My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 129.1: Fox Camp pt. 7

“Intruder alert!”

Along with the other party’s words, Awang clearly heard the warnings of his fellow clansmen, followed by miserable screams.

But this time, it wasn’t a dream.

“You’re white fox…” With his remaining reason, Awang finally figured out that he might have fallen victim to the illusion of the white fox, but the other party laughed and said, “No, I’m not.”

Without getting an answer, Awang was dead.

After taking Awang’s head, Jing Yue said to the white fox following behind him, “Well done.”

The white fox lowered his head and said respectfully, “It’s all thanks to my lord.”

Without Qian Su, he never thought he would be able to kill Awang so effortlessly.

“Okay, let’s go.”


The white fox retreated and Qin Yanzhi said, “Are we just going to wait here?”

Jing Yue, “Wei-daoyou and Xiao-jiu are outside. Let them have their fun.”

It might be cruel, but for human cultivators, killing Yao was a duty and also entertainment, and vice versa.

A quarter of an hour later, a sword shrill came from the eagle camp, and Ruan Jiu, who was in the midst of a killing spree, immediately withdrew his sword and retreated to his original route.

Wei Zhentu pulled out the long sword from the eagle’s body and whistled, and most of the foxes retreated along with him.

But there were bound to be some foxes who forgot themselves amid the killing. In front of them was the unprepared eagle tribe, who had their reinforcement and retreat totally cut off by Lord Qian Su’s plan, which made them seem like a piece of meat on the chopping board, and the foxes couldn’t help but rejoice.

They were reluctant to leave but no one would wait for them.

Jing Yue turned back and saw the dozen or so foxes still lingering in the firelight and sneered. He put his fingers together like a sword and the sword energy pierced through the air, producing a dull sonic boom in the middle. Then, it exploded instantly and killed all the surviving Yao in the camp, friends and foes alike.

The other foxes were shocked by his cold-bloodedness, and someone said anxiously, “My lord, they are foxes!”

Jing Yue, “As I have said earlier, those who don’t obey will die.”

To establish authority, in addition to strength, there must also be iron-handed methods.

Without waiting to argue about this topic, Jing Yue jumped up and took the lead to return to the fox camp.

The foxes looked at each other in dismay. Although Qian Su did remind them repeatedly, no one expected the other party to act so decisively.

But at this point, they could only sigh and follow quickly.

Just half an hour after they left, Gesa of the turtle tribe received the news, but by the time he arrived, the eagle camp was already scorched black, and only half of the 3,000 eagles survived.

Gesa was furious and immediately gave the order to give chase, but after going through half of Deerfield, not even a shadow of a fox could be seen. Instead, he met Zanbu.

Gesa only thought it was an ambush set by the foxes. He mistakenly thought that the real purpose of the fox tribe was to lure him out and kill him in an ambush. He was immediately shocked and afraid and fled in a hurry without waiting to fight with Zanbu.

Zanbu was also puzzled. He heard from his subordinates that Gesa brought people here and thought that the turtle tribe was going to launch an attack in advance, so he came to battle in haste, which filled him with uncertainty. But now, who knew that Gesa would flee instead?

When he returned to the camp and understood the circumstances, he was simply overjoyed.

“Well done!” Zanbu laughed and patted Qian Su's shoulder. “I never thought you’d have such great help.”

The help mentioned by Zanbu was a gray chicken with its head held high on Jing Yue's shoulder. He knew by now that the chicken was originally a pet that Qian Su kept in captivity in the human world. Qian Su saw that it was quite intelligent and activated the other party’s spiritual awareness with Yao energy.

This chicken looked similar to a small bird with a very faint Yao aura. It could easily be taken as an ordinary bird and no one would guard against it. Plus it had been trained by Qian Su, it was best at stealth and eavesdropping, and simply perfect to be a spy.

At first, even he overlooked that there was a Yao beast in the tent, and it took at least ten minutes before he realized it. This also meant that if Qian Su had evil intentions and wanted to inquire about major events in the camp, Zanbu might also fall for it.

But Zanbu quickly denied this suspicion.

Qian Su's methods seemed powerful, but as long as they knew about it and remained vigilant, it was useless.

Since Qian Su told him frankly, naturally it wouldn’t be used on him.

“Your method is somewhat like the human race. I heard that the human race also used domesticated birds such as eagles and pigeons to snoop on news during battles, but I never believed in it. I never expected for it to work so well.”

Jing Yue laughed dryly. If he hadn’t known that the Yao race had always disliked these tricky methods, how could he use such a crude method?

That day, Zanbu praised Jing Yue to the skies, but he didn’t bestow any rewards.

But a few days later, Jing Yue received an edict from the Fox Emperor—he became the main general under Zanbu's command, leading the First Army of 20,000 foxes, while Kang Ji was his second-in-command.

As for Du Jia who kept picking on him, he was only a small general under Jing Yue with 2,000 foxes under his command.

Thus, for a time, Du Jia would hide whenever he saw Jing Yue, and his previous arrogance was nowhere to be found.

Time flew by, and the war between the turtles and the foxes was about to start.

In the tent that belonged to Jing Yue, Wei Zhentu had absorbed a Yao core and sighed. “Cultivation through absorbing Yao core is very fast, but it's easy to have an unstable foundation. When I return to the human world, I’d have to go into seclusion for several years.”

Ruan Jiu also said happily, “My Shizun said that wealth and risk come hand in hand. Although I don’t seek wealth, it’s worth taking the risk to come to the Yao world.”

He had now broken through mid-level Amethyst Abode, a small level higher than Jing Yue.

Jing Yue said with a smile, “A tough battle will be here soon. Once we win, we’ll most likely meet the Fox Emperor. If we can get the Fox Emperor's fancy, we’ll have the opportunity to explore the tribe's secrets. Only when that happens will our trip not be in vain.”

They looked at each other and smiled confidently.

A tinge of red appeared on the eastern horizon like a wound in the sky.

On the Deerfield grassland, the fox and turtle armies faced each other quietly. When a line of golden edge was seen on the sun, Zanbu waved his banner and war drums and horns sounded in unison. The earth trembled and tens of thousands of Yao rushed to the enemy's camp without any order.

Among these Yao, there was the First Army under Jing Yue.

The foxes seemed to be rushing about in chaos, but upon closer look, it could be noticed that the foxes with the strongest physiques took the front while the foxes skilled in magic followed closely behind.

The Yao were far superior to the human race in terms of physique and cultivation talent, but they had been suppressed by the human race for millions of years due to a lack of wit.

Even the simplest battle tactic was unfamiliar to the Yao. The battles between Yao had always been straightforward, everything won by force. Many methods of the human race were considered unorthodox, and they didn’t care for them.

Both parties engaged in a fierce battle that soared through the heavens!

Jing Yue didn’t make a move. At this moment, he stood on a high slope that overlooked the battlefield and observed the situation.

He trained the First Army personally. Although he couldn’t command them as smoothly as lifting a finger, it stood out among the Yao. While other Yao groups were still caught in the chaos of battle, the First Army had easily broken out of the siege.

The meat shield composed of gray foxes was extremely strong. At this time, they manifested in their original forms, and the sharp fangs and claws could even cut turtle shells, not to mention that the turtles were still in human form. In a faceoff, a turtle would be shredded apart by a swarm of gray foxes.

In the past, the foxes always fought separately. No matter how strong the gray fox was, it wouldn’t have the upper hand against a giant turtle. But this time, not only did they attack together, but behind them, red, purple, and yellow foxes supplemented them with magic techniques. The First Army was like a moving fortress, crushing all the enemies in front of them without mercy.

The unexpected battle achievements made them gradually complacent. Stimulated by blood and death, they gradually returned to the nature of the fox tribe.

Du Jia originally had doubts about Qian Su's arrangement, but seeing the power now, he no longer had objections. But if the First Army was so strong, why should they keep stopping and waiting for the rest? It was like they were being bound by their hands and feet. Why couldn’t they just rush into Gesa’s camp and take his life in the chaos?

With that thought in mind, Du Jia could no longer control himself. He didn’t expect to kill Gesa by himself, but he could cut off Gesa’s wings and leave him to face Zanbu!

He winked at his subordinates, who received the order and hesitated for a moment, but still passed the news to the other foxes obediently

Some foxes expressed doubts while others agreed with Du Jia’s arrangement.

Du Jia made a headcount and found that nearly half of them were willing to fight with him. It was enough!

He led these 700-800 foxes to quietly leave the main army and sneak in the direction of Gesa.

Although the foxes had never formed a formation before, Du Jia could see at this point that Qian Su's formation was not difficult. Wasn't it just putting the physically strong ones in the front and the powerful attackers at the back? Du Jia thought he had seen through everything, and he believed that whatever Qian Su could do, he could too!

However, before they could leave the main army, a long sword emerged from nowhere and dismembered Du Jia in full view of everyone!

Hundreds of foxes heard Qian Su's cold voice at this moment, “Those who disobey, die.”

Everyone trembled and their minds gradually cleared. They finally remembered the temper of Qian Su, the general. One by one, they quickly returned to the formation with their tails tucked, and continued to advance.

The sound of killing was deafening, and the green grass had long been dyed red as if it were a burning flame.

The grassland was littered with scorched pits and deep cracks like veins of the abyss.

The suppressed turtles finally discovered the key to the foxes’ unstoppable power, and Gesa said, “Bypass the army with the most gray foxes and attack from left and right, up and down!”


A group of turtles separated and flanked along the left and right sides, while the remaining eagles and Zerg went up to the sky and into the ground respectively.

Seeing this, Jing Yue said to the people behind him, “It’s our turn now.”

The four people moved. Qin Yanzhi directed the flying foxes up the sky, while Ruan Jiu led the green foxes to cut off the Zerg attack. Jing Yue and Wei Zhentu split to the left and right, each followed respectively by the mystic and white foxes specialized in illusionary techniques, and the black foxes specialized in control.

The First Army reinforced all directions, advancing and retreating with the central army, with the momentum of a sharp knife, and went straight into the center of the turtle army.

As the First Army charged in more aggressively, the foxes grew more vigorous while the turtles grew weaker.

Gesa was already in a frenzy. Seeing the heavy casualties on his side, they were forced to retreat step by step and were about to reach a canyon outside the grassland.

And once they entered the canyon, it was equivalent to giving up Deerfield and losing the battle. Gesa wanted to defend, but the current situation was more than he can afford to lose!

“Retreat!” Helpless, Gesa gritted a word from between his teeth.

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