Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 14.4 - The Family Dinner (4)

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Time flew by very quickly.

In the blink of an eye, there was only 20 days left before Qin Ge and Wu Tong’s honeymoon. In this remaining time, Wu Tong went to the hospital every day to visit her younger brother. She saw him recover bit by bit until he was finally allowed to leave the hospital. Wu Tong personally sent him on a plane to S City.

“Big Sis, do I really have to wait until New Year’s?” Xiao Yuan felt unsettled by the face that his brother-in-law never came to see him.

“Remember what I said before?”

Xiao Yuan was unwilling to let it go. “Then… Can I at least give him a call?”

Wu Tong completely ignored Xiao Yuan’s request. “When you arrive, make sure to get along with your classmates. Also, don’t exert yourself too much.”

“Mk.” In the end, Xiao Yuan was unable to get what he wanted. He slung his backpack across his back and walked toward the waiting room, turning to look back repeatedly at every step.

Wu Tong smiled and took out her phone. She saw that Qin Ge had sent her a voice message about 10 minutes ago, saying, “Honey, our house is all decorated. Do you wanna come over and take a look?”

Wu Tong responded with a voice message. “I’ll come over right away.”

Wu Tong hailed a cab and headed straight for her new house located in the southern part of the city. She pushed open the familiar, vermillion front door and saw Qin Ge and Feifei by the swing set under the Chinese parasol tree.

“You’re here.” Qin Ge smiled at her as he pushed the swing.

Wu Tong returned his smile. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed something that looked out of place in the courtyard. It was a large punching bag.

“Is that…?” Wu Tong pointed to the punching bag in the corner.

“Oh…” Qin Ge explained, “I asked someone to help me set it up. You already know that I have a mental illness. Every time it starts acting up, I can just punch the punching bag. It’ll help me stay in control.”

Wu Tong blinked. She spent 5 minutes absorbing what he had just said. She had known Qin Ge for almost a month now. Even though Qin Ge enjoyed taking advantage of her and often acted like a rogue around her, she never saw his mental illness act up before. In fact, she had almost forgotten all about it.

“What are the… signs of your mental illness?” Wu Tong cautiously asked.

“Why? Are you scared?” Qin Ge suddenly leaned in close and grabbed her chin before coldly spitting out, “Too late!”

Wu Tong calmly shook her head. “I’m not scared.” Qin Ge had told her early on that he had a mental illness but she never saw him at his worst with her own eyes. If she was going to be scared, it would have to be after seeing it with her own eyes.

Qin Ge laughed and released Wu Tong’s chin. “Don’t worry, I would never hit my wife.”

“I thought you would say you don’t hit women,” Wu Tong said.

Qin Ge coldly laughed but didn’t respond.

“Let’s go inside and take a look.” Wu Tong pushed past Qin Ge and headed toward the house. The house which had originally been empty was now filled with all kinds of furniture and decorations. It immediately felt more like home.

After taking a look at the living room, she proceeded to the bedroom she prepared for Feifei. His bedroom was next to the master bedroom. It was decorated with sky blue wallpaper and had a small bed and mini shelf filled with all kinds of jigsaw puzzles. There was also a dark blue rug for Feifei to comfortably lie down on when he played with his jigsaw puzzles.

Wu Tong looked down and asked Feifei, “Do you like it?”

Feifei didn’t respond. All he did was grab a puzzle set off the shelf and dump all the puzzle pieces onto the carpet to play with.

Wu Tong smiled. Qin Ge and Wu Tong left Feifei in his room and headed toward the study. Wu Tong looked at the empty bookshelves and said, “Help me move in tomorrow. I have a bunch of books.”

“You’re not going to wait until after our honeymoon to move in?” Qin Ge smiled flirtatiously. “Or could it be that… you can’t wait to try out our new bed?”

“If you want me to move in after our honeymoon, that’s fine by me.” Since she already made up her mind to spend the rest of her life with Qin Ge, it was only a matter of time before something happened. She was also used to Qin Ge’s flirting.

“I’ll help you move in tomorrow,” said Qin Ge.

“Thank you.” Wu Tong looked at him with her pretty eyes.

“...” Qin Ge felt like his willpower had weakened. Every time Wu Tong smiled, something stirred inside of him.

“This room is pretty big, can I…?” Wu Tong walked into the last room. When she turned back, she noticed that something was off about the way Qin Ge was looking at her.

“Can you what?”

“I want to convert this room into a studio,” Wu Tong said.

“Whatever you say…”

“Thank you!” Wu Tong sensed a dangerous aura coming from Qin Ge and subconsciously withdrew from the room.

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