Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 14.5 - The Family Dinner (5)

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After touring the entire house, the last stop on the tour was the master bedroom. Sunlight streamed in through the large floor to ceiling windows, casting a warm glow in the room. The most striking feature was a large, king sized, European-style bed, which was incompatible with the design of the room. It immediately reminded her of what happened that day when they went shopping for furniture.

“Honey.” Qin Ge suddenly leaned in from behind, wrapping his arms around Wu Tong’s waist and burying his face in her neck. In a low voice, he said, “There are only three days left before we go on our honeymoon.”

Wu Tong could feel Qin Ge’s hands moving restlessly around her waist. She immediately became nervous and stuttered out an “I… I know.” Just as she thought, there was a difference between mentally preparing herself and putting physical intimacy into practice.

“What are you getting all nervous for?” Qin Ge suddenly chuckled. His warm breath tickled her neck and sent shivers down her spine. “Are you still not ready?”

Wu Tong shook her head.

“What are you trying to say by shaking your head? Are you ready or not?” Qin Ge thought out loud and reasoned, “Whether you’re ready isn’t important anymore. No matter what your answer is, I will never let… you… go.”

After a long time, Wu Tong meekly said, “Ok.”

It was Qin Ge’s turn to be stunned but he didn’t dwell on this moment for too long. He swept Wu Tong into his arms and laid her down on the bed. As soon as she plopped down onto the bed, Wu Tong subconsciously shrank back. Qin Ge looked down at her knowingly before flopping down right next to Wu Tong and saying, “Stop moving around. Lay down with me for a bit.”

As he said this, he pulled Wu Tong into his embrace, then rested his chin on top of her head.

Wu Tong didn’t move an inch while in Qin Ge’s embrace. When she saw that Qin Ge wasn’t planning to doing anything else to her, her palpitating heart slowly returned to normal. After approximately half an hour had gone by, Wu Tong assumed that Qin Ge had already fallen asleep, so she gently moved in an attempt to get up.

“Where are you going?” The arms around Wu Tong tightened its grip and Wu Tong fell back against Qin Ge’s chest.

“I’m going to go check up on Feifei. He’s in his room all alone, so I’m worried he’ll get scared,” Wu Tong explained.

“He won’t get scared. He’ll be busy putting together that puzzle set for the entire afternoon.” As he said this, Qin Ge closed his eyes and shifted, so he could breath in Wu Tong’s scent.

Wu Tong was still worried. “Little kids love running around. What if he runs outside?”

“He won’t. I’ll know if he leaves his room.” Qin Ge tightened his grip around Wu Tong's waist, pulling her closer to him. His grip was so tight that Wu Tong could barely breathe. “Quiet down and sleep with me for a bit.”

Wu Tong didn’t say anything more. She quietly laid in Qin Ge’s embrace, listening to his heartbeat and the sound of insects and birds chirping outside the window. Slowly, she drifted into a deep sleep.

As soon as he sensed Wu Tong had fallen asleep, Qin Ge slowly opened his eyes. He didn't feel sleepy at all. He held onto Wu Tong just like this and felt the time slowly go by until it was dark outside. Wu Tong awoke naturally.

“What time is it? Wu Tong drowsily asked.

“7 PM.”

“7 PM? Already?” Wu Tong quickly sat up. “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“What are you getting all anxious for? It wouldn’t have mattered even if you were to sleep until the break of dawn since this is your house,” Qin Ge said.

Wu Tong ignored Qin Ge and asked about Feifei instead. “What about Feifei? Did he come in before?”

“He’s been in his room the entire time playing with his jigsaw puzzles.”

“Still? Did he say anything about being hungry?” Wu Tong asked.

Upon hearing this, his brows furrowed. I think I forgot to feed Feifei.

“Get up. Let’s go eat dinner. Feifei doesn’t like to talk but kids get hungry very easily. You have to make sure to remind him to eat.” Wu Tong got up and headed toward the room next door.

Feifei was about 80% done with putting together the jigsaw puzzle. Wu Tong crouched down next to Feifei and said, “Feifei, let’s go eat dinner.”

Perhaps, he really was hungry. Feifei put down the jigsaw puzzle in his hand and obediently got up.

Wu Tong sympathetically massaged Feifei’s forehead then turned around to shoot a glare at Qin Ge, who was standing at the door. With an accusatory tone, she exclaimed, “Look! Feifei is hungry.”

Qin Ge smiled and went outside to get the car ready.

After eating dinner, Qin Ge drove Wu Tong back, then headed to Jadeite Peak and dropped off Feifei with his mother. After doing so, he went to his room and leaned against his balcony to smoke.

He smoked one cigarette after the other and soon, the floor was piled with cigarette butts. After finishing the last cigarette in his hand, he wanted to get another one but realized that there was no more in the cigarette pack. Somewhat irritated, he threw the empty cigarette pack on the ground and looked up at the night sky, pondering. He seemed to have made up his mind when he picked up his phone and gave his psychiatrist a call.

“Dr. Li, let’s meet up.”

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