Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 369 - Devils in the Abyss (1)

It was already at night by the time Su Wan came out of the mission world and entered the lost time-space.

The moment she walked out of the Connection Room, the communication device on Su Wan’s wrist kept beeping nonstop. All the messages were more Ye Xin.

Su Wan walked out of the Connection Room and connected the device.

On the floating screen, Ye Xin’s slightly exhausted face appeared. “Su Wan, are you okay?”


Su Wan stared at Ye Xin, a bit confused.

“Overlaying time-space appeared in your last mission.”

Ye Xin sighed a breath of relief seeing Su Wan’s expression. “It seems like nothing happened there. Overlaying time-space also appeared within the mission world Ding Jiajia is at. She’s still stuck there right now.. Su Wan, I’m busy. Can you go there and save her? I’ve requested the headquarters for the power to enter the mission world for the second time.”

“Save her?”

Hearing her anxious tone, Su Wan’s expression changed a bit. “Could that...have appeared within Ding Jiajia’s mission world?”


Ye Xin sighed. “An executioner.”

Time-space executioners. They were in charge of destroying everything breaking the balance of the time-space they controlled. Whether you had transmigrated, been reborn, or counterattacked with a system, whoever broke the balance would be vanquished by time-space executioners.

Of course, there were countless planes of existence within the time-spaces. There was a really low chance of a mission enforcer encountering an executioner. Some mission enforcers would never encounter overlaying time-spaces or the rumored executioner.

Ding Jiajia was quite unlucky.

Su Wan sighed. “Okay, I know that the evaluation is about to begin. I’ll save her before that.”

“Okay, I’ll send you that mission world’s information to you right away.”

Ye Xin felt comforted by Su Wan’s response. She was already in the headquarters and the evaluation was about to begin. This might be Su Wan and Ding Jiajia’s last mission before the evaluation.

Ye Xin believed that Su Wan would be able to bring Ding Jiajia back for sure.

The two cut off communication and Su Wan immediately received the mission information from Ye Xin. Seeing the information, Su Wan felt horrible.

This damned Ding Jiajia. Couldn’t she have picked a more normal world?

As expected, this wouldn’t have happened to her if she didn’t allow it herself. Su Wan suddenly regretted this a bit. She shouldn’t have said yes to Ye Xin in terms of saving Ding Jiajia. She should’ve just let her stay stuck in that world forever…

Mission world.


Endless darkness.

There was a faint color within the sky besides darkness. The bloody red moon hung in the sky, emitting a charming-like red glow.

This was the bottomless abyss.

This was sinful heaven.

Su Wan found out that she was lying in bed within a palace when she opened her eyes once again. There were all sorts of bloody talismans around the palace hall. The dark purple curtains surrounded every corner of the palace hall.

She hesitated before slowly sitting up and getting out of bed. Then she glanced at her black leather outfit. She furrowed her brows and touched the top of her head. As expected, she felt two horns.

“Your Highness, you’re awake?”

A young girl wearing a black dress rushed inside. She possessed an astonishing appearance. She had purple eyes and she also wore a huge blue crystal necklace.

While walking, the blue crystal was constantly emitting a gentle glow.

Azure Crystal.

Su Wan narrowed her eyes. When the young girl walked in front of her, she suddenly tugged off the girl’s necklace.


The girl exclaimed in shock. Her expression turned a little worse when she saw Su Wan taking away the necklace. “Your, Your Highness, father, no, Overlord bestowed me to this. I, I…”

The girl wanted to say something but her tears streamed down her face first, sliding over her smooth and fair face. It made one pity her seeing her tears!

Su Wan sneered and slowly got out. She played with the Azure Crystal in her hands and slowly walked to a corner of the palace hall. A magical mirror was floating there.

The clear mirror reflected Su Wan’s appearance.

She was a demon within the abyss, possessing a small and petite body with black hair and eyes. She was the lowest of the low.

The lowest servant.

Right. She wasn’t the mighty daughter of the Overlord anymore but rather a servant within the demon species!

“Your Highness Su!”

A magic servant maid’s voice rang. “Your Highness Su, Mr. Casino is here. He’s outside waiting for you right now.”


When the girl heard the servant maid’s words, she immediately wiped her tears and hurriedly turned to leave. At the door, she seemed to have recalled something and turned around, looking at Su Wan, teary-eyed. “Your Highness, don’t worry. I’ll do my best to figure out how to swap our bodies back again soon.”


Seeing the girl walking off quickly, Su Wan turned and wore the Azure Crystal necklace. Then she sneered.

That’s right. They swapped their bodies.

The girl who was addressed as Your Highness Su was actually part of the demon species. Her name was Lika.

Her Highness Su had bought her back to conduct a magic experiment. She was researching an ancient forbidden soul magic but because the experiment had gone wrong, as a result, their souls were swapped, entering each other’s bodies.

Therefore, Lika became the mighty Her Highness while Her Highness Su had become a lowly mute servant maid.

A month had already passed since the swapping. Because she was a madwoman who cared only for her experiments, she rarely talked to people. Therefore, no one knew that their Highness’ body has been swapped.

Her Highness Su remained really calm, still hiding in her laboratory to research magic while Lika got her father’s pampering and got to talk to her fiance, Casino. While doing so, she would keep up an innocent act, saying that she’d try to help Her Highness Su swap back.

Swap back my arse!

From what Su Wan knew, this fake Her Highness didn’t give the body back at all. She used Her Highness Su’s body to marry Ainso, the future Demon King successfully and lived a luxurious lifestyle ever since.

Meanwhile, the actual Her Highness had died with her father, Sidanke on the battlefield when the Overlord’s Residnece was attacked.



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