Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1377: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 3)

Being hungry for a long time meant fainting and fainting meant death.

She had fainted three times since she was young and she had woken up with pure willpower each time.

This life let her know that all despicable human nature was small in front of death.

Therefore, she agreed to Liang Bing Bing’s request.

Actually, no matter what path the previous host used to attack, it wasn’t smooth because An Yu Sheng would never agree to be with her no matter what methods she used.

Because from the beginning, there was Xia Qing Rou beside her, whether it was sunny or raining.

But for two thousand dollars, the previous host wouldn’t give up.

If she gave up, she would really starve to death next month.  Actually, the supporting male lead Zhao Jin Xuan didn’t give her a chance.  He wanted her to work in a pub, but the previous host had rejected him.

Although the previous host was poor, she still had her principles.

She knew that it didn’t matter who said that she was a dirty little girl in this world because she knew in her heart she wasn’t.

On the last day of November, the previous host confessed to An Yu Sheng in front of the school with a megaphone.

She said these words: An Yu Sheng, I will wait for you every day, whether it is raining or blowing, I will wait for a month. If you’re not willing to accept me, I will give up.

It was snowing hard in A City that day.  She was wearing a furry black sweater with ripped skull jeans.  She had smoky makeup, black eyeliner, and a black cap.  The four studded diamond earrings in her right ear sparkled as she had a lollipop in her mouth.

There were many students who were looking at her with strange gazes.  She knew that they looked at her in disdain, but she didn’t care!

Not everyone was a princess protected in a white ivory tower, at least she wasn’t.  The complexity of society already let her understand the sinister hearts of men.

Therefore, she didn’t care about those gazes.

But An Yu Sheng was stunned.  An Yu Sheng who was called a ‘genius school hunk’ had actually felt something that he desired from the previous host.

It was called: Freedom.

But even so, he just passed by her without saying a single word.

Time passed by quickly and the previous host came to the school gate to wait for An Yu Sheng every morning after eating a bun.

However, whether it was sunny or rainy, he had never looked directly at the previous host.

Xia Qing Rou had secretly given her food and water, advising her not to keep waiting.

Her original words were: Yu Sheng…..Big brother, he doesn’t care about love between men and women.

Xia Qing Rou never doubted the love of the previous host, rather she felt sorry for the previous host’s love.

Although this love was different from the emotions hidden in her heart, it was essentially the same…..

Fruitless love, unable to retreat…...

The previous host waited thirty days and An Yu Sheng passed by her thirty times.

Finally, when the rain was pouring on December 31st, the previous host wasn’t waiting at the school gate for An Yu Sheng.

She gave up on the last day, the day that it rained very hard.

An Yu Sheng would never forget the familiar voice that was at the school gate and his heart trembled.

There was a slight feeling of loss and…..a strange unwillingness.

That day, An Yu Sheng went to the roof of the east building after every class because that place was the best place to look at the school gate.

From the first class to the last class, that figure never appeared.

She was a bright light that had suddenly shined right into his cold heart, but she had also left without any notice.

She said a month, but why did she break her promise?

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