Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 14.3 - The Family Dinner (3)

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Wu Zhizhi reapplied her makeup on the washstand outside the restroom. She washed her hands and reapplied makeup once more. After waiting for a long time, she still didn’t see Qin Huai come out of the restroom. Instead, she saw her younger brother, Wu Kai.

Wu Kai saw Wu Zhizhi staring daggers at him, so he asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Wu Zhizhi pointed at the men’s room and said, “Help me check the men’s room and see if anyone is inside.”

“Who are you waiting for?” Understanding soon flashed in Wu Kai’s eyes. “Are you waiting for the Qin family’s second young master? Sis… You shouldn’t be doing this…”

“What are you talking about? Can’t your sister take a fancy to someone?” Wu Zhizhi quickly whispered, “Go take a look and see if anyone is inside. It’ll be awkward if someone overhears us.”

Wu Kai reluctantly went inside and returned soon after, saying, “There’s no one inside.”

“Where’d he go, then?” Wu Zhizhi asked, confused.

“Sis, I won’t stop you from chasing after the Qin family’s second young master, but can’t you wait until after second cousin and the Qin family’s eldest young master have settled down? Otherwise, it’ll be a bit improper.”

“What is improper about what I’m doing?”

“You’re clearly aware that their marriage is a marriage of convenience. Plus, our family’s status is beneath the Qin family’s. Everything would be fine if the Qin family’s second young master likes you back, but if he doesn’t, it’ll make things awkward for second cousin if you chase after the Qin family’s second young master.”

“Are you trying to jinx your own sister?” Wu Zhizhi couldn’t resist smacking her younger brother. “Did you really think that the Qin family’s eldest young master would actually fall for Wu Tong?”

“Why not? I think they look good together,” Wu Kai retorted.

“You must be blind. Didn’t you see what the Qin family’s eldest younger master was wearing today?” asked Wu Zhizhi.

Wu Kai recalled what Qin Ge had been wearing and responded, “A t-shirt and camouflage pants.”

“And what was everyone else wearing?” Wu Zhizhi prompted.

Wu Kai suddenly realized what Wu Zhizhi was getting at. For the sake of attending today’s dinner, his mother began picking out their outfits three days prior. Everyone in the Wu and Qin family were all dressed up for the occasion, wearing formal attire and suits. The only person who was dressed casually was Qin Ge, almost as if he had arrived right after going to the gym. No wonder he had felt out of sorts when Qin Ge first entered the restaurant.

“Look at how Wu Tong had gone out of her way to dress up today and even wore a qipao but the person standing next to her was dressed up like some security guard. What a joke,” Wu Zhizhi sneered. “It’s pretty clear that the Qin family’s eldest young master couldn’t care less about her.”

Wu Kai couldn’t stand the look on Wu Zhizhi’s face and inadvertently shouted, “Sis!”

“I'll leave it at that. Let’s go back.” Wu Zhizhi put her compact powder back in her bag, turned and headed back toward the restaurant. Wu Kai despondently kicked the wall before following his sister back to the restaurant.

Right at this moment, the two brothers pushed open the emergency door beside the restroom. Qin Ge stared at the backs of Wu Zhizhi and Wu Kai’s receding figure. Somewhat baffled, he asked, “Coming here dressed like this… shows that I don’t care about my wife?”

“Don’t listen to them.” Qin Huai stared in the direction of Wu Zhizhi’s receding figure with a cold look in his eyes.

“Qin Huai,” Qin Ge suddenly called.

Qun Huai looked at him with a puzzled look.

“You better not return this girl’s affections," Qin Ge warned. “If she marries you and bullies my wife, I’ll kick your ass.”

Qin Huai blinked. He wasn’t sure if he’d heard his brother correctly.

No matter how turbulent the undercurrents were or how much drama took place, at least on the surface, the dinner ended on a happy note. Wu Tong and Qin Ge sent off Wu Tong’s second uncle’s family first and were currently waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Qin to leave next.

Qin Huai carried Feifei who was fast asleep as he stood next to his parents. He overheard his mother nagging at Qin Ge. “You must bring Wu Tong safely back home.”

“Mk.” Qin Ge nodded.

Mrs. Qin turned to Wu Tong and said, “Tongtong, we’ll be going back first.”

“Goodbye, Dad and Mom. Make sure to drive carefully,” Wu Tong said.

The Qin family got into their car and drove away. Wu Tong let out a deep breath. Suddenly, Qin Ge held her face with both hands and turned it so she was directly facing him.

Baffled, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I was just checking to see if you were unhappy,” Qin Ge said.

“I’m fine,” Wu Tong snapped.

Qin Ge looked into Wu Tong’s eyes and noticed that she didn’t look sad at all. “Ok.”

Qin Ge released Wu Tong’s face and held her hand instead. The two of them slowly walked toward Qin Ge’s Jeep.

“Next time, I won’t dress like this again,” Qin Ge suddenly said.

“What do you mean?” Wu Tong looked at Qin Ge’s tall figure. His military green, short-sleeved T-shirt wrapped around his strong upper body, revealing his well-formed pecs and showcasing his perfect body. “What you’re currently wearing suits you.”

“You’re all dressed up while I’m dressed so casually,” Qin Ge said.

Wu Tong thought she was the one at fault for overdressing, so she reassured him by saying, “Then next time, I’ll dress more casually.”

Qin Ge suddenly chuckled. Wu Tong was already used to her husband laughing like a fool from time to time. Qin Ge opened the front passenger side door for Wu Tong and she thanked him before sliding in. He then proceeded to lean in and attentively helped Wu Tong buckle her seat belt. Wu Tong blinked, turning sideways so he could help buckle her in.

After Qin Ge finished fastening her seat belt, his line of sight just so happened to fall upon the button on her collar. It was pink and shaped like a plum blossom. It looked small and exquisite and very pretty… Qin Ge couldn’t resist gently touching the button, then using two fingers to carefully unbutton her qipao collar.

“Wh—” Wu Tong sat up in surprise but was too slow.

Wu Tong felt Qin Ge’s hot breath against her neck, then felt his tongue gently caress her neck before she felt his teeth gnawing at her skin. Heat rose within her and shot all the way from the soles of her feet to the rest of her body. She instantly became limp and no longer had the energy to fight back.

Qin Ge finally finished licking her neck and pulled away. He stared at the hickey he had left on her skin. Feeling somewhat guilty, he helped Wu Tong button up her collar. Only after he finished covering up the hickey did he have the guts to look Wu Tong in the eye. When he saw her flushed face and how limp she looked, he coughed unnaturally before quickly closing the front passenger side door. He slid into the driver’s seat and started the car.

When the car arrived at Wu Tong’s apartment complex, Wu Tong couldn’t seem to look Qin Ge in the eye. She hurriedly opened the car door and scrambled out. Seeing this reaction, Qin Ge couldn’t possibly let her escape, so he yanked her back in.

”Wh-what are you doing?” The feeling that had overcome her felt extremely unbearable. Wu Tong was scared Qin Ge wanted to go for a second round.

“Why won’t you look at me?” Qin Ge asked, somewhat upset.

“What are you talking about?” Wu Tong responded, somewhat sheepishly.

Did I scare her when I couldn’t resist gnawing at her neck? That’s probably it. The neck is the most vulnerable part of a human’s body. It’s normal for her to be scared, Qin Ge reasoned to himself.

“I won’t hurt you,” Qin Ge assured her. “Besides, when I kill people, I don’t like slicing their necks. Too much blood.”

“...” Wu Tong paled instantly.

“Oh, yeah. Qin Huai told me that you have a younger brother and that he’s sick and currently hospitalized. How about I go visit him tomorrow?”

“No need.” If they end up getting into a fight, what would become of my younger brother?

“Why?” asked Qin Ge.

“He… He…” Wu Tong tried to come up with something. “My younger brother said he’s currently not your match, so he doesn’t want to see you yet. He said to wait until after he’s gotten fit before you can visit him. He also doesn't want you to bully me.”

*Smirk* “He’s quite bold. Tell him I’ll be waiting.” Qin Ge looked very excited.

“Kissing you doesn’t count as bullying, right?”

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