Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 13: No news over the last 19 years, perhaps avoiding me.

Ghosts Know What I Experienced
Author: Mo Chen Huan
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Translator: Aeryn
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Chapter 13

If you said that everyone of Xuanxue world’s younger generation all regarded Hell King Ye as a great scourge, then with Qishan-daoren and his son’s two generations, the name “Yi Lingzi” was so terrifying that children would stop crying.

Take Qishan-daoren’s son as an example. In those days, he would get reprimanded by Qishan-daoren everyday, “Compare yourself with Yi Lingzi! Compare! He ranked first in Modou when he’s 16! And you? Shoulders cannot carry, and hands cannot lift! How did I give birth to such a useless son like you!”

In those days, the talented and smart youth that was ranked in the top ten was scolded until he cried bitter tears.

Could he compare with Senior Yi Lingzi?

Senior Yi Lingzi was precisely that kid next door!

Although Yi Lingzi was strong, Qishan-daoren and those of the same generation all don’t know the level of his strength in those days. However, Yi Lingzi was still very easy to get along with unlike his disciple, Ye Jingzhi, with his reclusive nature and only knew to fight ghosts wholeheartedly. Yi Lingzi, at that time, was very active and frequently participated in activities between peers of the same generation.

Recalling the merry moments of his youth, Qishan-daoren sighed with regret, “What a pity. Nineteen years ago, I made an appointment with Yi Lingzi to drink. Unexpectedly, he would actually end in mutual destruction with a thousand year drought demon, and parted forever.”

This time, the name “Yi Lingzi” appeared in a “Ghosts Know” article. In a moment, the older generation masters emerged in succession in the comments section, reminiscing the past. Once they made a sound, where could the disciples dare be impudent? They could only secretly gossip.

【 Hell King Ye even has a fiancée? His master must have been very good at divination. Otherwise, how could he foresee until now that Hell King Ye would be so absolutely cold that there’s no girlfriend? So, as early as 19 years ago when Hell King Ye wasn’t Hell King Ye, he helped him throw a girl into a pit of fire? 】1

【 Senior Yi Lingzi truly had the foresight! Why didn’t my master help me arrange a betrothal when I was young? I’m already 30-something, and I don’t even have a wife. Look at Hell King Ye, yesterday he was still unmarried, today there’s an additional fiancée! Envy has caused this daoist to change beyond recognition! 】

【 Hell King Ye has a Body of Three Fiends.2 With his kind of physique, he could cause his wife to die. Logically, he shouldn’t be able to find a wife. Senior Yi Lingzi’s too freakin’ awesome, no wonder my grandpa would now tremble in fear each time he hears Senior Yi Lingzhi’s name. He could actually find a girl with extremely strong yin energy, which perfectly complements Hell King Ye. 】


【 Hey, something’s not right. The article didn’t say where Hell King Ye’s fiancée is at, ah! 】

At this moment, the northern foothill of Mt. Li, Chang’an City, S Province.

A bald old monk was currently standing atop an old tree, anxiously surveying ahead. He was surrounded by the wilderness. Two kilometers away was Emperor Qin’s Terracotta Army, also known as the 8th Wonder of the World. At night, the tourists that were coming and going during the day disappeared. The eerie forest of Mt. Li became an immense darkness, silently pressing onto the earth.

The old monk pointed a finger and mouthed a few verses of an incantation. In front of him appeared a round water mirror. He anxiously said, “This monk already gave you the biggest scoop for gossip. Why haven’t you given the points to this monk? Now it’s past zishi (11pm-1am), this monk has chased this 300 year old malicious spirit for a month. If I really let it escape into the Mausoleum of the First Emperor and disturbed the things inside, then when that moment comes, the Xuanxue world will be in chaos! This monk won’t take responsibility for this one!”

On the other side of the water mirror was a youth with glasses. Behind him, there’s quite a few busy young boys and girls walking in a hurry.

Hearing the old monk’s words, the youth pushed against his glasses, “Master Buxing, your scoop was just uploaded. You must give us some time to count the views and likes. Oh right, there’s still a lot of fellow daoists that sent you rewards. These would all be converted into points and credited to your account. However if you request to convert to points now, then any points obtained after won’t be counted, and you will not receive it in your account.”

Hearing this, the corner of Master Buxing’s mouth harshly twitched, “Okay, okay, this monk doesn’t want those points. Send the points over now. There’s not enough time, this monk needs to quickly buy a hundred year jumping corpse from Tian Gong Pavilion to refine a treasure, or else that malicious ghost will escape!”

Pleased, the editor of “Ghosts Know” smiled, “I will send the points to your account right away.”

A minute later, Master Buxing opened his modou, and found that there’s an addition of a hundred thousand points in his account. Seeing this frightening number, he froze, and muttered a sentence, “Yi Lingzi and Ye Jingzhi’s gossip is this valuable?” Then he shook his head, and repeated “Amitabha” a few times, “Fellow Daoist Yi Lingzi, at that time, this monk accompanied you together to get that Mt. Tai stone. That year, you also died for the Xuanxue world. Now this monk must capture this 300 year malicious spirit for the Xuanxue world. Only there’s not enough points to buy materials to refine; therefore, this monk needed to break out you two master and disciple’s gossip. In the Nine Springs, you won’t blame this monk, right…Aiyo!”3

A fist-sized loquat suddenly dropped overhead, ruthlessly smashing against Master Buxing’s bald head resulting in the emergence of a huge bun.4

Master Buxing rubbed his bald head, and continued to mutter, “You won’t blame this monk, you won’t blame this monk, this monk is also getting rid of evil for the people, and also…… Aiyo aiyo aiyo!”

With a gust of wind, the full loquat tree seemed to rain, falling straight onto Master Buxing’s head with “thump thump thump” sounds. Master Buxing’s head was packed with buns. Quickly flying away from the tree, he escaped towards the Mausoleum of the Qin Emperor. While running, he loudly yelled, “This monk is going to catch that evil ghost now!”

Tonight, of the four gossip articles of “Ghosts Know,” the other three were completely beaten into the Cold Palace. Only the gossip of “Hell King Ye has a fiancée” was being fervently discussed by the Xuanxue world.

The same night, Ye Jingzhi was currently holding a broom, and sweeping the house. His phone suddenly vibrated, and he opened to take a look. A bunch of masters of the older generation sent him greetings, asking when’s the wedding. Since Yi Lingzi had passed away, they could stand in as Ye Jingzhi’s elder and help him act as a parental proxy.

Other than this, only three of the younger generation sent a message inquiring.

Ye Jingzhi slightly creased his brows. When he opened “Ghosts Know” and saw that article, he finally knew what happened.

He set the broom down, and then seriously replied to one after another.

【 19 years ago, when I met with Master for the last time, he did indeed mention setting a marriage for me, and gave me a piece of Mt. Tai stone as a token. But, at that time the 1000 year drought demon was born, Master didn’t have time to explain clearly, and perished together in the big battle with the drought demon. I don’t know who the other person is. In the past few years, the other person hasn’t come looking. I only heard Master say that it’s a girl with very strong yin energy, younger than me by 2 years, a very good match, and should be 23 years old this year. 】

The older generation weren’t here to listen to explanations. They only wanted to look at gossip.

The master of Tianji School quickly replied:【 Young Daoist Ye, this old fellow will do a divination for you, and help you find your future wife’s whereabouts! 】

Ye Jingzhi slightly pursed his thin lips, planning to refuse. In his opinion, there’s no news whatsoever from the other party for nineteen years. Maybe she’s not a person from the Xuanxue world. Or she knew his reputation, avoided him, and didn’t want to marry him and be his wife. If that’s the case, he wouldn’t force anything and just regarded it as nothing had happened.

However, the master of Tianji School replied within five minutes: 【 Asking Ling Xiao for information, three lives form bonds; Yin matches with Sha, establishment is already born…Eh? Young Daoist Ye, from the divination, you should have already met with your fiancée. 】

Ye Jingzhi’s eyes contracted, and calmly answered: 【 Many thanks, senior. 】

Just like Pei Yu had said, within the Xuanxue world’s younger generation, except for a couple people, there’s no one else that would care about Hell King Ye. Even if it’s such a breaking news material, Ye Jingzhi only replied until one in the morning, then no one inquired again. Although the older generation gossiped, they found it embarrassing to lower their face to continuously ask the involved party. The younger generation’s skin was thick, but not many paid attention to him.

In the pitch-black and tranquil night, the tall handsome man shut off his phone, and continued to clean the house earnestly as if not wanting to be in debt to other people. He thought to treat this as rent.

The next day, when Xi Jia woke up and just went out of his room, he saw Pei Yu excitedly run over. Pei Yu pulled him back into the room, and intentionally locked the door. He still felt that it’s unreliable like this so he erected a barrier.

Xi Jia curiously asked, “You have something to say to me that Master Ye can’t hear?”

Pei Yu nodded at once.

Xi Jia, “Can this thing you arranged really block out Master Ye?”

Pei Yu’s face stiffened, “Anyways…anyways, like this, my mind will be at ease, at ease! I’ll say to you. When you woke up this morning, did you see last night’s world-shaking big gossip that ‘Ghosts Know’ uploaded?”

Xi Jia completely lacked interest in these things, “What do I have to do with your Xuanxue world’s gossip?” Saying this, he planned to open the door to leave.

Pei Yu pulled to stop him, “This time it has something to do with Hell King Ye! Hell King Ye has a fiancée, he actually has a fiancée, and it was actually an arranged betrothal from when they’re young!5 This evil arranged marriage, how come my master didn’t arrange one for me, causing me to still not have a girlfriend till now.”

Xi Jia was slightly stumped for words, “…Master Ye has a fiancée?”

Pei Yu’s spirits reached his head as he quickly opened WeChat’s official account and gave Xi Jia the article to look at.

After he finished reading the article, Xi Jia couldn’t help but wrinkled his brows, and immediately opened the door, “That’s Master Ye’s matter, what are you gossiping for? Although I don’t understand the reason, but in any case, it’s their private matter, we—“

His voice abruptly stopped. Xi Jia widened his eyes, looking at the sparkling clean living room!

The white ceramic tiles were wiped clean, shining brightly. Looking down, it could act as a mirror. The more than a year old stains on the wall were also completely gone now. The dust at the corners of the ceiling, gone. The rust on the fridge, gone. The lucky bamboo that hadn’t changed water for half a year was full of vitality!

Xi Jia didn’t dare to believe and turned to face Pei Yu: You did this?

Pei Yu just noticed the anomaly in the room: Not me. What happened? I didn’t even pay attention earlier.

At this time, a rich fragrant smell wafted over from the kitchen. Sniffing the smell, as upstanding as Xi Jia, he also couldn’t help but swallow. Pei Yu already excitedly threw himself towards the kitchen, “What’s going on? You’re cooking? Brother Jia, didn’t you just wake up?”

Pei Yu just walked to the dining room when he suddenly froze in place.

A tall and handsome figure walked out from the kitchen, calmly putting a plate of dishes on the table. Seeing Pei Yu, Ye Jingzhi nodded, unperturbed, “Fellow Daoist Pei.” Then, he raised his head to look at Xi Jia not far away, “I troubled you last night.”

Pei Yu’s legs trembled, subconsciously running back. He immediately ran to Xi Jia’s side, and whispered, “Not good, I can’t eat a meal while looking at Hell King Ye. I’m going out first to settle this. Eating a meal at the same table as Hell King Ye, too scary…Brother Jia, I can’t carry on, it’s all yours.”

After that, Pei Yu forcefully stopped his trembling calves, and righteously and sternly said, “Just now, it seems like my compass found a malicious ghost not far away. I’ll go take care of this little ghost now. Fellow Daoist Ye, Brother Jia, you guys eat. You guys eat slowly.”

Once he finished saying his words, Pei Yu scrammed off right away.

Xi Jia, “……”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

Xi Jia asked, “Master Ye, I heard you can innately see yin energy. Are there ghosts nearby?”

Ye Jingzhi was silent for a moment, “Perhaps I saw wrong.”

Xi Jia held back his laughter.

Charlatan Pei only thought about quickly fleeing far away. But, he didn’t think that a ghost that even Hell King Ye couldn’t find, how could he find it?

Because Pei Yu didn’t dare stay in the apartment, only Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi remained at the dining table, sitting across from each other. At first, Xi Jia didn’t dare move his chopsticks. Although these dishes smell very appetizing and just by looking could cause his finger to twitch, but…Master Ye really could cook?

After resigning to take a bite, Xi Jia widened his eyes, and quickly moved his chopsticks again.

Unexpectedly, the entire table of dishes were completely eaten clean, showing just how delicious these dishes were.

The black haired young man sat in the chair, having ate to the fullest. Suddenly recalling the article he just read, he couldn’t help but think: Whoever becomes Master Ye’s wife, at least for meals, it would definitely be a lifetime of pleasure.

But he soon thought, “Master Ye…did you help me clean the apartment?”

Ye Jingzhi answered in a low voice, “Thank you for your care.”

Unable to say what he felt in his heart, but seeing the quiet and depressed appearance of the number one of the Xuanxue world’s younger generation, for some reason Xi Jia thought this man was a bit lonely, a bit……pitiful.

The article said that Master Ye’s master died together with the thousand year drought demon nineteen years ago for the Xuanxue world and for the mortals. At that time, Master Ye was only six. With neither a father nor mother, he was adopted by his master. After his master suddenly passed away, he didn’t join any other sects, only continuing to guard his master’s sect as before .

Their sect’s requirements for accepting new disciples was extremely high, and they frequently only had one direct line.

Therefore, since Master Ye was six, he lived alone, and practiced alone. After he gained strength, his peers in the Xuanxue world were full of fear against him, and didn’t dare to care about him.

The fact that such a person could become a moral model instead of a great devil really was remarkable.

Xi Jia’s mouth opened and closed, but all along he didn’t know what he should say. But he saw Ye Jingzhi set down his chopsticks, saying in a low tone, “I gave your broken Mt. Tai stone to a friend at Tian Gong Pavilion and asked him to fix it for you. It should be repaired in two days. I heard you also followed, ‘Ghosts Know.’ Did you get a modou yet?”

Xi Jia shook his head, “I didn’t fill in my address.”

Ye Jingzhi lightly nodded, “If you want to buy a modou, you need twenty points. You can fill in your address. When the time comes, I’ll let Tian Gong Pavilion’s people put a modou with your Mt. Tai stone, and sent it together to you.”

The Author has something to say:
C+: Whoever becomes Master Ye’s wife, definitely will be blessed with delicious foods.
Mirror: Also will be very fortunate [sexually].

Translator’s Notes: I guess Lin(g) Xiao is such a common name in the BL novel world lol
1 火坑 – lit. a pit of fire, fig. living hell.
2 三煞 Sansha, Three Fiends- a Fengshui terminology that literally mean Three Fiends, they may refer to 青羊 (Qingyang), 乌鸡 (Wuji), 青牛 (Qingniu). Wuji is literally black-boned chicken or silky fowl. Qing is a color that can mean green/blue/black. Yang and Niu means sheep/goat and cow/ox respectively. They can translate to Black Goat, Black Rooster, Black Ox.
3 Nine Springs – Netherworld/Hell
4 Buns – the anime style bump on the head.

5 娃娃亲 arranged betrothal when they’re young: arranged marriage of minors, child marriage. In this case, engagement when they’re young.

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