My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 139: Dragon Tomb pt. 1

Qin Yanzhi retracted his sword and took the demonic cultivator's corpse into his Sumeru Ring.

His actions of killing people at the first sign of disagreement shattered the false peace and turned many people off. The demonic cultivators couldn't help but take a step forward as if they wanted to attack him.

The other cultivators of the righteous path also reacted and rushed over excitedly. Seeing that a fight was about to break out, someone said, “Aren't you guys going in? The Dragon Gate is about to close.”

Jing Yue pulled Qin Yanzhi and leaped into the Dragon Gate, and everyone returned to their senses. They were here for the Dragon Tomb. If they wanted to fight, go in and fight!

So they glared at each other and sparks flew in the air. Both parties snorted at the same time before they jumped into the Dragon Gate one after another.

But once they entered the Dragon Gate, none of them had time to fight.

Because an abyss lay below them, but rapidly melting ice was right beneath their feet.

Ice blocks floated everywhere in the air, and each piece of ice was no more than six feet wide.

Once a person stepped on it, the ice block would melt in less than 10 seconds.

More shockingly, no one could levitate in this space.

Some water spiritual root cultivators tried to create ice, but the ice turned into water in an instant, and the same held true for other five elemental techniques, be it creating stone, wood, or so on. Once formed, everything would disintegrate in an instant.

As such, everyone could only keep jumping and gaining a new foothold. There was occasional friction during this time, but most of them had to part ways after one hit.

Everyone got more frightened. They all felt that the ice was melting faster and faster. They had about 10 seconds just now, but only about 6 seconds now. No one knew what lay beneath the abyss. They could only feel extremely cold and gloomy air. If they fell by accident, there was no guarantee that the soul would be destroyed.

But if things continued like this, it was just a matter of time before they fell into the abyss.


There was a sudden sound of breaking wind, and a young man stepped on a piece of floating ice when he heard someone behind him shout, “Huaifeng, watch out!”

The young man was startled and turned sideways to avoid. A gust of air brushed past his cheek. Before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he was stepping on the air.

Fear swept over him and the young man's mind went blank. Suddenly, his arm was caught, his whole body felt light, and he stood back on a piece of ice again.

The person who rescued him was his twin brother Lin Huaiyu, and they looked almost alike. They had always shared the same mind, and when one person was in danger, the other one could sense it.

The Lin brothers came from a small sect in East Yu but they were extremely talented and lucky since childhood. This time, they were lucky enough to get two Dragon Emergence Stones.

Lin Huaifeng escaped from death and was about to thank his brother when he heard him say, “Jump quickly!”

The ice block under his feet had almost melted again. Lin Huaifeng’s heart jolted and quickly jumped onto another piece of floating ice.

At this time, he noticed the sword energy that shot through the air from time to time. This sword energy was not caused by someone, but was born out of thin air!

The ice blocks that could disappear at any time and the chaotic sword energy…

This place was getting more and more dangerous, but Lin Huaifeng couldn’t help feeling that it was more than that.

Sure enough, in the next moment, a gust of wind suddenly swept through the abyss, almost blowing him off the floating ice. Fortunately, Lin Huaifeng had been on guard and stood steadily.

At this time, he heard a shrill scream behind him, which made his scalp tingle. Following the sound, Lin Huaifeng suddenly widened his eyes.

He saw with his own eyes that Jing-laozu, the legendary auspicious person of the Frostcloud Sect, was being swept down into the abyss by this strong wind! Before his consciousness could fully accept this scene, he saw Qin Yanzhi, the famous swordsmanship genius in the cultivation world also jumped down with Jing-laozu!

Lin Huaifeng doubted his eyes. He and many cultivators were stunned on the spot. Although they were all prepared for the danger of Dragon Tomb, no one expected the first protagonists in this tragedy to be those two.

Some people even felt remorse, and the scene of Jing Yue falling into the abyss caused them a great psychological blow.

Lin Huaifeng was one of the remorseful ones. He was suddenly worried. Could he and his brother get out of here? The Dragon Tomb was scarier than he imagined.

However, at this time, he heard a voice transmission. A look of astonishment flashed in his eyes before turning into a hidden smile.

At the bottom of the endless abyss, Jing Yue, whom everyone thought had met a tragic end, sat unscathed in a field of flowers, surrounded by an abundance of spiritual energy.

The blue phoenix struggled to get out of his arms and said weakly, “Jing-jing, why don’t you imprison Ji-ji. It stinks here.”

Jing Yue, “…”

Blue phoenix, “Ji-ji is dizzy. Ji-ji wants to puke.”

After saying that, it actually retched and rolled down from Jing Yue by accident. It sprawled on the grass and threw up a blob of goo.

Jing Yue, “…”

He knew that blue phoenix hated dragons, but he didn't expect it to hate them so thoroughly.

The Dragon Tomb they were in was actually the skeleton of an ancient dragon, which was very large, and later evolved into a tomb for the dragon race.

Unlike the human race, the dragon race didn’t need to wait for the Dragon Tomb to open, and use the Dragon Emergence Stone as a token to enter this place. Once they were on the brink of dying, they would rush to the hinterland of the Dragon Tomb in advance and wait quietly for death to befall.

Therefore, the smell of dragons in the Dragon Tomb was so strong that Ji-ji couldn't stand it.

Jing Yue quickly picked up the blue phoenix and carefully placed it into the Sumeru Ring when Qin Yanzhi said, “Why did you scream just now?”

Qin Yanzhi knew that Jing Yue had been to the Dragon Tomb tens of thousands of years ago, and had heard from the other party that the so-called abyss was not scary at all. Once they fell, they would find that there was more than met the eye, and the dead end that everyone assumed was actually the only way to survive.

But this Hundred Blossoms Garden would only last for two hours, after which this place would turn into a sea of ​​swords and become a truly deadly place.

This also meant that the people on the floating ice only had two hours to escape, and they could only stay here for two hours.

Even so, when he heard Jing Yue's screams just now, he still felt terrified.

Jing Yue smiled. “A demonic cultivator was sneaking up on me, right? I’m just bluffing them so they don't dare to come down.”

Qin Yanzhi, “…”

Jing Yue, “I’ve sent a voice transmission to our fellow cultivators of the righteous path. If they played their part well, we can eliminate all the demonic cultivators without breaking a sweat and avoid casualties.”

He pointed to his surroundings. “We can’t go out either, so let’s take a break and wait for the friends of the righteous path.”

Qin Yanzhi smiled, lifted his robe, and sat down.

While the two were talking, the drama kings and queens were performing on the floating ice.

Lin Huaifeng was fighting a demonic cultivator. The two were annoyed with each other on the stone platform earlier and landed on the same piece of floating ice later.

The demonic cultivator was anxious and charged forward. He had to be one step faster than Lin Huaifeng, but obviously, Lin Huaifeng refused to back down.

When the demonic cultivator jumped halfway into the air, he suddenly twisted his entire upper body like a snake and dealt Lin Huaifeng a blow. Since he made a hasty move, he didn't expect to hit the other party, but only hoped to block him a little.

In fact, Lin Huaifeng turned his body slightly sideways and avoided the palm wind as expected.

The demonic cultivator cursed inwardly and was about to use his inertia to jump on the floating ice when he saw Lin Huaifeng pause suspiciously and fell into the abyss, making an exaggerated scream at the same time.

“Ahh! Oh no, I’m going to die!”

Demonic cultivator, “…” Didn't he miss? Did he hit him or not?

At this moment, the demonic cultivator doubted his memory.

More and more cultivators of the righteous path fell into the abyss. Some acted well, while some were even more exaggerated than Lin Huaifeng.

The demonic cultivators were frightened at first but gradually began to feel something amiss. Did the cultivators of the righteous path think they were idiots? Thus, a demonic cultivator with long half-black, half-purple hair bit the bullet and jumped down on purpose.

Although he suspected that jumping into the abyss was the right decision, he was still nervous, and the feeling of falling almost dragged his soul away.

But suddenly, he seemed to fall into a soft ball of cotton.

After that, the abundant spiritual energy nourished him, and he was shocked to find that he could perform the floating technique now, so he quickly stabilized his body and looked down.

A closed-off garden entered his sight, full of blossoming flowers and fragrance in the air.

At this time, many cultivators were sitting or standing in the Hundred Blossoms Garden.

Some were cultivating with their knees crossed, while others were looking up at the sky.

“Oh no! A demonic cultivator came down!”

As soon as the words were spoken, the demonic cultivator felt various attacks coming at him. In haste, he hurriedly urged his protective magic weapon to flee frantically and barely escaped the fate of dying instantly.

However, with so many righteous cultivators here, how long could he hide on his own?

The demonic cultivator was desperate when suddenly, he saw another demonic cultivator appear, then a second, a third…

“Brothers! Help me!”

The newly arrived demonic cultivator was shocked, only to realize the crisis they were facing, and they had no choice but to resist in a group.

As such, the righteous and demonic paths fought fiercely, and no one noticed that the hundreds of flowers in the garden were quietly withering. As the petals fell, the ground turned red like blood.

Jing Yue, who didn’t make a move, knew that Hundred Blossoms Garden was about to change, and hurriedly said, “Run!”

As he set off, a red flower in the center dropped its last petal, revealing a naked stamen. A crimson long sword grew from the stamen and the sword light soared to the sky!


Someone was unfortunate enough to get cut and his arm fell off. Others were terrified and hurriedly scattered.

Amid the chaos, Lin Huaifeng saw Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi rushing to one side of the Hundred Blossoms Garden. Although the path ahead was still closed off with no way out, he believed in this Laozu and quickly dragged his brother along to follow them.

When more and more red flowers turned into sword shadows, spreading from the center to the surrounding areas, the sword lights shot out and dyed the entire Hundred Blossoms Garden blood red.

The cultivators finally realized that they had to follow Jing Yue, no longer caring to fight, and swarmed after him.

When they came to the border of the Hundred Blossoms Garden, they found a gap in the closed-off area.  Seeing that Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi did not enter the gap, they rushed in without thinking.

Unexpectedly, they stepped on air, the sense of weightlessness washed over them again, and they were once again deprived of the ability to levitate.

Not only that but even the spiritual energy in the body couldn’t be used.

Lin Huaifeng's heart was about to burst and he kept cursing inwardly. Suddenly, he heard someone say, “Stabilize your body, step on the stone, and don't fall into the water!”

Lin Huaifeng followed the instruction instinctively. Even if a cultivator had no spiritual energy, his reflexes were not bad, so he stepped on a stone without a hitch.

The stone was relatively small, about a foot in width, and it didn’t melt like the floating ice, but Lin Huaifeng’s hair still stood on end, and chills went up his spine.

Because under the stone was clear water with loads of human faces facing upwards. At this time, their eyeballs moved to the position where he stood!

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