Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 14.1 - The Family Dinner (1)

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It was Sunday. Since this was the Qin and Wu family’s first meeting as in-laws, the dinner was basically a wedding reception for Wu Tong and Qin Ge. The dinner was at 6 PM on the top floor of Shun Hing Square.[1] The Qin family had booked the entire floor.

[1] When I searched up the skyscraper mentioned in the novel, Shun Hing Square located in Shenzhen, Guangdong (a financial capital in China) popped up.
Shun Hing Square

Qin Ge checked the time, then brought Feifei along and drove his Jeep to Wu Tong’s home.

Wu Tong wore a pastel pink, short qipao[2] and paired it with pastel pink high heels that made her long legs look even more slender. She stood there looking tall and graceful, like a lotus in a lotus pond.

[2] Qipaos are also referred to as "cheongsams" (based on the Cantonese pronunciation). Here is a picture of a pastel pink, short qipao, to help you visualize what Wu Tong might be wearing.

Upon hearing the sound of Qin Ge’s Jeep coming her way, Wu Tong brushed a hand through her long hair, which had been disheveled by the wind. When she saw Qin Ge’s face through the Jeep’s windshield, she slowly revealed a smile.

Qin Ge thought he might’ve stepped on the brakes a bit too forcefully. After staring at her blankly, he immediately looked back at Feifei. Only after seeing that Feifei was still looking down at his jigsaw puzzles, did he turn back around, relieved.

By then, Wu Tong had already opened the front passenger side car door and slid in. She looked at Qin Ge and smiled, saying, “Let’s go.”

Qin Ge’s eyes moved from her face down to her neck, which had been covered up by the collar of her qipao. Then his eyes moved down to her chest, then further down to her thin waist. His eyes traveled even further down to her thighs which were faintly discernible through the small slit in her skirt.

Wu Tong was naturally unable to ignore Qin Ge’s enthusiastic gaze at close range. Somewhat exasperated, she returned his gaze. With a tight-lipped smile, she said, “If you want to kiss me, then do it now. I’ll fix my makeup after I get off.”

Qin Ge instantly narrowed his eyes and apprehensively asked, “Are you inviting me?”

“If that’s what you think…”

“Then I won’t hold back…”

A familiar Jeep. A familiar front passenger seat. And Qin Ge’s increasingly skilled kissing technique. For the first time, Wu Tong reached out and returned Qin Ge’s embrace of her own accord. It was the first time she took the initiative to offer up her lips without any prompting from him. For the first time, she wasn’t doing it because he wanted her to.

Oftentimes, people don’t know what they need or what they ought to do. That’s why after knowing, Wu Tong would put her whole heart and soul into doing something, no matter the outcome.

From the moment she understood that she needed to spend the rest of her life with Qin Ge; and from the moment she promised him she would slowly start to fall for him, Wu Tong already saw the road ahead.

I’m willing to walk toward you and work hard to stand in front of you. If I’m unable to find happiness, I’m willing to find it together with you.

Qin Ge reluctantly drew back from Wu Tong’s lips. His thumb gently brushed Wu Tong’s slightly flushed cheeks as he waited for her to open her eyes.

He saw his domineering figure in her limpid, clear eyes.


Feifei pressed down hard on a puzzle piece that got stuck in the middle of the puzzle set. Because he used a little too much force, it let out a sound that startled Qin Ge and Wu Tong.

Wu Tong turned around and realized that Feifei had been sitting in the back seat the entire time. She promptly sat up straight and pushed Qin Ge away.

“Feifei, you also came along to pick up mommy? Mommy is so sorry she hadn’t noticed you before.” Wu Tong smiled at Feifei awkwardly.

After pressing down the final puzzle piece, he spared a glance at Wu Tong before looking back down.

“Why didn’t you tell me Feifei was here?” Wu Tong was immediately annoyed at the thought that she had performed such an inappropriate act in front of a six-year-old.

Qin Ge was determined not to shoulder the blame. “Who told you to seduce me as soon as you got in?”

“I— !” Even though this wasn’t the first time she had been thrown under the bus, she was still annoyed.

“Uh… Let’s go. We’re going to be late.” Qin Ge smiled and finally started the car.

The road conditions were unexpectedly clear, so the Jeep arrived at Shun Hing Square 10 minutes earlier than expected. Wu Tong held Feifei’s hand as they quietly waited at the entrance for Qin Ge to park his Jeep.

Qin Ge strode over and picked up Feifei. He glanced at her, signaling her to follow along before he strode through the front door. Wu Tong hesitated for a second before scurrying forward and grabbing Qin Ge’s right hand.

Qin Ge glanced back at her, surprised, as his line of sight landed upon the small hand firmly grasping his own. Somewhat puzzled, he thought, My wife is acting so strange today. For some reason, she’s not reserved like she usually is.

This was the first time Wu Tong took the initiative to hold Qin Ge’s hand. In the past, whenever Qin Ge grasped her hand, Wu Tong would resist and try to struggle free. But today was different. Wu Tong realized that his hand was dry and rough with thick calluses. Is this the hand of the eldest young master of a wealthy family or the hand of a soldier who defended his country?

Qin Ge carried a child in one arm and held his wife’s hand in the other. He shook his wife who was staring blankly at the elevator door, prompting her to: “Press the elevator button.”

“Oh.” Wu Tong hurriedly pressed the elevator button. When the doors slid open, they went inside and she pressed the button for the top floor.

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