My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 127.1: Fox Camp pt. 3

The giant hammer came with a strong wind. Seeing that it was about to hit her, Sang Ji was so frightened that she froze, and she didn't even know where to hide.

But then, she heard a clang, and a sword appeared in front of her—it was Qian Su!

Then, she saw Qian Su stabbing left and right, and instantly dismembered the giant turtle that was trying to attack her.

As soon as Jing Yue met these dark turtles, he knew that seven of them were nothing to fear, but one was very strong. Although also a Yao Marshal, he had suppressed his rank. He immediately transmitted to Qin Yanzhi, “Qin-zhenjun, I’ll leave the dark turtle in the southeast to you.”

Hearing that, Qin Yanzhi sprang into action and soon fought with the dark turtle Suo Lang.

With just a few moves, Suo Lang realized that he was no match for his opponent at this time. Over the years, he had walked in the dark and had an accurate intuition of danger.

Suo Lang wanted to retreat, but how could Qin Yanzhi allow that? Seeing that there was no escape, Suo Lang could only turn around and fight again.

Since there was no retreat, he must fight with his might!

With Suo Lang as the center, a burst of Yao energy suddenly exploded, which triggered the surrounding blood mist from pale pink to dark red. Sang Ji said in horror, “He’s going to advance!”

As soon as she said that, she saw Qian Su's beautiful wife holding her sword in front of her body and slashing forcefully! An arm of the advancing dark turtle was cut off, and the splashing blood was redder than the mist.

So strong… Sang Ji thought in fear. Was the other party really just a Yao General?

On the other side, Wei Zhentu also brought out his sword, but because he was a formation cultivator, he was not proficient in swordsmanship. Plus with Sang Ji around, he couldn’t expose himself, so he fought quite poorly.

Ruan Jiu wasn’t doing too well either. Although he was strong in combat, he was only disguised as a Yao Master at this time, so he couldn’t exert his full strength at all.

Ruan Jiu was feeling annoyed when suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a pale and delicate hand stretched out from the blood mist, grabbing at Wei Zhentu like a poisonous snake!

“Watch out!” Ruan Jiu was horrified and couldn’t care less if he was exposed. He tweaked a sword technique with one hand and the long sword in his hand immediately took off and went straight for the enemy!

The moment he yelled out, Jing Yue also noticed the sneak attacker. He immediately turned into a clone, appeared behind Sang Ji, and knocked her out with one strike.

“Humans!” The enemies in the mist were all shocked. The means they saw just now were definitely not of the Yao race!

Now that their identities had been discovered, the four of them were no longer afraid. As long as Sang Ji was unconscious, they just needed to silence the rest.

Thus, Wei Zhentu threw out a scroll of diagrams, and all the sealed formations spread out. The surrounding green grass grew wildly like thousands of twisting arms, drilling into the dark turtles’ bodies from the seven orifices, and tearing the dark turtles into pieces from the inside out!

As for Ruan Jiu, he controlled his natal flying sword and directly confronted the sneak attacker. At this time, he had confirmed that the other party was a snake Yao.

Jing Yue, “Xiao-jiu, keep him alive!”

Ruan Jiu, “Okay!”

The snake also had the rank of Yao Marshal, but he was still shocked at the fact that humans had infiltrated the Yao City at this time, so he didn’t return to his senses for a while. In addition, his opponent was a killing maniac and the snake fell to a disadvantage very quickly.

Fortunately, he carried a special treasure with him. When he confirmed that he was no match, he quickly took out a black bell.

Ruan Jiu was pampered by Hong Luan-laozu and grew up seeing many treasures so his insight was extraordinary. He could tell at a glance that it was a precious weapon!

The clear sound of the bell rang and echoed in the magnificent mist, rippling layers of sound waves. Then, countless figures of Yao beasts emerged from the mist but they were lifeless and seemed like dead souls.

Ruan Jiu frowned. Could this precious weapon summon the souls of the dead? If that was the case, it would be tricky, because the battlefield was certainly not lacking in dead souls!

At this time, the other three were held back by their opponents and couldn’t assist him for the time being, but Ruan Jiu was not afraid at all. The dimples on his cheeks reappeared, and there was a burning fighting intent in his eyes.

His Shizun always said that he was squeamish, but in battle, he was never squeamish, only intense!

Ruan Jiu totally got excited. He pressed his hands to the ground and the earth suddenly undulated like waves. Everyone within the blood mist could hear the deafening roar from the depths of the earth.

When he raised his hand again, the grass dried up, the ground cracked, and countless small hills were created in an instant, which boiled with magma at the peaks.

Ruan Jiu had dual spiritual roots of earth and fire, which were extremely balanced. Coupled with his innate combat talent, he was not weaker than any single spiritual root.

The undead gathered toward him. Ruan Jiu performed hand seals and boiling magma gushed into the sky with billowing smoke and fiery sparks. The surrounding area grew dark with only trails of firelight passing through, which tinted the boundless darkness with a dark red.

The bright red light reflected Jing Yue’s look of astonishment. He knew that Ruan Jiu was very strong, but he only realized at this moment how terrible Ruan Jiu was when he showed his full strength.

Even Wei Zhentu stared at the figure in the magma in a daze. The other party was still in the guise of the rabbit Yao, dancing fiercely in the sea of ​​​​fire while wearing a red dress. Even from a distance, he could still feel the violent pressure that belonged to Ruan Jiu.

It was also the first time he saw Ruan Jiu like this.

On Yao Detention Mountain back then, the Ruan Jiu he met was already rendered into a wretched state by the Yao King and was on the verge of his limits, seemingly that he could collapse at any time, but remained standing.

At that time, Ruan Jiu's face was covered in blood, and Wei Zhentu couldn't see his appearance at all, but he really wanted to save this person.

Later, Wei Zhentu broke through his limit and set up a large formation, and worked with dozens of fellow disciples of the righteous path to kill the Yao King. Many people died but he lived.

Unfortunately, he could no longer squeeze even a shred of spiritual energy and could only carry the seriously injured and unconscious Ruan Jiu away.

Later, Ruan Jiu never left him alone again.

However, was the Ruan Jiu who pestered him really the same as the person in the sea of fire?

Wei Zhentu was still stunned when he suddenly saw a giant turtle that had transformed into its original form biting at him, its sharp teeth flashing coldly. He jumped back quickly, waved off the subtle strangeness in his heart, and focused his attention on the current situation again.

Ruan Jiu didn't know that his heart’s desire, Wei Zhentu, was thinking of him just now, but at this time, he had entered a state of euphoria.

His clear pupils reflected the snake Yao and thousands of undead. Despite his boiling blood, he remained calm.

The veins of the magma were like the blood of the earth. Seeing the undead being devoured by the flaming rocks, Ruan Jiu waved his hands. All the magma instantly turned into a surging sea of ​​fire, and the scorching heat distorted the vision. At the same time, he summoned the flying sword and slashed away. Thousands of fireballs fell like raindrops and as long as the undead touched it even a little, they went up in smoke instantly.

His fire could kill evil, which ignited in the face of evil chaos and could burn even the afterworld!

The rank of the snake Yao had its limits and it was laborious for him to control the precious weapon. He wanted to use the weapon to kill his opponent as soon as possible, but this petite woman in front of him fought more and more fiercely as if she knew no fatigue and had no limits.

The snake thought of retreat but couldn’t. If he did, he would suffer a backlash from the undead.

Because the bell in his hand was a Bell of Grievance, he could command thousands of undead armies for his use, but in the army, no generals were allowed to defect!

The snake had no choice but to face the opponent, but he was no match for Ruan Jiu at all.

From the moment he snuck the attack on Wei Zhentu, his fate was doomed.

When his limbs were cut off by Ruan Jiu and he rolled on the ground in his original form, the other three had also gotten rid of the dark turtles.

“Human! You’ll die horribly!”

“It’s you who will die now.” Jing Yue moved his fingers slightly and froze the screaming snake in ice. He looked at Qin Yanzhi, who stepped forward obligingly.

It was still that familiar scene—Qin Yanzhi’s eyes were dyed pure black, and the snake’s gaze went slack.

Seeing that the snake had been hypnotized, Ruan Jiu said, “Laozu, why hypnotize him only? Aren't the snake and the dark turtles together?”

Jing Yue, “It doesn’t seem like it. Otherwise, he should choose to sneak attack Qin-zhenjun and help the dark turtles to advance smoothly or sneak attack you who looks the weakest. Judging from his actions just now, it seems that he just wanted to take advantage of the chaos to kill Wei-daoyou in one blow.”

Ruan Jiu was smart for a rare moment. “The snake is from the snake tribe. He wants to kill Kang Ji?”

Jing Yue, “Very likely. I think Kang Ji’s affair is not that simple. Now that this snake has fallen into our hands, it’s just nice for us to find out the inside story, so that we don’t fall into the passive state when the time comes.”

Over there, Qin Yanzhi had finished the hypnosis and sent the snake back to its maker.

“How is it?” Wei Zhentu couldn't help asking when he saw Qin Yanzhi looking at him oddly.

“His name is Hai Song, and he’s here to kill Kang Ji.” Qin Yanzhi said, “He wants to kill you because he likes Kang Ji's elder brother, and what happened to Kang Ji was also because he fell in love with his brother.”

Wei Zhentu, “…”

Qin Yanzhi learned from Hai Song's memory that his master was named Kang Xi, originally the adopted son of the Snake King Kang Duo. He was very talented since he was a child and highly favored by Kang Duo.

It must be known that the higher the level of the Yao race, the more difficult it was to reproduce offspring. Kang Duo had been childless for thousands of years and raised Kang Xi almost as if Kang Xi was his son. Of course, Kang Xi also regarded Kang Duo as his biological father.

However, when Kang Xi grew up, he learned by chance that the death of his parents was related to Kang Duo, and his feelings for Kang Duo became complicated.

At this time, one of Kang Duo's concubines gave birth to Kang Ji, who was born with a strong physical body at the rank of Yao General, so Kang Duo naturally loved him very much.

With Kang Ji’s birth, Kang Duo gradually became cold towards Kang Xi. Kang Xi felt resentful and his old grudges were intertwined with his new ones, which made him even more indignant. But he was unable to take revenge on Kang Duo yet, so he transferred his resentment to the young Kang Ji.

Under his deliberate approach and guidance, Kang Ji was very close to him, but he used Kang Ji's trust to secretly do many unfavorable things to the other party and even obstructed Kang Ji's cultivation, which Kang Ji never seemed to notice.

When Kang Ji was over 700 years old, he already had the appearance and mind of a young man.

Nothing was clear when it came to love. Kang Ji fell in love with his brother and told Kang Xi his admiration in person.

Kang Xi was surprised and repulsed at first, but he quickly realized that this was an opportunity, so he made Kang Ji fall deeper in love with him under false pretenses.

100 years ago, the Snake Emperor returned with serious injuries. Kang Duo brought his two sons to meet the Snake Emperor, and for some reason, the Snake Emperor took a fancy to Kang Xi. Since then, Kang Xi met up with the Snake Emperor in secret, offered his body, and became the Snake Emperor’s man.

However, Kang Xi could hide from Kang Duo but not from Kang Ji, whose heart was attached to him.

It wasn’t long before Kang Ji found out about it.

Kang Ji confronted Kang Xi, who was shamed into anger and exploded with the hatred he had hidden for years. He hated Kang Ji's appearance and hated the other party for taking away everything that belonged to him one after another.

He didn't tell the entire truth, but Kang Ji probably believed it.

After that, Kang Ji and Kang Xi distanced themselves and concentrated on cultivation. With Kang Ji's talent, he made rapid progress through serious cultivation. Kang Duo was overjoyed and loved Kang Ji even more, which made Kang Xi jealous.

Kang Xi didn't want to wait any longer. He was afraid that he would be left with nothing, so he planned to murder Kang Duo with the support of the Snake Emperor, but unfortunately, he failed.

Luckily, Kang Xi had planned a way out—by blaming Kang Ji. Even if he couldn't kill Kang Duo, he could still remove a thorn in his flesh.

Kang Ji didn’t deny it and confessed his guilt by silence. Kang Duo was furious and wanted to kill Kang Ji on the spot.

Perhaps Kang Xi felt guilty, or perhaps he recalled that Kang Ji held no reservations for him, but he was soft-hearted in the end. He persuaded Kang Duo, and in the end, Kang Ji was expelled from the snake tribe forever.

After that, Kang Ji came to the fox tribe. Qian Su and the others had no background so they didn't know the inside story, let alone his identity. They only thought he had offended the powerful people in the tribe.

After a hundred years, Kang Ji never set foot in the snake tribe.

Originally, Kang Xi had forgotten about Kang Ji's threat, but this time, Kang Xi actually passed the 90th floor of the trial tower, which once again triggered his nerves. Therefore, Kang Xi sought out Hai Song and ordered him to find an opportunity to cripple Kang Ji, but he wasn’t allowed to hurt Kang Ji's life.

However, Kang Xi didn't know that Hai Song had loved him for many years. Hai Song was not only jealous of the Snake Emperor but also of Kang Ji.

Hai Song couldn’t touch the Snake Emperor, so he wanted to take this opportunity to kill Kang Ji.

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