine consciousness of Jing Yue and the others was not weak. Especially Jing Yue, he quickly detected eight big Yao approaching them in the mist, no doubt all dark turtles.

He smothered a smirk. The dark turtles could hide under the cover of the mist, but the mist was like a spider's web to him, which could help him capture all the prey in the web!

Jing Yue regarded the approaching big Yao as dead prey while the other party also stretched out tentacles of death toward them. In the mist, a dark turtle said, “There are five foxes in the northwest, eh? But why is there a cat too?”

But soon, he discovered that the Yao were of different tribes. Although confused, he still said, “No matter what tribe, those who stand with the fox tribe and enter Deerfield at this time are our enemies.”

Several other dark turtles agreed, thinking that these Yao were really unlucky to be targeted by Lord Suo Lang.

Lord Suo Lang was the best assassin in the Dark Turtle clan. With his strength, he could easily take up the position of an army commander. If not for his bloodthirsty nature and preference to go to the battlefield in person, he wouldn’t hang out with the other dark turtles.

Several dark turtles silently surrounded the front and the prey they targeted seemed unaware.

When they reached a distance of ten meters from the other party, Suo Lang twitched the corners of his mouth slightly as he raised his hand in a wave. Eight dark turtles instantly got up and attacked in unison!

Author’s Notes:

Ji-ji: Human and Yao play!

Rouge: Shame play!

Jing-jing: The burden of being a heartthrob!

Leaf-blower: There’s an inside story!

Little Wine: What the hell happened???

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