My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 132.2: Lurking Ghost Sect pt. 1

When the first ray of morning light fell, the golden barrier outside the dwarf tree undulated slightly. Kang Xi took a few steps forward on his knees and picked the holy Yao fruit on the dwarf tree with both hands.

He wasn’t lying. The holy fruit could only be picked in the morning light. No matter how bloody and sinful it was, it still needed light.

Kang Xi simply handed the holy fruit to Qian Su. Finally, he glanced at Kang Ji again and suddenly said, “Your father killed my parents. If you want revenge in the future, I don't blame you, but I won't show you mercy either.”

Wei Zhentu still didn't speak, and Kang Xi lowered his eyes to hide the emotion in them.

After a moment, he turned around and took a bone whip from the wall on the right.

Jing Yue was puzzled when he saw Kang Xi flick his bone whip toward the portrait of Yi Wang!


The explosion produced by the whip tore the space into two.

This scene seemed to slow down in Jing Yue's eyes. He clearly saw the bone whip stretch, straighten, and tear through the void… about to touch Yi Wang’s portrait.

Anger finally replaced reason. No, even if he was still rational at this moment, he could never watch others treat his disciple like this!

His dead disciple!

With a flash, Jing Yue grabbed the bone whip with one hand, and a heart-piercing pain came from the palm of his hand.

He stared at Kang Xi with red eyes. The latter was startled and said angrily, “What are you doing?”

Jing Yue pulled the bone whip from Kang Xi's hand with all his might. Seeing this, the others knew that things would develop toward the worst possible situation, but they understood Jing Yue. No one could tolerate such humiliation toward an ancestor of their sect.

Moreover, from Kang Xi's actions, they even guessed that everyone who entered the temple had to whip the portrait of Yi Wang-laozu several times before they left.

As the human race, they could no longer tolerate it.

In that case, it would be best to strike first!

Wei Zhentu was the first to throw out a scroll, and the formation contained in it trapped Kang Xi. The latter was shocked and realized that something was wrong, and instantly took out the Snake Emperor’s token. However, the next moment, his right arm was chopped off by Qin Yanzhi's flying sword, and his entire being was also absorbed into a bronze mirror.

The mirror was called the Soul Ingesting Mirror, and it was now in Jing Yue's hands. It was also a treasure bestowed by the Fox Emperor.

This mirror could ingest anyone Amethyst Abode and below. Kang Xi was only a Yao Marshal, at the same level as an Amethyst Abode, but weaker than Jing Yue, who was also at the same level.

Therefore, he could be imprisoned in the mirror. Even if he had secret means to contact the Snake Emperor, he couldn’t use it at this time.

Similarly, Jing Yue didn’t kill Kang Xi because he was worried that the other party would have a secret technique that would allow the Snake Emperor to sense his life or death.

What appeared in the mirror was not the reflection of Jing Yue, but Kang Xi clutching his broken arm. His eyes were full of horror and fear, and he gritted his teeth. “You are human!”

Judging from their techniques and protectiveness over Yi Wang, Kang Xi would be stupid if he couldn’t guess the truth!

But soon, Kang Xi's fear was replaced by panic again. He turned to Wei Zhentu and repeated, “You are human! Where is Kang Ji? What did you do to him?”

Wei Zhentu's tone was calm but cruel, “Kang Ji is dead.”

Kang Xi froze for a moment before he trembled all over, and finally curled up in pain. He knew that these people told the truth. Kang Ji was dead, so the humans could impersonate him.

For some reason, he suddenly felt a little happy. Kang Ji didn't change. He didn't forget what he said to Kang Ji. He was just dead!

But this little bit of happiness was quickly swept away by great sadness—his little brother was dead.

No wonder the acacia withered.

He should have known because many years ago, the person who gave him the plant said:

“In the legend of the Yao, acacia will always live on and never die, which means my affection for Gege will never change.”

The youth had big eyes rarely seen in the snake tribe. He offered up a pot of green grass with both hands. “In this pot of acacia, every leaf represents my love for Gege. If the leaves withered one day…”

The young man on the opposite smiled. “You don't like me anymore?”

Youth, “No, I’ll be dead.”

Kang Xi always thought that he was joking. Even if acacia could live on, the lifespan was but a hundred years.

The youth said confidently, “Even if they withered, they will turn green again.”

But now, Kang Xi knew that the pot of grass would never turn green again.

“I’m going to kill you,” Kang Xi muttered. The next moment, he struggled violently, causing the mirror to shake all over.

Kang Xi's grim expression was reflected in the mirror, and his sinister eyes seemed venomous.

However, Wei Zhentu said, “Stop faking it. If not for you, Kang Ji would still be the son of the Snake King, loved by Kang Duo and respected by the snake tribe. You were the one who betrayed him and killed him. You didn't even notice that his soul has been replaced.”

Kang Xi stopped abruptly as if someone had cast a body suspension spell on him and remained motionless.

His eyes went slack as if his soul was suddenly taken away, staring blankly at Wei Zhentu, staring at the piece of skin.

Seeing this, Jing Yue tossed the Soul Ingesting Mirror into his Sumeru Ring, and used his divine consciousness to scan Yi Wang’s portrait, but didn’t find any hidden traps. He waved his sleeves and pulled out all the silver needles in the painting

He quickly stepped forward and took the portrait down carefully.

Even if he could only take this one away, even if the snake tribe could hang another one up again, he still took it down.

Jing Yue rolled up the portrait and put it away. He said, “Wei-daoyou, please make a puppet to replace Kang Xi. We will leave immediately.”

He knew that a puppet couldn’t fool the Snake Emperor at all. Fortunately, Langri City was very close to the snake tribe’s imperial city, and they could leave the Yao world in half a day.

As he had ruined such a good plan, Jing Yue felt a little guilty, but he had no regrets.

On that day, many snakes saw Lord Kang Xi leading a few Yao belonging to the fox tribe to the temple. Before long, they left the temple. After that, Lord Kang Xi returned to the mansion, while Qian Su and others went to Langri City and disappeared.

West Shu region, in a mountainous range.

Jing Yue stared at a black hand bone and said, “So it’s this thing.”

It was the sacred artifact of the demonic Dao—Holy Bone. It was said to be refined from a phalanx of several demonic experts, so it was normal if it could tear a gap in the world boundary.

Jing Yue, “Wei-daoyou, if we took this bone with us, will those people in the outside world find out?”

Wei Zhentu observed this secret realm and said, “The Yao energy here is very strong. If the hand bone is taken away, the Yao energy will gradually fade away, and the outside world will definitely notice it.”

Jing Yue frowned. “How long can the Yao energy last?”

Wei Zhentu, “One day at most.”

Jing Yue, “So be it. Otherwise, once they found out what happened to Kang Xi, I’m afraid we’ll be hunted down within one day.”

Now that the decision was made, Jing Yue immediately took away the hand bone and asked Wei Zhentu to set up a small illusion array.

If someone came for inspection, they would not notice anything wrong at a glance. Only with careful inspection could they find that the real hand bone had disappeared.

They walked out of the secret realm and pretended as if nothing had happened. Many demonic cultivators stood guard in the outside world, but because of the strong Yao energy in the secret realm, they rarely entered.

A demonic cultivator said, “Are you the envoys of the Yao race?”

His eyes were calm as if he knew in advance that the Yao would be coming.

Jing Yue, “Exactly.”

The demonic cultivator immediately smiled and said, “You’re finally here. Please come with me.”

The demon cultivator led them and traversed for an hour before they finally arrived at Lurking Ghost Sect. The one waiting for them was not Han Guang but a demonic elder.

As soon as the other party saw Jing Yue, he warmly greeted him. He explained that the sect leader was in seclusion and couldn’t greet them. However, Jing Yue suspected that Han Guang had suffered some injuries during the cleanup in West Shu and was in recovery.

After some pleasantries, the elder asked, “Everyone, have you brought all the four holy Yao fruits?”

Jing Yue nodded and pretended to ask casually, “How is that one doing?”

Demonic elder, “Although there’s no consciousness yet, there’s some movement, and can devour some earth evil and nether water. With these four holy Yao fruits, it’s possible to come into this world within 1,000 years.”

He put on a look of regret again. “If the Yao race can offer one more holy fruit, it can shorten hundreds of years.”

Hearing this, Jing Yue's heart skipped a beat as a terrifying conjecture flashed in his mind. With an ugly expression, he tentatively said, “Four is already the limit of the Yao race. Sect Leader Han must understand this point. Anyway, the demon spawn will come into the world in 1,000 years, so what difference will it make?”

The elder smiled subconsciously. “That’s right.”

Immediately, his smile froze, because he noticed that the expressions of the four Yao had changed in unison, and there was a fear that couldn’t be hidden in their eyes.

The demon spawn was conceived by heaven and earth, born of heavenly Dao, and couldn’t be stopped or changed.

As soon as the demon spawn appeared, the demonic Dao would surely prosper. If it wasn’t destroyed, disaster would befall the righteous Dao, and the entire human world would be ruled by demonic Dao!

But how could the demon spawn be destroyed so easily? It didn’t simply refer to a particular person but also represented the fortune of the demonic Dao. How could ordinary humans destroy the fortune destined by Heavenly Dao?

At this moment, the minds of Jing Yue and the other three exploded with a bolt of lightning—no wonder! No wonder the demonic Dao had been so active in recent years. They were preparing for the birth of the demon spawn.

Everything they did was to weaken the fortune of the righteous Dao. The weaker they were, the faster the demon spawn would grow!

And they could now understand why the demonic Dao betrayed the human race to cooperate with the Yao race instead. Now that the righteous Dao was powerful, if they didn’t receive help from the Yao, who knew how long it would take the demon spawn to grow? How could the demonic Dao not be anxious?

As for the Yao race, although the birth of the demon spawn was a matter of the human world and had nothing to do with them, they hated the human race deeply, especially the righteous Dao. Although they would still suffer restrictions when the demonic Dao unified the human world, it didn’t prevent them from intervening at this time. As long as the human world was in chaos, the Yao might be able to find a turning point during that time.

Thus, they didn’t hesitate to offer the holy treasure of the Yao world to be consumed by the demon spawn. In this way, the demon would be born faster, and the catastrophe of the human world would befall sooner.

This news was extremely important. They must send it back immediately!

Their minds churned quickly when the elder said, “Everyone, can you give me the holy Yao fruit now?”

Jing Yue was about to speak when the elder grabbed him!

The other party was a Heavenly Grotto. Jing Yue barely avoided him and asked, “Elder, what’s the meaning of this?”

The demonic cultivator didn’t reply. The matter of the demon spawn was secret, and only a few Yao emperors and their confidants knew about it. These people were only sent to deliver the fruit but they mentioned the term ‘demon spawn’. He only assumed that the other party already knew the secret.

However, judging from the expressions of the few people just now, the so-called ‘demon spawn’ was just the other party’s wild guess, but the elder fell for it!

Regardless of whether these Yao knew the truth, he had to take them down first before he confirmed with the Yao emperor. Even if he had misunderstood the other party, he could always apologize later.

There was no room for error in this matter!

At this moment, Jing Yue and the others understood that they had let the cat out of the bag, and felt extremely annoyed.

But in the face of such a big event, even if Kong Miao of Three Realm Temple was here, it would be difficult to keep his heart as still as water, and prevent any changes in his expression, right?

There was no time for regrets now. Jing Yue grabbed Wei Zhentu and Ruan Jiu and was about to send them to the Haotian Realm. The two would inform the people of Frostcloud Sect on duty there.

However, the moment Jing Yue sensed Haotian Realm, the connection was suddenly cut off.

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