My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 134.1: Lurking Ghost Sect pt. 4

Jiu Sha fell to the ground but he didn’t die. However, his dantian and spiritual dais were severely damaged and his cultivation base was mostly destroyed.

Jing Yue clutched his chest and coughed a few times before he nodded slightly toward Qin Yanzhi on the opposite side. He had just pulled his sword out of Jiu Sha’s body and the tip of the sword was still dripping with warm blood.

The two of them didn't have time to say more but rushed in Ruan Jiu's direction.

At this time, Ruan Jiu was covered in blood. Although most of the blood didn’t belong to him, he was still very tired.

His dantian's spiritual power was gradually thinning, and his pills and magic weapons were mostly consumed. But he couldn't retreat or stop, because behind him laid the fate of the righteous path and more importantly, Wei Zhentu.

A steady stream of demonic cultivators surrounded him and they were killed by Ruan Jiu one after another. He was like a killer, able to carve a path of life by himself, blocking all threats from the path. Behind him, there was nothing but the stone mountain and Wei Zhentu, not even a corpse.

When Jing Yue rushed over, he saw Ruan Jiu in this state, and he shouted, “Xiaojiu, go and help Wei-daoyou.”

At the same time, he cast spells to clear the way for Ruan Jiu.

Ruan Jiu looked at him profoundly. That glance was not as soft as in the past, sterner, but as pure as ever. Then, Ruan Jiu rushed up to the stone mountain without looking back.

At the peak of the stone mountain, Wei Zhentu was struggling to break through the formation. He knew that the Green Dragon position was the living gate, but the eye of the formation wasn’t there. However, as long as the living gate could be triggered, the mountain protection formation could be activated.

When Ruan Jiu arrived, Wei Zhentu just found some clues. With Ruan Jiu's help, he soon got the key to open the living gate.

“Ruan-daoyou, I need your help. As long as you can pierce through this place, the living gate will be opened!”

Wei Zhentu excitedly pointed to a red circle on the ground, which was a sign he had drawn with his blood.

Ruan Jiu was about to move when suddenly, his whole body became cold and his hair stood on end.

He quickly struck out with his palm and knocked Wei Zhentu down from the stone mountain!

Wei Zhentu was still stunned by this blow, and there was a slight tingling in his chest, but it was not obvious.

At least, he understood that Ruan Jiu didn't mean to hurt him.

The fallen Wei Zhentu quickly stabilized his body and looked at the stone mountain. He saw a figure in a red robe—it was Han Guang!

More clearly, he saw Han Guang just slapping his palm lightly, and Ruan Jiu's right shoulder bone until his rib immediately collapsed, and that half of his body became as soft as a puddle of mud.

Wei Zhentu's mind went blank. He didn't even notice that there was also another Han Guang beside Qin Yanzhi and Jing Yue not far from the stone mountain.

In front of Ruan Jiu was just a projection of Han Guang, but in front of Jing Yue was the real Han Guang.

“Not bad. You can think of using the big formation to break my domain.” Han Guang looked like he was in control and chuckled lowly. “Unfortunately, you’re still too naïve.”

At this time, his broken arm had grown out. Han Guang spread out his palms, admired his newly grown five fingers, and mocked, “Today, I’ll show you that in the face of absolute strength, everything is…”

Before he finished speaking, he raised his head suddenly.

On the stone mountain, his projection launched a strike at Ruan Jiu’s crown.

Ruan Jiu knew that he was on the brink of death with nowhere to escape, but the formation had not yet opened, and his companions had not yet escaped from this peril.

He refused to accept this!

His only remaining spiritual energy poured into his amethyst core, his spiritual dais was all drained, and his spiritual root was all messed up. Ruan Jiu’s body raged with energy, which was everything he had cultivated almost day and night in the past eight hundred years!

The dimples on his cheeks were the same as before, but Ruan Jiu's smile was unfathomable.

The moment Han Guang's projection touched the top of Ruan Jiu’s head, there was a loud bang. The surrounding space trembled violently, and the entire stone mountain burst into smithereens!

Smoke billowed like a thick fog that couldn’t dissipate.

“Ruan Jiu!”

Wei Zhentu screamed but the impact that followed completely knocked him out.

This earth-shattering force spread like a catastrophe. Even Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi, who were farther away, were bleeding from their noses and mouths as their spiritual energy surged, not to mention the projection of Han Guang who was right in front of Ruan Jiu.

Han Guang screamed. Even in the battle against Yi Ye that day, he had never suffered such a blow!

His projection shattered under the self-destruction of an Amethyst Abode cultivator whom he regarded as an ant.

However, it wasn't over yet. With Ruan Jiu's self-destruction, the stone mountain collapsed. The mountain protection formation, which Wei Zhentu had cracked until the last step, opened immediately, and the energy soared to the sky, smashing a hole in Han Guang’s domain!

Qin Yanzhi shoved Jing Yue violently. “Go!”

Jing Yue closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, they were without ripples. He quickly rushed toward the opening and threw out a bell along the way. After a breath, Wei Zhentu and the bell were taken into his sleeve.

The attacks of the great mountain protection barrier kept coming at him. If not fatal, Jing Yue would hardly dodge or evade, leaving injuries on his body immediately.

He simply rushed forward with everything he had!

Jing Yue knew that danger approached him with every step. Han Guang would never let him go easily.

Behind him where he couldn’t see, Han Guang had already waved his palm, and the wind rolled toward Jing Yue like a violent whirlpool. At this moment, a small figure flew behind Jing Yue, it was Taiqing!

The sword soul of Taiqing instantly dissipated and the only remaining shred flew back into the stomach of Qin Yanzhi, who was chasing after Han Guang.

Although Jing Yue didn’t see it with his eyes, he felt Han Guang's attack, and also felt the disappearance of the attack. It sounded like a simple cause-and-effect relationship, but a heavy price must be paid.

He dared not stop, not even to blink as he stared fixedly at the breach in the domain—all sacrifice would only be worth it if he went out.

But at this time, the danger came again. Jing Yue took out something from his Sumeru ring and threw it back without looking around. Tremendous energy pressure was released with the endless raging lightning. The silver lightning was like a spider web as if trying to tear the sky apart.

It was Shan Lei’s Yao core that he had gotten on the sacrificial altar of the Yao race back then. Unfortunately, before he had time to absorb it, he had unleashed all the energy contained in the core.

Han Guang was blocked again and again, and he was very angry, but why would Jing Yue care about him? He had only one goal in his eyes.

At this moment, he was very close to the breach in the domain. As long as he could get out, even if only for a split second, he could send the message out!

Faster, hurry up!

Behind him, Han Guang launched his third attack. And this time, there was only one person who could stop him.


A splash of warmth fell on Jing Yue's face, dyeing his eyes red.

Jing Yue didn't have to look back to guess what happened. His reason and emotions were torn to shreds, and every inch of his bones was screaming, trying to make him stop and turn around.

But he couldn’t. He could only move forward and keep moving forward!

Finally, he came to the breach!

Seeing the messaging talisman disappearing into thin air, Jing Yue quickly turned around.

When he got hold of the Lotus Stand of Reincarnation of the Three Realm Temple back then, he had personally visited the World of Seven Continents once and ordered the people of Frostcloud Sect to meet him in West Shu.

Looking at the time, as long as he could last another day, reinforcements would arrive.

Besides, with this messaging talisman of his, Frostcloud Sect would also immediately receive a warning and send more people over.

His best option now was to escape from Han Guang’s domain and hide in Haotian Realm—and wait.

But Jing Yue didn't dare to wait. If he waited, Qin Yanzhi would probably die.

In fact, he didn't even know if Qin Yanzhi was still alive now.

He had to go back. Otherwise, he would be uneasy and suffer his entire life.

The moment when Jing Yue turned around, he faced the risk of permanent damage to his divine consciousness as he released a divine consciousness far beyond what his body could withstand. Although Han Guang was a Tribulation Passage cultivator, under this unexpected attack, he would be caught off guard and unable to dodge in time.

Jing Yue believed he could buy some time.

Sure enough, Han Guang, who was chasing after him, saw that Jing Yue’s attempt had succeeded, and his eyes were full of anger and despair.

Even though the birth of the demon spawn could not be changed, it would still undergo a period of weakness upon its birth, which was the only opportunity for the righteous Dao.

In this way, passive acceptance under complete ignorance or advanced preparation under full knowledge were two totally different concepts to Han Guang, and would perhaps also mean two outcomes.

This world had been ruled by the righteous Dao for millions of years and it was high time for the demonic Dao to sit on this supreme seat, but now it seemed that this rotation of old and new forces was obviously difficult to settle.

Han Guang was furious, and his rationale told him that he should retreat quickly and rush to the place where the demon spawn was nurtured, but he could not take this lying down. He wanted to kill Jing Yue!

But before he could take action, he felt a sudden pain in his spirit-sense, so painful that he was unable to think as if he was about to be torn in two.

As a Tribulation Passage powerhouse, it could be imagined that his divine consciousness was strong, so how could Jing Yue hurt him? Han Guang was shocked and couldn't figure it out. When he recovered a little, he saw that Jing Yue had disappeared into the crack with Qin Yanzhi, his life or death unknown.

When Han Guang gave chase, he couldn't find the other party's presence at all.

Meanwhile, Evernorth Lu region, Frostcloud Sect.

Wei Tianli was sitting in the main hall, chatting with Fu Xuan about the upcoming opening of the sect.

Suddenly, a messenger talisman flew into the hall.

Wei Tianli grabbed it casually and opened it nonchalantly. With just one glance, his expression changed drastically in an instant!

“What has…” Before Fu Xuan finished speaking, Wei Tianli, who had always been respectful to him, suddenly stood up, summoned his flying sword, and rushed straight to Whitefog Summit!

A moment later, he heard the grave voice of Yi Ye-laozu that resounded all over Frostcloud Sect like a storm, “Liu Yun, follow me to West Shu!”

Fu Xuan was shocked. What happened? Why would Liu Yun-laozu and Yi Ye-laozu leave the sect at the same time?

He remembered that his Shizun, Liu Feng, had also rushed to West Shu before this. Was the demonic Dao up to no good again?

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