My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 133.2: Lurking Ghost Sect pt. 3

Not long after Wei Zhentu and Ruan Jiu escaped, countless demonic cultivators gave chase and tried to besiege them.

Fortunately, after the cleanup half a year ago, Lurking Ghost Sect lost many members. The people chasing after them had limited cultivation bases and could hardly suppress them. However, there were too many of them, which still posed a threat in numbers. Besides, they were not that weak either.

Ruan Jiu got rid of dozens of people and cleared a path. He said to Wei Zhentu, “Wei-daoyou, go ahead, I’ll hold them off!”

Wei Zhentu glanced at the hordes of demonic cultivators and gulped nervously. Finally, he nodded and said in a low voice, “Be careful.”

He quickly rushed to the stone mountain, and some demonic cultivators wanted to chase after him, but they were all stopped by Ruan Jiu single-handedly.

This time, Wei Zhentu finally approached the stone mountain smoothly. He forced himself to calm down and carefully observed the surrounding terrain, hoping to find a breakthrough. Then, his eyes fell on the highest peak.

Just as Wei Zhentu climbed the stone mountain, Han Guang made another move in the collapsed hall!

He splayed one hand open and nine black flags were laid out in a straight line in front of him.

Qin Yanzhi was on high alert. He knew Han Guang practiced the Ten Thousand Demons Technique, which was something he obtained by chance. Although incomplete, it was still an ancient technique, and its incomplete form was enough to give the righteous cultivators a headache.

If it wasn’t formidable and powerful, how could Han Guang succeed in reaching the Tribulation Passage?

Under Han Guang's control, the black flags changed positions, and eventually turned faster and faster, leaving only a black afterimage.

Suddenly, the shadow stopped abruptly. Eight black flags floated in the sky, arranged in a circle, and enclosed one space. The ninth flag in the middle of the eight black flags glowed with an evil red light. The ferocious heads on the flags kept pushing as if they wanted to break free from the flags, and the ghosts wailed incessantly.

“Open the formation!” Han Guang shouted. Countless monsters in the black flags burst out, and the demonic energy rushed straight into the formation clouds!

All the monsters rushed toward Qin Yanzhi. He hurriedly avoided them but a hand appeared in the void and grabbed his arm violently. In an instant, his robe was corroded, leaving a burnt black palm print on his fair arm, already a bloody mess.

Qin Yanzhi knew that the traces on his arm were caused by demonic energy but he had no time to deal with it now. The endless monsters in front of him blocked all his retreats, so he raised his sword and slashed!

The malefic energy rushed out and slashed the monsters in front of him to ashes. Han Guang raised his eyebrows and made a slight beckoning gesture with his intact left hand. A huge monster appeared out of thin air, which could crush Qin Yanzhi to pieces with just one hand.

The monster’s body was clad in armor, with horns on its head, and spikes on its hands. He raised his foot and stepped on Qin Yanzhi, who also summoned his sword soul.


With that summon, a boy with a beautiful and fair face appeared in front of him with a sword in his hand and crystal clear eyes.

“Huh?” Han Guang was thoughtful at the sight of the child's appearance and finally smiled meaningfully.

Although he took Qin Yanzhi seriously, it wasn’t enough. The monster in front of him had the cultivation base of lower-level Return to Void, and Qin Yanzhi was suppressed by his domain. Even if Qin Yanzhi could hurt the monster, he couldn’t cause a destructive blow, so he couldn’t stop the monster’s attack at all.

Soon, however, he realized how wrong he was.

The boy and Qin Yanzhi raised their swords at the same time and swung out with straight arms!

A seemingly ordinary sword attack contained tremendous righteous energy that seemed to split the Hundun of heaven and earth, creating countless mountains, rivers, and living beings.

It was the so-called Dao that produced one, one produced two, two produced three, and three produced all.

One sword was all.

The sun’s first rising, the moon’s first setting, and the star’s first appearance.

The first gust of wind, the first drop of rain, the first flash of lightning, and the first flying frost.

The first tree withered, the first flower crushed into mud, the first rock weathered, and the first grain of dust decomposed.

It was the first time for hundreds of millions of creatures, and also the first time for trillions of people in this world. It was the origin of heavenly Dao and the essence of Daoyi Sword.


With a loud bang, a big hole was blown open in the monster's stomach, almost cutting him in half. The monster howled in pain and Han Guang was unprecedentedly grave—innate pure energy!

He never thought that Qin Yanzhi could create innate pure energy with one sword! This was impossible!

Han Guang was still stunned and almost overlooked the appearance of a person not far away. It was also a small boy with deep scars all over his face.

The other party turned into a shadow of a long sword and rushed at the black flag in the center!

“How dare you!” Han Guang was furious. He was not worried that the boy could destroy the black flag. So what if it was innate pure energy? Unless Qin Yanzhi had reached Tribulation Passage, this trivial innate pure energy could only hurt one of his monsters, but he could summon a second one or the third one at any time!

But it was extremely difficult to refine the black flag. Even a little damage would take a lot of effort and materials to make up for it.

Half a year ago when the righteous Dao attacked, Lurking Ghost Sect suffered huge losses. Before the previous debt had been repaid, he didn’t want to go through this again!

However, by the time Han Guang noticed, it was already a tad too late. Taiqing broke through the scarlet mist around the black flag and made a small crack on the surface of the flag.

This alone made Han Guang feel the pain. He was furious and slammed out, but Taiqing’s shadow dissipated one step ahead of time and reappeared next to Qin Yanzhi in a blink of an eye.

Just as Han Guang was distracted by Taiqing, Qin Yanzhi once again struck out with Daoyi. With a random spin in mid-air, a silver-white pentagram blasted toward Han Guang.

With a wave of his sleeves, Han Guang countered the attack but found that the pentagram was also full of innate pure energy, blocking him.

His attack was absorbed into the pentagram and was quickly diffused.

Han Guang was shocked. The other party actually managed to seal Han Guang in his own domain after being suppressed at the realm of a Heavenly Grotto!

Qin Yanzhi wiped the blood from his lips. His body felt as heavy as lead but he couldn’t rest even for a moment. He knew for a fact that Han Guang could break free from the imprisonment in no more than ten breaths.

He couldn't kill Han Guang or even seriously injure him unless he used the Heavenly Void Swordplay.

But now was different from before. If he really used this technique, everything in Lurking Ghost Sect would be swallowed by the Nine Heavens Rift, and they couldn’t send the news out at all.

Besides, he was alone and had no worries back then, but at this time, he had another person in his heart. This person once gave his life to save him. Even if he could do so again, he didn't want the other party to take risks for him again.

Qin Yanzhi quickly rushed in Jing Yue’s direction. He wanted to kill another person in these ten breaths!

At this time, the blue phoenix in Jing Yue's arms turned its head with a whoosh and looked at the ruins. It sensed a great temptation that derived from the instinctive desire of its body, but it held back because Jing-jing was here and it couldn’t leave Jing-jing.

“Jing-jing! It’s innate pure energy!”

Of course, Jing Yue knew, and he also knew that Qin Yanzhi was on his way here.

“Ji-ji, help me.”


Perhaps blue phoenix had shown its might during the battle of Yao Detention Mountain back then, it now had confidence in its heart. And now that it was in Jing-jing’s arms, it was not as afraid as before. Thus, it simply agreed and urged all the energy in its body to Jing-jing.

Jing Yue's body suddenly filled with spiritual energy, and his internal organs seemed to be reborn. He felt the blue phoenix’s body sliding down and knew that the other party was exhausted. With his heart aching, he put the blue phoenix into the Sumeru Ring.

This time, the blue phoenix didn’t put up a fight.

Then, Jing Yue poured all his spiritual energy into one illusion, making the illusion even more misleading.

In the illusion, Jiu Sha made three captures in a row but still didn’t catch hold of ‘Jing Yue’. Doubts welled up in his heart, suspecting the authenticity of everything in front of him, but he still didn’t want to believe that he had fallen into the illusion created by an Amethyst Abode cultivator.

Moreover, he never heard that the Laozu of Frostcloud Sect was proficient in the art of illusion.

He cautiously released his divine consciousness to explore but it was still difficult to distinguish the truth from falsehood. As he pondered, another silver thread reminded him of the other party's tracks. This time, Jiu Sha was not as impatient or underestimated the enemy as before.

He silently determined the position, divided the Buddhist whisk into four parts in advance, and surrounded ‘Jing Yue’ from all four directions, while he also rushed over in person.

Although he had yet to catch hold of ‘Jing Yue’, the other party couldn't escape either, because he had set up nets on all sides that trapped his enemy right in the middle.

Jiu Sha dared not let his guard down. He immediately rushed forward and blocked the other party. He grabbed ‘Jing Yue’'s neck with one hand and grabbed his hand with the other. With a malicious smile on the corner of his mouth, he said, “Why don’t you run? Let’s see where you can escape now.”

Looking at the suffocated expression on the other party’s face, he felt smugger with a venting joy.

“When you led people of the Frostcloud Sect to attack Lurking Ghost Sect back then, have you ever thought that you’d end up like this one day?”

Jiu Sha exerted force in his hands and tore off one of the other party's arms. He heard ‘Jing Yue’’s painful cry, saw his distorted expression, and a bloodthirsty red flashed in his eyes.

He threw away the arm and inserted his hand into the other party's dantian, and squeezed hard!


The scream was not from the other party but from him.

Jiu Sha popped his eyes wide open and lowered his head in disbelief. He saw a long sword emerge from his dantian.

At the same time, he felt a heavy weight on his forehead. The strength in his body drained rapidly and he gradually weakened.

Then, he saw an intact Jing Yue standing in front of him, his fingers stained with Jiu Sha’s blood.

On the contrary, Jiu Sha had nothing in his hands at all.

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