Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1373: Side story: Waiting for you for the rest of my life, never aging if you don’t come (Part 2)

We played a game of chess, I’ve always been good at chess.  When I played with Xi Jin at the Willful Hall, I had never lost.

If I lost……it would be when I was thinking of her and my mind wandered.

But her chess skills were just too…..bad!

She was very annoyed and touched her head in a cute manner when she made every move, looking very annoyed.

I enjoyed playing chess with her, I liked the feeling of my black pieces surrounding her white pieces.

This kind of imprisonment and possessiveness didn’t come from being an emperor, but because it was her.

It was because only she could make me feel this way.

I liked her, the world knew this and I knew this.

I felt happy and a bit afraid since in order to hurt me before, she didn’t act like she had been moved to come to my side.

But in the end, the feeling of falling from heaven to hell came when she killed our child.  This pain was like pouring salt on an open wound, it was so painful that I couldn’t breathe.

But even so, when she was smiling at me, I still couldn’t let go.  I lost in the end, losing in a willing manner.

But I knew that even if we go back to the Splendid Hall, even if she made medicine for me, even if we played chess.

It wasn’t enough for all my hatred for her to completely disappear.  There was a voice in my heart that kept reminding me.

She was suddenly good to me because I had let Feng Xing Yue return to Long Peace City.

Although I wasn’t willing to believe, I knew that this was very likely.

And I had confirmed this.  The day Feng Xing Yue arrived in Long Peace City, she left the palace.

That day, there was a bit of snow in the sky.  After the morning court, I went to find her, but the words of eunuch Li made me have no energy to even move.

You left the palace, on the day Feng Xing Yue came back, you left the palace.

My mind was completely blank at that moment, it seemed like there were flakes of snow that fell down.

It landed in my hand, it was so cold…..so cold…...

I locked myself in the Endless Hall and kept drinking.  Wine is a good thing, it could make me numb with just a few drinks, numbing my mind and making my brain turn even slower.

But even if it was slowed, everything was of her, slowly moving in front of my eyes.

I liked her, with all my life, using all my strength.

In my daze, I could see her.  She had arrived, not throwing me away and eloping with Feng Xing Yue…..

I could hear my heart beating as I seemed to have left hell.

But my mind was stunned.  I thought of the shattered pieces of glass in this room and thought that it might hurt her.

I flew towards her voice without another word, as ‘ka, ka’ sounds came from underneath me, but I didn’t feel any pain at all.

There was only the word ‘lucky’ in my mind…...

She was back, she didn’t leave me, she came back to my side.

I felt that my ‘hatred’ was just based on the fact that she still wanted me.

If she didn’t want me, I wasn’t even qualified to feel ‘hatred’......

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