My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 138: Dragon Palace pt. 2

According to Jing Yue's memory, the Dragon Ancestor should be more than 17,000 years old now. The dragon race had a long lifespan like that of the Yao race, but the former had very few offspring, so few that all the dragons in the Dragon Palace added up to less than a thousand.

17,000 years old, even for the dragon race, was considered an old dragon, but when Jing Yue saw the Dragon Ancestor, he found that the other party was still the same as before, showing no signs of aging.

The Dragon Ancestor looked at him thoughtfully and waved the others away, leaving them alone in the hall.

“You’re here.”

Jing Yue smiled and said, “Long time no see, Lei Jing.”

The Dragon Ancestor's expression changed slightly and finally said with a sigh, “It has been many years since someone called me by my name.”

The two were silent for a moment. After a while, Jing Yue asked, “Why did you ask me here?”

The Dragon Ancestor, “To reminisce?”

Jing Yue raised his eyebrows. Reminisce? What was there to reminisce about?

He wasn’t lying to Qin Yanzhi. Back then, he and Lei Jing did have old grudges. In the secret realm of the Middle Ages, they played each other out and almost kicked the bucket. It could be said that they hated each other.

Later, because a stronger enemy appeared, they had no choice but to work together, and Lei Jing even saved his life.

After coming out of the secret realm of the Middle Ages, the two never met again, but 500 years later, Lei Jing asked for his help to work with the dragon race to suppress a rebellious fire dragon. In order to repay Lei Jing for saving his life, Jing Yue agreed.

Jing Yue only thought that his mission was to kill the fire dragon, but after he did everything he could to kill the fire dragon, Lei Jing blamed him for doing so instead and the two parted on bad terms. Until he died, they never met again.

Lei Jing was silent for a moment before he said, “I was wrong back then. I’ll apologize to you.”

Jing Yue raised his head in surprise and met Lei Jing's golden eyes. He couldn’t figure out what Lei Jing meant.

Lei Jing, “The dragon race is few and far in between. At first, I just wanted you to suppress him with me, and I’d discipline him more thoroughly later. At that time, I thought that you didn't have the ability to kill him, so I didn't say much because I was afraid that you might hold back during the fight. I didn’t expect…”

He sighed, “After you killed him, I couldn't help feeling sad, so I took my anger out on you.”

Jing Yue mocked him inwardly and said aloud, “Forget it, more than 10,000 years have passed. Let’s not dwell on matters of the previous life.”

The Dragon Ancestor smiled in relief and stood up.

The bright blue seawater shone through the glazed windows in the hall, reflecting the warm yellow lights, and the shadows made the Dragon Ancestor look unusually tall.

He walked up to Jing Yue and said, “Actually, from the moment the Jadecloud Bell rang two hundred years ago, I knew it was you who have returned.”

Jing Yue, “I guessed it.”

Dragon Ancestor, “I didn’t see you for so long, firstly because you’re human, which makes it inconvenient, and secondly because I guess you don't want to see me either.”

Jing Yue, “Indeed.”

Dragon Ancestor, “…”

He took a deep breath and suddenly thought of what happened in the secret realm of the Middle Ages. His palms began to itch again, and he finally said, “I haven't seen you for many years, and you’re still as annoying.”

Jing Yue, “Right back at you.”

The Dragon Ancestor glared at Jing Yue angrily. If other dragons saw it, they would be surprised. In their eyes, the Dragon Ancestor, who had always been calm and indifferent, now had such a vivid expression as if he was thousands of years younger.

“Okay, let’s cut to the chase. You called me here for something,” Jing Yue said directly. He was not interested in chatting with the Dragon Ancestor. Although Lei Jing apologized to him, it still didn't change the fact that they didn't like each other.

The Dragon Ancestor snorted coldly and asked, “How much do you know about the demon spawn?”

Jing Yue asked curiously, “Aren't you not interfering in the affairs of the human race?”

The Dragon Ancestor looked at Jing Yue with an expression of ‘you're still too naïve’ and said, “Do you know how the dragon race, which was extremely abundant in ancient times, dwindled to this point?”

Jing Yue, “The war against the phoenix race?”

Dragon Ancestor, “Hehe, Jing Yuan, once you encounter something that wasn’t recorded in the secret realm of the Middle Ages, you’re as ignorant as ordinary humans.”

The Dragon Ancestor was quite smug when he said this. Like the phoenix race, the dragon race’s legacy came from the bloodline, and how much they could comprehend depended on the individual’s ability.

Jing Yue was used to the fact that the other party would despise the human race at every turn, and was very calm, “Oh, go ahead and tell me then.”

Dragon Ancestor, “…”

The Dragon Ancestor didn’t receive the expected reaction and was slightly disappointed, and slowly spoke of what happened hundreds of millions of years ago.

It turned out that in ancient times when heaven and earth were born, the world was dominated by gods, demons, dragons, and phoenixes. Later, when calamity befell, the four races fought in a melee. Unfortunately, the dragon race was played out by the demon race and suffered heavy losses, and thus lost the power to fight for dominance.

Another 10,000 years later, the battle of the four races still hadn’t ended, but the pure energy of heaven and earth got lesser and thinner. The four races lost their pure energy and could hardly sustain themselves, and gradually lost their pure bloodlines.

The gods and demons evolved into humans, while the dragon race became Yao. The dragon race that was passed down today was no longer the ancient dragon race but a mixture of the dragon and Yao races.

Later, the dragon race ruled over the Yao race, but during a Yao Catalyst in the Middle Ages, Yao of various races revolted and overturned the dragon race. If not for the help of the humans, the dragon race would have disappeared completely.

Hearing this, Jing Yue asked curiously, “What about the phoenix race?”

The Dragon Ancestor's expression was a little subtle, but he finally said, “The battle between the four races destroyed everything. When the pure energy of heaven and earth dissipated, the four races had to stop fighting. In order to preserve the pure bloodline of the phoenix race, the Phoenix Ancestor led everyone in a sacrifice, and broke down the remaining innate pure energy into source energy, before everything else happened later.”

After that, he said meaningfully, “Haven’t you gotten your hands on that remaining bloodline already?”

Jing Yue, “…”

Dragon Ancestor, “Don’t worry. Hundreds of millions of years have passed since the dragon phoenix battle. The phoenix race sacrificed so much back then. The dragon race will not sever the remaining bloodline of the phoenix race for past grudges, and suffer the cause and effect of heaven Dao.”

Jing Yue, “I don’t quite understand your meaning.”

Jing Yue had limited trust in Lei Jing, so he simply decided to play dumb until the end.

The Dragon Ancestor chuckled mockingly but was unbothered. “The demonic path consists of the human race, but the demon spawn was born of the heavenly demon, the demon race! The grudge between the dragon and demon race will never end!”

Jing Yue, “Didn't you just say that hundreds of millions of years have passed? Why is the dragon race still hung up on that grudge?”

The Dragon Ancestor said angrily, “I was just referring to the phoenix race! The battle between the dragon and phoenix was caused by a calamity, but the demons harmed the dragons on purpose!”

Jing Yue, “Oh.”

The Dragon Ancestor gritted his teeth and said, “Anyway, we don't care about the demonic path, but I can't just sit back and ignore the demon spawn!”

Jing Yue, “Okay, so, the dragon race wants to join forces with the human race to destroy the demon spawn?”

Dragon Ancestor, “Yes, but we won’t interfere with the righteous and demonic path.”

Jing Yue, “That’s fine. Thank you, Dragon Ancestor.”

He briefly explained some past encounters and conjectures, in which he emphasized the luck of the demonic path. “We can only weaken the luck of the demonic path by fighting them, which leaves us more time to prepare. You said that you won’t interfere in the battle between the righteous and demonic path, but this dispute is inherently related to the fate of Heavenly Dao. If the righteous path is defeated, the demon spawn will take over, and I’m afraid the dragon race will…”

The Dragon Ancestor's expression was calm, “Stop trying to provoke me. As I said, I won’t interfere in the affairs of humans, but if there’s a way to deal with the demon spawn, the dragon race will definitely do its part.”

Seeing his adamant attitude, Jing Yue didn't bother to persuade him. “Okay then. Are you done talking?”

Dragon Ancestor, “Mm.”

Jing Yue, “It’s my turn then. I want to enter the Dragon Tomb.”

The Dragon Ancestor smiled suddenly and raised his chin slightly. He circled in front of Jing Yue like a peacock before he slowly walked back to the dragon throne.

He sat down and brushed his robe. “So you need a favor from me.”

Jing Yue, “Whatever. I have a Dragon Emergence Stone and I'm still short of one, but if you lock me up, I won't be able to go at all.”

The Dragon Ancestor's golden eyes flashed smugly and he said in realization, “Are you asking on behalf of that junior surnamed Qin?”

Jing Yue was silent. “Just now, I really feel that you’re the same as before, nothing has changed.”

Dragon Ancestor, “You don’t have to flatter me. I…”

Jing Yue, “But now I know that time has left its mark on you. You’re more talkative now.”

Dragon Ancestor, “…”

The Dragon Ancestor's expression was slightly distorted. “I can promise you if…”

Jing Yue grinned. “Thanks!”

Dragon Ancestor, “…”

Seven days later, in the evening, the red clouds in the sky seemed like they were burning.

The sea near East Yu suddenly surged with huge waves, and a huge vortex formed on the sea's surface. At the same time, the entire continent was shaking.

The cultivators on land guessed that the Dragon Tomb was about to appear.

Sure enough, not long after, a giant dragon flew into the sky and said loudly, “The Dragon Tomb is about to open. Anyone with a Dragon Emergence Stone should head to the sea quickly.”

Nearly a hundred cultivators swallowed the Water Repelling Bead and jumped into the sea. The cultivators on the shore looked at them enviously, and some even jumped into the sea with them. Unfortunately, as soon as the cultivators without the Dragon Emergence Stone touched the water, they felt a strong repelling force, making it difficult for them to move.

At this time, a golden dragon gate appeared at the bottom of the sea.

Two hours later, on the stone platform in front of the Dragon Gate, nearly a hundred cultivators waited there, including some demonic cultivators.

Although there was hostility between the righteous and demonic Dao, no one dared to cause trouble in the Dragon Palace.

A female cultivator in a cloak stood among the demonic cultivators.

When she invoked the Dragon Order the other day, all the cultivators in Dragon Gate City were shaken up, and the incident was widely circulated by the disciples of the Rogue Cultivator Alliance. At this time, everyone knew that she was the successor of the Ashura Tower, and she tried to frame Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi to sow discord and disrupt the harmony within the righteous path.

Many cultivators of the righteous path glared at her with hostility but the other party covered her face with a cloak and nothing could be seen.

At this moment, another whirlpool suddenly appeared next to the stone platform, where two dragon clansmen stepped out. Everyone looked over subconsciously and saw Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi behind the dragon clansmen.

What were they doing here? Were they not supposed to be locked up until the Dragon Tomb closed?

The demonic cultivator was even more astonished. She asked in a hoarse voice, “Why didn't the Dragon Palace keep its promise?”

The two dragon clansmen did not explain, but respectfully said to Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi, “Jing-laozu, Qin-zhenjun, we wish you all the best.”

After that, they sank into the whirlpool again and disappeared.

As they waited on the stone platform, they heard a dragon roar. The tall dragon gate opened a gap where a golden light flowed.

The demonic cultivator of Ashura Tower promptly jumped into the dragon gate, but as she jumped, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her lower body. The demonic cultivator lowered her head instinctively, only to see that half of her body was gone.

“Argh!” A belated scream came, and the demonic cultivator fell heavily.

However, another sword followed, swift and sharp, completely crushing her spiritual dais and dantian.

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