My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 127.2: Fox Camp pt. 4

After Qin Yanzhi finished speaking, Wei Zhentu's expression was very ugly. “In other words, if we meet Kang Xi again, I have to… sacrifice my virtue?”

Ruan Jiu was immediately anxious, but Qin Yanzhi said coldly, “You think too much.”

Jing Yue couldn't help laughing. “Not to mention if we can meet Kang Xi, even if we did, you can simply pretend to misunderstand that he sent Hai Song to kill you. In that case, there’s nothing wrong with acting coldly toward him.”

Wei Zhentu smiled in embarrassment. He was still confused after the great blow.

Ruan Jiu also breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “In that case, Kang Xi is also quite strange. Since he doesn't like Kang Ji, just kill him. Why keep him alive?”

“Tsk.” Wei Zhentu regained his composure at this time, and his mind became active. “Kang Xi shouldn’t be indifferent to Kang Ji, but this feeling is not a match for his obsession with power and hatred. So he was apprehensive of Kang Ji but reluctant to kill him.”

Ruan Jiu didn’t quite understand but said subconsciously, “You’re amazing.”

Jing Yue, “You understand this so well.”

Qin Yanzhi, “You must have experience.”

Wei Zhentu, “…”

He wanted to explain but Jing Yue had walked past him toward Sang Ji who was still lying on the ground.

Wei Zhentu glanced at Ruan Jiu, who had restored the familiar face and then at Qin Yanzhi, who looked indifferent, and finally swallowed his words.

When Sang Ji gradually woke up, she cried and begged Jing Yue to go back with her. Seeing that he had gained a lot today, Jing Yue agreed.

They walked slowly through the blood mist, and when they encountered dark turtles along the way, they killed them one by one.

Outside the blood mist, many foxes gathered together. Just now, they felt the powerful pressure from the blood mist and smelled the bloody stench.

The fox who had kindly reminded Jing Yue earlier said, “They are really unlucky to have encountered the blood mist. I'm afraid they won’t return.”

The fox who stopped him smiled coldly. “Once the blood mist recedes later, just help them collect their corpses, and let that be our kindness for them.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw his companion staring straight ahead with wide eyes. The fox followed the other party's gaze and saw the four people walking out of the blood mist intact.

No, more than four. Behind them was the younger sister of the Fox Emperor, Sang Ji!

All the foxes froze on the spot like stone statues. It wasn't until Jing Yue and his party had gone far that the good-hearted fox said, “The one just now is the princess, right?”

“I think so…” another fox said blankly before he roared, “They came out of the blood mist? D-Did they kill the Dark Turtles?”

At this moment, the thick mist gradually dissipated. When it completely disappeared, the foxes saw the bodies of the turtles all over the ground right into the depths of the grassland.

The moon hung high in the sky.

As soon as Jing Yue and the others returned to the fox camp, they bumped into a middle-aged man who hurried out of the camp. The man was very imposing with the strength of a king. Dozens of foxes followed behind him, all with solemn expressions. Obviously, something serious had happened.

Jing Yue was still wondering when Sang Ji said, “Uncle Zanbu!”

The middle-aged man stopped suddenly and said in shock, “Sang Ji?”

Immediately, the dark scowl on his face disappeared as if a heavy burden had been lifted. He sighed and said, “You had me worried.”

Zanbu's gaze shifted to Jing Yue and the others, with caution and doubt in his eyes.

“I almost couldn’t return.” Sang Ji stepped forward and pulled Zanbu's arm coquettishly. “If Qian Su hadn't saved me, I would have been caught by the turtle tribe.”

“Are you Qian Su?” Zanbu looked at Jing Yue.

Jing Yue stepped forward and said, “Lord Zanbu, I'm Qian Su.”

Zanbu looked at the other people, and finally said to Wei Zhentu, “Are you Kang Ji?”

Wei Zhentu, “Yes, Lord Zanbu.”

Zanbu suddenly laughed. “Very good. I've heard about you for a long time. Seeing you today, you’re extraordinary indeed.” He paused before asking, “You went to Deerfield?”

Jing Yue, “Yes, we want to familiarize ourselves with the terrain.”

Zanbu, “Didn’t you bring a squad with you?”

Jing Yue, “I haven't had a chance to meet them yet.”

Zanbu frowned slightly but didn't comment. He nodded and said, “It's late today. You should have a rest. I’ll look for you again later.”


Seeing that Qian Su was leaving, Sang Ji also wanted to follow him but was stopped by Zanbu. “Sang Ji, go back to the tent with me. I have some questions for you.”

Sang Ji, “But…”

“Sang Ji!” Zanbu’s kind face disappeared and glared at Sang Ji sternly. The latter was afraid and could only reluctantly stay by Zanbu's side.

Jing Yue and others began to look for their residence.

In the fox tribes, except for a few generals or nobles like Sang Ji who had separate tents, the other Yao or attendants would stay together in mixed tents.

Each tent had two large bunk beds that could accommodate 20 people in total.

After searching for a while, they finally found a tent with vacant spots.

As soon as they entered, all the big and small Yao in the tent looked over, but perhaps they were more cautious when they saw that the newcomers looked unfamiliar and powerful.

Jing Yue gave a brief introduction. When the Yao found out he was Qian Su, they were more respectful in their restraint, and also gave their names one after another.

After both parties greeted each other, a gray fox pointed to a corner of the bunk. “Lord Qian Su, Lord Kang Ji, there are four spots there.”

“Thank you.”

Jing Yue was just about to go over when the gray fox said, “My lord, are your two attendants going to rest as well?”

“Of course.”

“Oh…” The gray fox was a little disappointed and said, “Our attendants don't rest. If my lords need them, you can enjoy them anytime.”

“Huh?” Jing Yue was puzzled. Not only him but the other three couldn’t figure it out either.

The gray fox was also taken aback. He didn't expect that Qian Su and the others didn't understand, so he explained, “All the attendants we brought can be shared. If my lord is interested, you can have a taste of my attendant later…”

Halfway through his sentence, Qian Su's face darkened. “Get lost!”

All the foxes in the tent were stunned. The gray fox didn't know why Qian Su acted this way and was angry, but he was afraid of Qian Su's strength, so he only said, “If my lord is unwilling, we won’t force it. Why be so harsh?”

Jing Yue stepped in front of Qin Yanzhi. “She’s my attendant and also my wife. If anyone dares to covet my wife, I’ll kill them!”

The gray fox's expression changed. He didn't expect Qian Su to marry an attendant as his wife and felt contempt in his heart, but he couldn’t do anything to the other party. In the end, he snorted coldly and returned to his bed.

The atmosphere in the tent suddenly tensed but Jing Yue and the others couldn’t be bothered—they were disgusted.

Ruan Jiu tried to speak several times, but he held back. He just walked to the corner of the bunk sullenly and sat down. His expression changed rapidly and his eyes welled up.

Seeing this, Wei Zhentu comforted, “It's okay, they can't touch you.”

Ruan Jiu said aggrievedly, “It's disgusting to think about!”

Wei Zhentu, “Then think of something else.”

Ruan Jiu looked up at Wei Zhentu. “I’ll think of you then. I won’t be disgusted thinking of you.”

Wei Zhentu, “…” He couldn’t help thinking that this sentence was strange.

His gaze turned to Jing Yue, who sat with Qin Yanzhi in silence. They obviously hadn’t recovered from the shock.

Wei Zhentu wanted to comfort a little and brush his presence in front of Jing Yue when Qin Yanzhi suddenly raised his head and smiled faintly at him.

That smile instantly reminded him of A-jing's defense of Qin Yanzhi just now. Wei Zhentu regretted that he missed the opportunity, and once again confirmed that Qin Yanzhi's scheming was deeper than the abyss!

However, the blow was not over yet. At this moment, Jing Yue suddenly turned his head and said to Qin Yanzhi guiltily, “Qin-zhenjun, you have suffered humiliation.”

Qin Yanzhi, “Huh?”

Jing Yue, “If I hadn't taken on Qian Su's identity…”

Qin Yanzhi, “It’s for the best. At least it wasn't you who suffered.”

Jing Yue's expression changed slightly. After a long while, he said, “Just as long as you don't mind.”

Qin Yanzhi smiled reassuringly, causing Wei Zhentu, who had been observing the two, to spew curses for a while.

Since they were in the Yao world, they obviously couldn’t cultivate openly. Moreover, there was also no spiritual energy in the Yao world, and even the spiritual energy consumed by them in battle could only be replenished by pills.

That being the case, they could only go to sleep.

Ruan Jiu fought a lot today and was a little tired now. He rubbed his eyes and said, “I'm actually sleepy. It's been years since I last slept.”

Jing Yue, “Then you should hurry up and rest.”

Ruan Jiu nodded and lay down on the bed, but Wei Zhentu pushed him a little. “You sleep inside.”

Ruan Jiu was puzzled but changed positions obediently. It wasn’t until Wei Zhentu lay down beside him that Ruan Jiu made a guess—this was a shared bunk, and he was the ‘attendant’. Wei Zhentu was worried that he would suffer injustice.

He was immediately delighted and wanted to hold Wei-daoyou, whom he adored, into his arms, but after thinking about the other's temper, he didn't dare to.

Jing Yue was sitting against the wall, so when he lay down now, he was sleeping inside.

Of course Qin Yanzhi was beside him. Perhaps because there were other people around, Qin Yanzhi didn’t say anything strange, but just lay on his back and closed his eyes.

Although they were in the Yao world and the tent wasn’t quiet, perhaps because there was a familiar presence beside him, Jing Yue gradually became sleepy.

Then, he really fell asleep.

But in the middle of the night, Jing Yue suddenly sat up from the bunk.

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