After Rebirth, the Scum All Cry for Forgiveness

Chapter 13 - The male protagonist’s brief appearance.

Zhong Weiguo hurriedly stepped forward to support Zheng Yonglan, who was tottering and comforted in a low voice: "Youyou might still be blaming us for what happened a few days ago. Give the child some time."

Zheng Yonglan seemed like she had just grabbed her last life-saving straw and slowly returned to her senses. That’s right, a few days ago she scolded Youyou because Shixuan was pushed by those gangsters. This child has a stubborn temper and may still bear grudges. Thinking of this, she breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s just that the indifferent look in Youyou’s eyes just now still penetrated into her heart, making her unable to breathe for a long time.

At this time, the rest of the people in the Zhong residence were all stunned, especially Housekeeper Zhang. She seemed to have lost her voice, her mouth was open as big as a box, and her eyes were filled with disbelief and horror.

No, why are Sir and Madam like this too?! She has worked in the Zhong residence for so many years and she has never seen Madam treat that wild girl Zhong Youyou so affectionately! She even ignored the Eldest Young Miss!

Father Zhong helped Mother Zhong down the stairs, sitting her down on the sofa in the living room. His scrutinising gaze passed over Meng Shixuan's face and it fell on the terrified Housekeeper Zhang and the involved servants, who dared not speak.

Housekeeper Zhang tightly clenched her teeth and panicked, she could almost guess what Mr. Zhong was going to say!

"Butler, why hasn't this person left yet?"

Housekeeper Zhang's face suddenly turned as gray as a corpse’s..... She was already old and it is almost impossible to find a job like this! Her third child’s tuition and the dowries have not yet been settled, the first and second child were not yet adults..…

Housekeeper Zhang was regretful and anxious. If she had known that Zhong Youyou was so important to Mr. Zhong and Mrs. Zhong earlier on, she would never do such a thing even if she was lent the courage!

"Youyou is my biological daughter and will always be the master of this family! If I ever find anyone talking behind her back, then they’ll be driven out!"

Zhong Weiguo feels heartache and furious as long as he thinks of Housekeeper Zhang's treatment towards Zhong Youyou! In his previous life, he hadn't bothered about family affairs at all, which caused all of these servants to misbehave!

The whole house was full of tension. The servants never expected that after Mr. Zhong and Mrs. Zhong went for a trip abroad, their attitude towards Second Young Miss would change drastically when they came back. It seemed that there were going to be some major changes in this villa. They couldn't help thinking back nervously, whether they had been disrespectful to the Second Young Miss before…

The two subordinates who were with Housekeeper Zhang immediately paled because they remembered that they had said a lot of bad things about the Second Young Miss behind her back. What are they going to do?! The two of them looked at each other and thought in unison, they had to curry favor with Second Young Miss from now on...…

As for Meng Shixuan…...

Father Zhong's face was cold, his icy eyes fell on Meng Shixuan without a trace of emotion.

Meng Shixuan's hands and feet became ice-cold at that moment. It wasn't that she couldn't feel the indifference and rejection of her parents when they came back, especially her father, seeing that there was no love for her in his eyes, but it was also full of resentment. What is going on? Reminiscing on Shi Zhitang and Zhong Xiyou’s changes in the past two days, her heart fell straight down. Could it be that Zhong Youyou did something?

Watching her parents going upstairs to rest, not even giving her even a single glance, she finally couldn't help but call out: "Mom."

Mother Zhong’s back was facing her and her feet stopped.

Mother Zhong was in a complicated mood. In this family, she had the deepest affection for Meng Shixuan. She has raised Meng Shixuan for fifteen years. But after experiencing rebirth, she could no longer look at Meng Shixuan like how she originally did. She knew that there would always be an indelible barrier in her heart.

She didn't look back, and said in a slightly cold tone: "You should come to the room with me."

Meng Shixuan was very worried, but when she heard that Mother Zhong was willing to talk to herself, she let out a sigh of relief and hurriedly followed after her.

Zhong Xiyou faintly guessed something when he looked at his parents whose attitudes had turned 180 degrees. Originally, he was afraid that after his parents came back, Housekeeper Zhang would continue to stay. He already showed off his strength in front of second sister, but in the end he couldn’t drive Housekeeper Zhang out. It would’ve been embarrassing if it was so. But now there was no need to worry about it.

He scratched his head, his belly feeling full from things unsaid and he followed Father Zhong into the study.


Mother Zhong sat in Meng Shixuan's room, sliding her fingers across the soft blanket.

Meng Shixuan’s room was the best in the entire villa. It faces south and when you open the French windows, you would be met with an exquisite balcony full of flowers. The pink decorations in the room were all selected by her hand when she was pregnant. At that time, she was pregnant with her first child, and she was so happy in her heart, but she never expected... that these things were all prepared for other people's children!

Her love for Meng Shixuan blinded her eyes in the last life, but she has become clear-headed in this life. Wasn't she stupid? She has made a wedding dress for others, and she is falling into the palm of that Meng Qian woman!

Mother Zhong even began to get angry at Meng Shixuan in her heart. She raised her head and looked at Meng Shixuan with a strange look.

Meng Shixuan walked over and squatted down at the feet of Zhong's mother, just about to put her chin on Mother Zhong's legs affectionately as usual…..

But Mother Zhong suddenly moved away, as if she was resisting her approach.

Meng Shixuan's movements suddenly froze.

Before she had time to say something, she suddenly heard Mother Zhong say: "Your room, let Youyou have it."

Meng Shixuan's blood rushed to her head and she was startled and angry for a moment, but she met Mother Zhong's somewhat indifferent gaze. She softened quickly again and her eyes immediately reddened, "Mom, why is this suddenly like this? Isn’t it a bit too sudden?"

The current Mother Zhong doesn't eat this same old thing anymore. She only feels that the love for Meng Shixuan in her heart has faded a lot. Seeing Meng Shixuan's grievance, not only does she not feel distressed, but her heart feels cold.

It was originally the dove occupying the magpie's nest, heh, what grievance does Meng Shixuan have?

the dove occupying the magpie's nest - seize another person’s home for oneself

Mother Zhong patted her clothes, stood up and walked towards the door: "What's so sudden about this, Youyou was originally my biological daughter and this room was something I prepared for her back then."

Meng Shixuan hurriedly said: "Mom, I didn't mean that. I must bow and give way to my younger sister."

bow and give way - surrender smthng submissively

Mother Zhong was not touched by her generosity at all, glanced at her slightly and interrupted her: "That’s good. It just happens that tomorrow is the weekend. You can change to the guest room first."

She wants to change the layout of this room again and let Youyou live in it.

"..." Meng Shixuan's face was white and she couldn't say a word. After Mother Zhong left, she was still half-kneeling there stiffly in place. In the end, her legs went numb and she sat down on the bed.

What the heck was wrong, did the world go crazy? Or is she dreaming? How did Father Zhong, Mother Zhong and younger brother who loved her dearly became like this overnight?!

Her mind was paste, but, no, she has to calm down and think carefully about what happened these past few days!


Mother Zhong, who left Meng Shixuan's room, walked down the corridor and couldn't help but turn to the room at the end, and stick her ear onto the door panel, quietly listening for movements for a while. There was no movement inside, Youyou should have fallen asleep.

When Father Zhong saw this, he walked over and softly comforted her: "It's alright, where is there a biological mother and daughter who doesn’t have overnight hatred? Go to bed tonight, and tomorrow, after you move Youyou’s things into the south bedroom and give her a surprise, you’d be able to have a good long chat with her."

Mother Zhong took a deep breath and nodded.

Yes, Youyou has always been envious of Meng Shixuan's large bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows. Tomorrow, she would be very happy to know that the large bedroom now belongs to her.

"Tomorrow I will go to the jewelry store to pick something." Mother Zhong thought for a while, and said, "I haven't given Youyou a gift for so many years. Her birthday is coming soon. I have to prepare a gift she likes in advance."

Father Zhong hugged her as they walked away: "Why wait until her birthday to give it? Buy one tomorrow and hold a party on her birthday. Just take this opportunity to announce her identity to other families."

Mother Zhong listened, and her heavy heart since rebirth finally eased slightly. She grasped Father Zhong's hand and smiled: "Okay."

She looked back at Zhong Youyou's room, full of confidence.

They will never repeat the same mistakes again in this life, everything has a chance to start again.

Youyou may still be angry with her now, but she believes that in a few days, Youyou’s temper will cool. Then the two of them, mother and daughter, will make up for the past years…..


But Mother Zhong never expected that at this moment Zhong Youyou was tossing about in the room, unable to sleep at all.

She always felt that something was weird somewhere. The Zhong family members who she had been in contact with for the past two days and the original text are very different, especially today's Mother Zhong, it is almost as if she regarded her as Meng Shixuan! Where was the disregard and disdain! This made her feel a little uncomfortable.

But no matter whether Zhong Xiyou, Father Zhong and Mother Zhong, was kind to her for a while, or was kind to her because of the Qin family's third young master, please forgive her for being unable to appreciate their kindness. After all, when she read the original text, she was angered by them so much that her teeth itched. She didn’t have any good feelings towards them at all and it’s still difficult to build any good feelings now.

From this point of view, it is necessary to move out as soon as possible.

Who knows what wicked ideas or tricks will be there in the future. The best way is to not mix with them. She had 90 million in hand, so who cares about this family, who cares about fighting Meng Shixuan?!

She acted without delay and in the middle of the night, Zhong Youyou quietly began to pack up her luggage.

It's just that she can't move so many things alone and she didn't know the surrounding environment very much since she just came here. And, in the original text, it was after the original owner was driven out of the family that the terrible thing that caused her to have a shadow in her heart for a lifetime happened. At that time, Qin Yao was abroad and suddenly changed color after hearing about it, and hurried back...…

That’s right! She can ask Qin Yao for help.

Zhong Youyou quickly turned on the phone, scrolled through her contacts and found Qin Yao's number.

She had to say that in the original text, she still has a good impression of this Qin family's third young master, and thinks that he is the only person who was not an imbecile.

Qin Yao didn't make many appearances in the original text. He was Grandfather Qin’s most beloved grandson, two years older than the Heroine and later took over the large Qin family. Logically speaking, he is also a dragon among people who is no worse than Shi Zhitang. But he couldn’t stand the bitter pressure and liked the vicious supporting female, so he was destined to be a supporting male and it was impossible for his end to be good.

Zhong Youyou did not finish reading the original text, but at the last part Qin Yao seemed to be looking for the Heroine for revenge and the Zhong family’s industry faced their biggest crisis in history, but the heroine’s halo was still too great, and finally turned the tide and saved the Zhong family at the critical moment. Instead, Qin Yao was sent to the police...…

In the end, naturally, the vicious supporting female and the supporting male backing her didn’t have a good ending and the heroine was reunited with the people around her.


Recalling the original text, Zhong Youyou still wanted to spit out old blood.

To such an extent that she didn't notice, the phone had already been dialed. She originally thought that the other end would be picked up immediately within three seconds, after all, in the original text, Qin Yao was an affectionate person willing to go to jail for her. Unexpectedly, the tone kept on dialing until the phone was about to be disconnected, before it was finally picked up.

Immediately afterwards, there was a deep male voice and rather casually spoke: "Hey."

Zhong Youyou: "…………"


Where was the affectionate supporting male? Now matter how she looked at it, this doesn’t seem very affectionate! Did she remember the plot wrong or transmigrate into the wrong book?!


At the same time, the Qin family is hosting a banquet for the little young master who has just returned from abroad.

Although Qin Yao is very much loved by Grandfather, he is also a junior who is treated most strictly. He just came back travel-worn and before he had time to rest, he was reprimanded in the study.

Grandfather Qin was full of anger: "There are so many properties in the Qin family but it’s not enough for you to toss? You just had to open a game company? Do you know that your cousins ​​outside are like tigers and wolves, all staring at the Qin clan, like it’s a fat piece of meat. If you don’t come back again, all the meat will be taken away and by then, what can you do?!"

Qin Yao crossed his legs and listened absent-mindedly. He had always respected Grandfather Qin and had no reason to refute. He just listened to all of them. Of course, there is no guarantee that it would enter his ears.

The assistant sent by Grandfather Qin standing next to him saw that Grandfather Qin’s face became increasingly pale and was anxious for him. Just as he was about to cough twice to hint at him, a ringtone suddenly rang.

Qin Yao opened the phone very casually: "Grandpa, wait, I'll take the call." But the moment his line of sight fell on the caller’s name on the screen, he suddenly gave a start and sat upright, and his leg that was crossed constrainedly came down.

Then he stood up abruptly and while looking just like a primary school student about to go to the examination room, he took a deep breath and looked at the screen again, his ears reddened from the base of his neck.

"I'm going out for a bit!" Without waiting for Grandfather Qin's response, he opened the door and went out.

"Qin Yao, are you rebelling, what are you doing?" Grandfather Qin was furious.

Qin Yao had already turned the doorknob, but the ringing of the phone was getting smaller and smaller, and seeing that it was about to hang up, he didn't even have time to go out to find a quiet place, so he hurriedly stopped and swiped the screen, connecting the call.

"Hey." He spoke resolutely.

"..." The assistant and Grandfather Qin watched Qin Yao's eyes become brighter, his face flushing and sweat oozing out from his palms, but he tried his best to calm his voice and pretend to be composed.

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