My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 137.2: Dragon Palace pt. 1

At the same time, in a temple on the outskirts of Dragon Gate City, a woman in a black cloak breathed a sigh of relief.

Just now, she was careless and was almost caught by Jing Yue. If her blood essence fell into the hands of others, she would be doomed.

This time, the reason she controlled Old Man Hanmei was to lure Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi out. She expected that the other party would definitely come to East Yu, so she deliberately used the Dragon Emergence Stone as bait.

She learned from Han Guang that the other party was proficient in the art of illusion, so she deliberately set several conditions for the stone. When she saw the two young people with unfamiliar faces that day, she had some guesses in her mind, and the other party's various reactions after listening to her conditions made her almost certain.

Since the possibility was high, she was willing to take a gamble, of course.

Thus, the subsequent events followed.

But she didn't expect that a Return to Void demonic cultivator was also eyeing Old Man Hanmei. He probably heard her final words before ‘dying’ and found Jing & Qin to get the stone.

Because the Return to Void demonic cultivator had alerted the enemy, the Rogue Cultivator Alliance didn’t arrest anyone.

Tonight, she knew as soon as Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi entered the room, and she saw everything that happened after that. She didn't run away at first but wanted to wait and observe the situation for a while. If she could find a chance to sneak into the body of another rogue cultivator and control the other party, maybe there was a way to turn the situation around.

Moreover, she was confident that no one could discover the secret technique of hiding her blood essence.

Unexpectedly, Jing Yue could really force out her blood essence!

The black-robed woman was so annoyed that she was about to leave when suddenly, a strong sense of foreboding welled in her heart!


The temple collapsed abruptly. In the billowing dust, she saw people blocking in all directions, and the closest to her was Jing Yue!

“Long time no see!”

As Jing Yue spoke, he struck out. Qin Yanzhi and Zhuge Zheng followed one after another, and the demonic cultivator was shocked. She was only a Heavenly Grotto and had always snuck around in the dark. How could she fight in a fair competition?

But in the current situation, even if she could escape, she would probably be seriously injured.

So, she gritted her teeth, took out a token, and activated it.

A dragon’s roar was heard. A green dragon shadow as thick as a thumb flew out of the token, up into the sky, and disappeared into the night.

“Dragon Order?”

Zhuge Zheng was shocked yet again. He never thought that a demonic cultivator would have a Dragon Order in her hands.

It should be noted that only the human race with great gratitude to the dragon race could obtain the dragon order. Anyone with the dragon order could get the dragon race to agree to a condition within reason. If this person asked the Dragon Palace to protect her once, the Dragon Palace would not refuse.

After the order was activated, a shadow of a dragon clansman soon appeared. The other party didn't even look at the others but asked the demonic cultivator, “What’s the matter?”

The demonic cultivator pointed at Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi. “Kill them!”

The dragon clansman glanced over. He recognized the two, and said with a smile, “Frostcloud Sect? Sword Inscription Sect?”

Everyone at the scene was nervous, but the dragon clansman said, “The Dragon Palace doesn't want to get involved in such a big mess. Change your request.”

The demonic cultivator also knew that her request was too far-fetched. She just wanted to try her luck. Obviously, the dragon clansman had a sense of measure.

She took a deep breath. “Capture all these people until the Dragon Tomb is closed. Is that alright?”

The dragon clansman smiled. “Sure.”

Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi didn't react strangely, but Zhuge Zheng was very angry. “I’m the leader of the Rogue Cultivator Alliance. Will the Dragon Palace capture me too?”

The dragon clansman chanted a spell, obviously transmitting a message to his fellow clansmen. He said, “Don't worry, Alliance Master Zhuge, this demonic cultivator helped us find a treasure back then, so she obtained the Dragon Order. Anyone with the Dragon Order is a distinguished guest of the dragon race. The distinguished guest just wants you to enter the Dragon Palace for a break. It’s difficult for me to refuse.”

Jing Yue, “Was it the Dragon Heart Lamp?”

This lamp was made from the hearts of hundreds of dragons. Legend had it that it could go back in time, but it disappeared ten thousand years ago.

The dragon clansman was taken aback. He didn’t expect Jing Yue to know. He nodded slightly. “Exactly.”

“The Dragon Heart Lamp was most likely stolen by the people of Ashura Tower in the first place.” Jing Yue pointed at the demonic cultivator. “I guess the thief realized that they couldn’t use the dragon treasure, so their descendants used this opportunity to offer it back to you.”

The dragon clansman paused. “In any case, the Dragon Order has been issued and cannot be changed.”

He swept his gaze over at the demonic cultivator, who froze in place. The dragon clansman’s eyes flickered slightly. “As for the other matter, we’ll also try to find a way to verify it. If we’ve offended you in any way, the Dragon Palace will personally send an apology.”

“Oh, that's fine then.” Jing Yue put on a nonchalant look, not at all obvious that he was anxious to enter the Dragon Tomb.

Seeing him like this, Qin Yanzhi didn't say anything, and the others didn't dare to raise any objections either. Therefore, Zhuge Zheng was the only one in a state of fury. He complained the whole time but the dragon clansman was unmoved. In the end, he could only relent.

Before leaving, he glared at the demonic cultivator. “Just you wait! If you have the ability, don't leave the dragon tomb for the rest of your life! Jing-laozu has a way to track you. Even if you can escape this time, we’ll hunt you down to the ends of the world!”

Jing Yue, “…”

That’s not true…

What he used just now was a spell in the Art of Ten Desolate Universe, which could control the water energy, use it as his eyes and nose, and search for the traces of hidden enemies.

But in fact, this kind of spell was most useful for Yao, because the smell of humans was very weak. Once there were too many people, the smell would be mixed up. Unless there were special conditions, it was almost impossible to find a specific person.

But blood essence was different because the presence was strong and unique. Therefore, he could successfully find the demonic cultivator by tracking the blood essence.

However, Zhuge Zheng's threats really got to the demonic cultivator. Until now, she still couldn’t figure out how Jing Yue found her.

If it was as Zhuge Zheng said, wouldn't she have to spend the rest of her life in flight? Could she really escape?

Jing Yue didn’t care what the demonic cultivator was thinking. He took the water-repelling beads of the Dragon Palace and entered the sea with the dragon clansman.

After diving into the seabed several thousand feet deep, a magnificent palace appeared in front of everyone.

They entered the Dragon Palace and were led into a gorgeous guest house. The dragon clansman didn't want to offend them but really acted as if they were inviting them to stay as guests.

Of course, Jing Yue shared a room with Qin Yanzhi. When there were no outsiders in the room, blue phoenix was finally able to come out. It gasped exaggeratedly and pretended to vomit again!

“It stinks! Ji-ji hates dragons! Dragons stink!”

Jing Yue hurriedly cast a spell to cover the blue phoenix’s presence, and warned, “You need to behave. There are dragons everywhere, and your scent is special to dragons.”

“Ji-ji doesn't stink!” After the blue phoenix finished speaking, it immediately grabbed Jing Yue in a panic. “Jing-jing! You have to protect Ji-ji well!”

Jing Yue was amused when he saw its cowardly look.

But it suddenly occurred to him that Ji-ji had never seen another phoenix since it was born. There were no longer any traces of a phoenix in this world, but the dragon race, the mortal enemy of the phoenix tribe in ancient times, was still around.

He couldn't help being a little soft-hearted and hugged Ji-ji kindly like a father. “Of course I’ll protect you.”

Ji-ji acted like a spoiled child happily, looked at Jing-jing with delight, and sighed, “Ji-ji feels very happy. JI-ji felt a father’s love as vast as a mountain!”

Jing Yue, “…”

The blue phoenix was greatly moved by the metaphor of its flash of inspiration, and its eyes lit up. “Actually, Ji-ji was really hatched by Jing-jing! Ji-ji has finally found the rightful position. It doesn't matter if there won’t be a little Jing-Jing. Ji-ji will be your little Ji-ji and take care of Jing-jing when you grow old!”

It looked at Jing Yue eagerly as if it was going to call him father in the next moment.

Jing Yue, “Hehe.”

He really hoped that he could see blue phoenix become an adult in his lifetime, take on a human form, and call him Dad.

As long as the other party was shameless enough to do so.

Because blue phoenix didn't make any gestures at this time, Qin Yanzhi didn't understand the communication between one person and one phoenix. He suddenly felt a sense of being excluded, so he deliberately asked, “Just now, you agreed to come to the Dragon Palace so easily. Do you have a way to escape?”

As expected, Jing Yue’s attention was attracted. “No, it's just useless to resist, so I decided to come to the Dragon Palace and try to find a way later.”

Qin Yanzhi, “I thought you knew that the Dragon Ancestor would see you.”

Jing Yue, “I told you before that I don’t have a close relationship with the Dragon Ancestor, and the old grudges from the past have been settled. I don't owe him any cause and effect, and he doesn't owe me…”

Before he finished speaking, there was a knock on the door. It turned out that the dragon clansman from earlier had returned.

The other party’s expression looked rather odd at this moment, and his eyes were glued to Jing Yue's face as if he wanted to see Jing Yue inside and out. “Jing-laozu, the Dragon Ancestor invites.”

Jing Yue, “…”

Qin Yanzhi glanced at him meaningfully as if questioning his understanding of a close relationship.

Jing Yue laughed awkwardly and said, “Yanzhi, wait a moment. I'll go and return as soon as possible.”

Before leaving, he quickly shoved the blue phoenix to Qin Yanzhi while the dragon clansman wasn’t paying attention.

As soon as Jing Yue left, only the blue phoenix and Qin Yanzhi remained with eyes wide open. Although blue phoenix no longer rejected Qin Yanzhi, it considered itself to be Jing-jing's beloved pet and it shouldn’t get close to other humans. Otherwise, Jing-jing would be jealous.

So, it sprawled on Qin Yanzhi’s lap. Hmph! This position was farthest from Hooligan!

Qin Yanzhi didn't know what the blue phoenix was thinking. He lowered his eyes and stared at the squishy blue phoenix. “What did you guys just talk about?”

The blue phoenix glanced at him and turned its head away unhappily. It was going to ignore him!

Qin Yanzhi raised his eyebrows. With a finger as a sword, he released some sword energy.

Blue phoenix trembled all over and the temptation from its bloodline made it jump, staring at Qin Yanzhi’s fingertips.

That was innate pure energy!

It was about to pounce subconsciously, but Qin Yanzhi closed his fingers and looked at it with a smile.

Blue phoenix jumped in anger and chirped loudly, but seeing Qin Yanzhi unmoved, it quickly changed its demeanor and closed its wings, looking at the other party pleadingly and pitifully.

For a mouthful of innate pure energy, Lan Ji-ji had given up its principles, willing to act like a spoilt child to Hooligan, but the other party was still as immovable as Mount Tai.

Blue phoenix’s mind raced and immediately gestured with its wings and claws, acting out the conversation between it and Jing-jing. After it finished speaking, it even called out flatteringly, “Mom!”

Seeing that Qin Yanzhi didn't understand, it flew to the table again and wrote the word ‘Mom’ crookedly with a brush in its mouth.

Qin Yanzhi froze for a moment and couldn't help patting its head before sword energy condensed from his fingertips again.

The sword energy was derived from Daoyi Sword Technique, so it contained innate pure energy.

Blue phoenix was completely immersed in absorbing the innate pure energy. When it was full, it slumped down. “Burp~”

Suddenly, it felt something amiss.

Wasn’t Hooligan’s cultivation base not yet restored, and he couldn’t unleash his sword soul? The innate pure energy came from the Daoyi Sword Technique, and Hooligan could only release this sword energy by activating Daoyi’s sword soul.

Was he pretending to be weak all the time? Deceiving Jing-jing?

Blue phoenix looked up at Qin Yanzhi suspiciously. The other party smiled slightly. “Shush, this is our little secret.”

Author’s Notes:

Jing-jing: Ji-ji, do you know what kind of Ji you are?

Ji-ji: Loyal Ji, cute Ji, smart Ji!

Jing-jing: Mother’s Ji when milk is given.

(TN: Milk refers to the innate pure energy, meaning Ji-ji will become mommy’s pet instead of daddy’s pet when milk is given by mommy.)

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