My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 128.2: Fox Camp pt. 6

The next day, the four left the camp again, and no one knew where they went or what they did.

On the third day, Jing Yue and Wei Zhentu finally decided to meet the members of their team.

Despite the military order and all the team members arriving with 200 of them standing neatly on the field, their attitudes were not enthusiastic.

First, they were unhappy that the other party was a foreign tribe but had a higher status than them. Second, Qian Su's previous words and actions in the tent also spread, making it difficult for affinity. Third, Du Jia had made contact with some of the foxes he was close with, and some of them were ready to make trouble.

But Jing Yue didn't care. He looked at Wei Zhentu and the latter shook the bag in his hand open, which fell heavily to the ground.

It was the head of a Yao.

A fox looked at it and said in surprise, “It’s Huo Cha!”

Huo Cha, a general of the Zerg tribe, surrendered to the turtle tribe years ago. With the original form of a poisonous scorpion, not only did it possess extraordinary combat strength, but its highly poisonous body was even more unfathomable. Moreover, Huo Cha also had a talent for color-changing camouflage.

Over the years, he led the Zerg to fight along with the turtles and caused huge losses to the foxes.

But Huo Cha had always been cautious. Whether on the battlefield or in the camp, there were always hundreds of Zerg around, which made it difficult to get close to him, so how did Qian Su and other others kill him?

Even more puzzling was that they hadn’t heard any rumors before, which meant Qian Su's attack went unnoticed, and even the Zerg were not alerted.

The Yao were in shock when Jing Yue said, “I know what you’re thinking. Soon, I’ll lead you to kill Awang of the eagle tribe in the same way.”

Awang, of course, was the top Yao in the eagle camp.

The foxes looked at each other. Even if they had doubts, they dared not say outright that Qian Su was bragging, not in the face of Huo Cha’s head.

Besides, they had heard earlier that Qian Su and his party went deep into the blood mist to rescue the princess and killed the dark turtle General Suo Lang.

Many foxes unconsciously became respectful. After all, the Yao race valued strength, and the impact of ‘hearing’ versus ‘witnessing’ was very different.

Jing Yue, “And my request is very simple, that is to obey, absolute obedience.”

A fox who was good friends with Du Jia deliberately said, “Obey? If the lord asks us to die, should we do so too?”

Jing Yue turned to him and saw that the other party was also a white fox, somewhat similar to Du Jia in appearance, so they were likely related by blood.

He expressionlessly said, “Yes, if I told you to die, you should do so.”

The Yao were in an uproar. They understood the meaning of obedience and didn’t reject the idea, but never thought it was to that extent. If Qian Su simply didn’t like them, did that mean they didn’t even have the right to live?

Thus, the respect from before was tinged with dissatisfaction.

The white fox was very pleased to see this. Du Jia was his blood relative and he had already mentioned Qian Su and Kang Ji to him—one was a cat without any backing, and the other was the son of a Snake King expelled from the snake tribe, nothing to be feared.

No matter how strong they were, could they be stronger than the chief of their white fox clan?

Since they entered the fox tribe as a foreign tribe, don't even think about being above the fox tribe!

The white fox deliberately said aggrievedly, “Who are you to…”

Suddenly, he felt an extreme cold coming from the soles of his feet. He looked down and saw that his right calf was covered with ice, already frozen all over. Before he could break free, the ice exploded, and the flesh and blood spewed in an instant!

The white fox screamed and fell to the ground, clutching his wound and rolling all over.

“Based on the fact that I can kill all of at any time.” Jing Yue smiled subtly with a trace of contempt in his eyes. “Any one of you.”

The white fox roared, “Just you wait! I’ll report you to Lord Zanbu!”

“Oh, I’ll wait.”

Jing Yue didn't take the other party's threat to heart at all. For Zanbu, the only thing he was obsessed with was victory. As long as he could bring victory, nothing else mattered.

His cold eyes swept over the other foxes again and he said slowly, “Do you understand?”


No matter what they thought, they could only ‘understand’ at this moment.

Less than five miles away from the turtle camp was the eagle camp.

8,000 years ago, Zhan Xian-yaozu of the eagle tribe and other half-saints transformed their bodies into the Misty Forest and perished.

The eagle tribe lost their most powerful backer and combined with the dwindling offspring, they gradually fell into decline since then.

2,000 years ago, the Eagle King back then officially surrendered to the giant turtle tribe. At that time, the Yao Emperor of the turtle tribe had just emerged and was in urgent need of help, so the two parties hit it off.

Over the years, the eagle tribe was held in high regard, and the status among the turtle tribe was not low. In the battle between the foxes and turtles, the eagles formed great support and made great contributions for the turtles to achieve their current standing.

Now, the great Yao in command of the 3,000-strong eagle tribe was the Eagle King’s younger brother, Awang.

At this moment, Awang sat in the tent and stared sharply at the subordinate who had just entered. “Are the deployments done?”

The subordinate respectfully saluted and said, “Lord Awang, please rest assured. Our tribe has never made a mistake during patrol.”

Awang frowned. “I feel uneasy about what happened to Huo Cha.”

The subordinate was puzzled. “Isn’t that due to civil unrest within the Zerg?”

Awang, “The civil unrest is just a speculation. They have been investigating for many days. Have they found the killer?”

The subordinate was shocked. “Could it be the fox tribe?”

“If it was the fox tribe, how could they kill Huo Cha without a making sound?” Awang stood up and said solemnly, “Huo Cha was a Yao Marshal himself, and hundreds of Zerg guarded him all year round. The sky and ground are within their defense range. To take his head without alerting anyone, the fox tribe must dispatch at least three Yao Kings.”

The subordinate instantly understood Awang’s meaning and said, “But during the battle of Yao Detention Mountain back then, the fox tribe suffered heavy losses, and only seven Yao Kings were left. Now they each have heavy responsibilities, and there are always people watching them. If they really want to do this, it’s impossible for no one to notice.”

Awang nodded slightly, “As for the Zerg… despite the complex bloodlines of the Zerg and unharmonious relationship between the major groups, why did they choose to make a move on the eve of the great war?  Doing so will affect the big picture and they will only anger the turtle tribe!”

Thus, even though Huo Cha had died for many days, no Zerg dared to replace his position. Anyone who benefited was afraid of being suspected by the turtle tribe.

But why risk killing Huo Cha if no benefit was reaped?

The subordinate was puzzled and asked, “Then the lord suspects…”

Awang pondered for a while. “The tiger tribe is possible, but the biggest possibility is the snake tribe. I heard that after the blood mist faded a few days ago, the corpse of a snake Yao Marshal was found on the grassland.”

“It’s very likely indeed!” The subordinate said with alarm, “The snakes and Zerg had always been at odds with each other! But for the snake to make a move at this time, could it be that they want to intervene in the battle between the turtle tribe and the fox tribe?”

Awang, “I don't know, but it's never wrong to be vigilant.”

While the two were discussing, dozens of feet below the main tent, Jing Yue and the other three were gathered in the tunnel dug out with two hundred foxes.

A green fox said, “Lord Qian Su, as shown on the map, Awang’s tent is right above us. Why don’t we just force our way up instead of continuing digging?”

Jing Yue, “What happens after we kill Awang? Run away? Kang Ji and I were able to kill Huo Cha successfully. With the addition of 200 of you now, is it just to kill Awang? Why do I need you around then?”

Green fox, “But…”

Jing Yue, “As I mentioned before, you just need to obey. Are you defying orders?”

The green fox was shocked and said weakly, “N-no… let’s continue digging!”

He was now respectful and obedient to Qian Su. He wondered how the other party got the map layout of the eagle camp. Not only that, but Qian Su also knew a lot about the deployment of the camp, and the details were meticulous.

In this way, they were able to avoid danger, escape the supervision of the eagle clan, and smoothly go into the depths of the eagle camp from underground.

The green fox even thought that with Qian Su’s ability, there was no need to fight at all. Why didn’t they just sneak into Gesa’s tent in the turtle tribe and get it over and done with?

“Don't take it for granted. There are 100,000 Yao in the turtle camp, while the eagle camp only has 3,000. How can they be compared?”

The green fox was startled. He didn’t expect Qian Su to know what he was thinking when the other party added, “Besides, Gesa is a Yao King. With our strength, we can at most kill a Yao Marshal, unless we invite Lord Zanbu. However, if Lord Zanbu made a move, wouldn’t the other party be alerted?”

Like Gesa, Zanbu was always kept on close watch. After all, they were the supreme commanders of the two tribes on the battlefield.

At this time, the green fox also knew that he had taken it for granted. He smiled awkwardly and hurried to dig with his companions. The green fox clan was good at controlling the soil, while the white fox clan was good at illusion.

The illusion of the white fox was different from the mystic fox. The latter was mainly about transformation, while the white fox created illusions and deceived people.

Tunnels formed one after another. Within half a day, the entire underground of the eagle tribe had been dug through by the fox tribe!

At night, the eagle camp was silent under the moonlight.

In the tunnel, Jing Yue was giving instructions to 200 fox Yao. “Do everything as I instructed. Remember, as soon as you see my signal, withdraw immediately.”


Jing Yue said solemnly, “Action.”

With that said, the foxes scattered into the various tunnels and quickly disappeared.

Inside the main tent, Awang was already asleep when suddenly, a miserable scream came from the camp.

Awang got up abruptly. His vision penetrated the darkness and saw flickers of fire. He also heard warnings of enemy attacks and cries for help from his fellow clansmen, as well as the sounds of fighting.

Oh no! Awang was just about to fly out of the tent when the ground where he stood suddenly collapsed. A man and a woman emerged from the ground and stabbed him with their swords!

Awang turned around to dodge the attack but he was still stabbed in the forearm. His shoulder blades bulged quickly and there was a sound of silk cloth tearing. A pair of black feathered wings burst through his clothes. Awang made a grabbing motion and his five fingers turned into claws. He easily tore the tent in half and flew into the sky!

The eagle tribe’s flying skills were the best among the Yao race, and the man and woman were left behind by him. Awang saw that the camp was now a sea of fire and eagle corpses were scattered everywhere. As for the killer…

Awang narrowed his eyes, clenched his jaw, and squeezed out two words from his teeth, “Fox tribe!”

He clenched his fists and two long swords appeared. His sword was obtained from the projection of Zhanxian-yaozu’s sword practice in the past, and his swordsmanship was unparalleled at the same level.

Awang slashed out two sword lights, which split into ten thousand swords, swirling and attacking the enemy. The shadow of the sword was like a flower and the spraying blood like a stamen.

At this time, a man and a woman chased after him again. Awang retrieved one sword and started fighting with the two.

Soon, he noticed that although the male Yao had the rank of Yao Marshal, his swordsmanship was inferior to the female who was only a Yao General. Awang even felt excited because he could hardly find an opponent who could match him in swordsmanship.

The more he fought, the more the female met his expectations, but unfortunately, the opponent was one level lower than him, and her strength gradually couldn’t keep up. Awang found an opportunity to launch the final blow!

The female fell from mid-air, leaving only the male. When Awang was surrounded by the two, he could still gain the upper hand, not to mention one-on-one at this time.

He repeatedly diffused the opponent’s magic spells with a single sword in his hand. When the male Yao saw that he was no match, he turned around and tried to escape. Two thunderbolts shot out from Awang’s long and narrow eagle eyes, splitting a large hole in the male Yao’s stomach, and his internal organs spilled to the ground.

Awang was good with swords, but his talent was lightning control.

The two Yao seemed to be the leaders of this group of foxes. As soon as they died, the foxes immediately went into chaos.

Thus, Awang quickly cleaned up the mess and killed all the invading foxes. He looked at the field full of fox bodies and couldn't help but feel a little smug.

Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his lower abdomen!

Awang woke up with a start and found himself still in the tent, still lying on his bed.

Was everything just a dream?

Awang was about to breathe a sigh of relief. Although he won, the eagle tribe also suffered losses, so it would be better if it was a dream.

But he found that the painful sensation did not disappear.

In the darkness, he heard an unfamiliar voice. “Lord Awang, it's time to wake up from your beautiful dream. Now, it’s time for a nightmare.”

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