Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1374: Side story: Waiting for you for the rest of my life, never aging if you don’t come (Part 3)

We reconciled.

Or it could be said that when she carefully touched my feet and asked if it hurt, I had no emotions other than love for her.

Xi Jin had always said that I was a paranoid person, but my life was actually very simple.

As long as she was willing to stay by my side, it didn’t matter if she loved me or not because it was enough that I loved her.

That was all I wanted…...

But I didn’t know that our happiness came so late and it was so short.

On Purple Phoenix Mountain, where I first met her, where we first made our promise, but also where I…..had lost her.

I thought that Yan Xiu would keep his promise to not tell her anything.

But he still told her…...

Yes!  I had known all these years who had eaten the gallbladder that could cure the Blood Bone Snake’s poison.

It wasn’t a bit of blood, it was all their blood.

But I didn’t want a single drop of her blood, even if just a small bowl could cure my pain.

Yan Xiu had said that I was a devil, one that was paranoid.

I just smiled as I said to him, I promised that I would marry her, I wouldn’t die so easily.

Not to mention that since I decided to save her, how could I let her be hurt?

I didn’t want her to be hurt, not a single bit!

But I never thought that in order to save me, she would choose to give up her life.

I never thought that a woman who could kill her own child for revenge would do something in her life and mine that would pain me for the rest of my life.

After waking up, I anxiously searched for her.

But I found myself in the palace and my heart was completely suffocated.

I didn’t roar out, I didn’t do anything crazy.  I just ordered everyone to leave the Endless Hall after learning of this matter.

I didn’t sleep that night.

My final words were: Luo Qing Chen, do you still want to hurt me again and again?  If so, then you…..succeeded?

I didn’t know how many days passed, I just knew that I had drank for a long time.  Over and over again, I wanted to die, but I needed her corpse.

I would see her if she was alive, I would see her corpse if she was dead.

Without seeing her corpse first, I couldn’t die…..

I definitely…..couldn’t die!

The first thing after waking up was dealing with Feng Xing Yue.  When I stood in front of him, I could see his flustered appearance.

He kneeled in front of me, begging me to let his child go, letting go of the only bloodline he had in this world.

I smiled.  I didn’t know how terrifying this smile was, but I could see the changes on his face as it turned more and more pale, filling with despair.

In the end, I cut off his limbs and didn’t let him die.

I put him in a large vat, watching Qian Si Yu being executed.  I had his child being stomped bit by bit.

At that moment, I found that I could still live because I still had my hatred.

I hated…...all the people in this world!  I became violent, cruel, and enraged.

Because this world took you away, so I hated all the people in this world!

I wanted to wait for you for the rest of my life with this hatred.  If you didn’t come, I wouldn’t age…..

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 24/100]

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