Princess Tsubakiri

Chapter 13 - The Black-haired Girl Part two


This story has the same enemies as my other works, but they have no relation.

I could hear someone’s voice…

Inside me, memories from a long time ago… memories from a long long time ago came to my mind.

A long time ago enough to be overwhelming, in a village where people called [Faysils] resided, I came to existence in the world from the wishes of the people and was born as the chieftain’s daughter.

May everyone be happy. May the Faysils prosper.

Because of that, I was born with strong spiritual power and received enviously beautiful “black hair” from the world.

It was a blessing for everyone that I was born, and to make everyone happy, I prayed to the Gods every day.

Because of my strong spiritual powers, my “prayers” reached the Gods. One day, the four Great Gods - [Light God], [Dark God], [Sun God], and [Wolf God], materialized to bless me and grant me one wish.

l was foolish.

To make people happy, and not only for Faysil, but to create happiness for humans and other races too, I wished for knowledge.

“Great Gods. Please give me the “power” to see through and know everything.”

The Gods granted my request and bestowed me crimson [allknowing eyes].

And then, I saw it. Through my [allknowing eyes], I saw the secret of the Great Gods.

From that time onwards… I was cursed by the Gods.

When the four Great Gods realized that I had found out their “truth”, they cast an eternal curse because of my grave “sin”.

A curse that repeated the reincarnation of the soul forever and caused suffering and death before you became an adult.

The soul was eternal. Even if it is shattered and became a different existence, the Gods couldn’t annihilate the very essence of a soul easily.

Therefore, the Gods cast a curse to make me die a cruel death before becoming an adult, thus wearing out the soul little by little for many years before it reached extinction.

After knowing that, the Faysils criticized and became violent against me, and finally, drove me out of the village by poisoning me.

Realizing my sin, I would suffer as much as possible while crying before dying.

Dragging my body eroded by poison, I escaped safely to a forest. I didn’t die. I had to live.

In order to make the Faysils… Humans and other races happy, I had to pass on the truth of the Gods to the future life.

They were… not real “Gods” at all. If we relied on them without knowing the truth, mankind would eventually decline.

Therefore, I thought that I had to pass on the true appearance of the Gods to someone.

And then, I ripped off bark from a tree and wrote in my own blood - Half a year later, I entrusted it to someone of another race who had been passing by before dying of blood loss.

After that, I was reincarnated time over time again.

Occasionally, my memories would come back to me, and I knew that the knowledge I had left behind remained.

Even if I was reincarnated, my time was little. I would die before becoming an adult without fail.

Not once had I had a peaceful death. I was tortured many times over, injured, burned alive as a witch, suffered from an illness for years without receiving treatment, and there were times I had died crying too.

There were times I had been born in a family, and I was sold by them as a slave, or also killed.

Therein, there had been people that had loved me too.

I apologize… Because I became involved with you, I made you unhappy.

Yet, I never gave up. I struggled to live.

It was just, to become an adult, make someone happy before dying, I continued to go against the curse.

The Gods… made a mistake just once.

That was to not erase my memories completely.

I continued to gather my memories, carving pain and sadness into my heart, expanding the [capacity of the soul] for thousands of years.

Yeah… If I had been just a little faster, I wouldn’t have made you cry.

I apologize. My dear brothers and sister. To have met you fo rhese 3000 of years, was my only treasure. I love you so much… I regret it.

I can hear your voice, you know, Camellia…

Being a crybaby, a lonely person, and my very dear little sister whose life I had ruined.

Elder sister Yua. You guys had called me that. That’s right… My name was...

An old word from Faysil language meaning “Rapeblossom”, Tartayua.


“Elder Sister Yuaaa!!!”

Having destroyed the only door leading to the underground, the voice of a young girl breaking in echoed in the cave.

Nikolas and the haggard Murasame, who were looking from a place distant from where the voice was, raised their faces, and the silent “former offerings” started to move.

To prevent the interference of the [War God], the theologian, Nikolas, started to perform the ritual for the ancient [Wolf God].

Having her blood being drained little by little through the wounds of both of her hands, Nanohana’s face grew as pale as paper and looked like it was already too late for her to be saved.

As if her life was shaved off bit by bit and offered to the God, its awakening was urged, and having the awakened God’s power, Nanohana’s curse was instantly speeded up.

For the most part, Murasame’s attempt seemed to be accomplished.


Nanohana’s light seemed to go out at any moment now, but at Tsubaki’s scream, her eyelids quivered slightly. And, abruptly, it started.

Before knowing it, just above Nanohana laying own, one [crimson butterfly] was fluttering about silently.

The butterfly’s shape, which seemed to be cut from a deep red paper, danced lightly like magic. It wasn’t only Tsubaki who had barged in or Murasame, but also the “former offerings” who shouldn’t have a will stopped moving and looked at the butterfly.

That crimson butterfly grew big until it had two hands, and then, on the surface of the wings, one baby hand… two hands… emerged, and then dozens of baby faces popped up. Simultaneously, they all [screamed].

At that time, newborn babies around the world simultaneously looked up to heaven, opened their eyes wide, and quietly wept.


Quietly, slowly, Nanohana, who should be close to dying, stood up.

However, was that really her? The appearance of her mature smile and reaching both of her arms out gave off a divine feeling.

The silent “former offerings” headed to Nanohana with both their arms reaching out.

But… something was strange.

As the pale “former offerings” advanced, their complexion improved, and the lifeless eyes went back to being bright.

Showing smiles, they shed tears at Nanohana’s appearance and approached her with their hands stretched out as if to ask her for help.

The change was drastic. One step at a time, bit by bit, their hardened bodies became rejuvenated as they stepped closer to her.

Old people became young, students became children. Taking off their shoes that had become the wrong size, tripped because the pants had become too long, they didn’t stop and neared Nanohana while crying.

And then… one old person who had become a baby, had reached Nanohana’s feet by crawling. With an expression overflowing with affection, she held the baby gently in her arms, and the baby hugging her chest, was rejuvenated until a fetus, and finally, having turned back to an egg cell and then being extinguished from this world.

Being astonished by this, Murasame fell to his knees, and the theologian, Nikolas, made a befuddled face while saying the girl’s name.

“...[Time God] Tartayua…”


Next time is the final chapter.

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