Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 14.6 - The Family Dinner (6)

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The next day, Qin Ge didn’t bring Feifei along to help Wu Tong move in. He didn’t pester Wu Tong this time and even left her alone in their new house to tidy up his study before driving off alone.

Qin Ge soon arrived at the Lan Hai Psychiatric Therapist’s Office, a place that he disliked.

“Qin Ge?” Dr. Li Yunjing couldn’t help calling out to the Qin family’s eldest young master, who had been lost in thought ever since he came into her office.

“Huh???” Qin Ge snapped back to reality.

“You were talking about how you were worried about life after marriage,” Dr. Li reminded him.

Qin Ge returned to his train of thought and slowly described his worries again. “Ever since I was discharged from the army, I didn’t dare to get close to large groups of people for a very long time. It wasn’t because I hated crowds, but because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to control myself and end up hurting someone.

“After receiving treatment, my condition improved greatly. I can control myself most of the time. For example, whenever I feel impulsive, I go out for a run or do push-ups. Whenever I feel extremely irritated, I would practice boxing or punch a punching bag. After tiring myself out, I wouldn’t feel impulsive or irritated anymore.

“Afterward, you announced the end of my treatment and advised me to start a family. You thought that after I returned to my family, I would slowly become normal again. I tried my best, but it’s still not enough.”

“You don’t like your wife?” Dr. Li asked.

“What does it mean to like someone?” asked Qin Ge.

“What comes to mind when you think of your wife?” asked Dr. Li.

“I want to kiss her? And pin her down on a bed?” Qin Ge looked at Dr. Li. “But didn’t you say that this was a manifestation of my desire for control?”

Dr. Li was unruffled by what Qin Ge was telling her and asked him to continue. “What else?”

Qin Ge thought for a moment before responding, “I like it when she smiles at me.”

“Then what I can tell you for sure is that you don’t hate her. Instead, you seem to like her,” Dr. Li concluded.

Qin Ge recalled how he had hugged Wu Tong for 5 whole hours the afternoon prior but didn't get drowsy. “But I can’t seem to fall asleep when she’s by my side.”

“Is this an isolated issue or…?” asked Dr. Li.

“As long as someone is next to me, I’m unable to fall asleep. If I’m unable to sleep together with my wife after marrying her, how will this marriage cure me?”

“What are you worried about when you can’t sleep?” asked Dr. Li.

“I’m scared I’ll hurt her.” Qin Ge laughed bitterly. “Even though I’m aware that I’m no longer in the battlefield and that there are no enemies nearby, my dreams are still filled with blood.”

Something clicked in Dr. Li’s head. Qin Ge never told her this before.

“The day after tomorrow, we’ll be going on a honeymoon. We’ll be spending an entire month together in a foreign country. When we come back, we’ll be sleeping together for the long term,” Qin Ge slowly said.

“Qin Ge, give yourself a chance and let’s give it our best shot. If things still don’t work out, come back and we can talk again,” Dr. Li advised.

“What if I end up hurting her?” asked Qin Ge.

“You won’t.” Dr. Li seemed to be suggesting something when she said, “You’re an exceptional soldier. You wouldn’t hurt ordinary people, much less your own wife.”

After leaving the therapist’s office, Qin Ge looked somewhat lost.

*Ring* *Ring*

Qin Ge took out his phone and checked it right when Wu Tong gave him a call.

Qin Ge answered the phone call. “Hello?”

“I’ve finished tidying up the study,” Wu Tong said.


Wu Tong sensed that something about Qin Ge felt off, so she cautiously asked, “Are you… in a bad mood?”

“It’s nothing. My mental illness is probably acting up again.”

“Uh…” Wu Tong blanked for a second before saying, “I just wanted to ask where we were going for our honeymoon. I want to check the weather and pack up suitable clothes and other belongings.”

“Just pack whatever. If it’s not enough then we can buy what we need when we get there.”

“Will you pick me up or should we meet up at the airport?”

“I’ll come pick you up.”

Qin Ge ended the call. He started his car and drove toward a shooting range in the suburbs, which he often frequented. When he arrived, he grabbed a practice gun and emptied half a barrel of bullets.

“Eldest Young Master Qin, are you in a bad mood today?” asked the shooting range owner, Dao Zi.

Dao Zi was also ex-military. After leaving the army, he made a fortune and opened up a shooting club. He had a pretty good relationship with Qin Ge.

“Wanna go for a practice round with me?” Qin Ge asked, setting down the gun.

What Qin Ge meant by a practice round was engaging in hand-to-hand combat. Dao Zi was an expert at kickboxing but he was never able to beat Qin Ge.

Dao Zi shook his head and rejected the offer. “Nah, I can’t beat you.”

Qin Ge really wanted to fight someone. “You can put on protective gear.”

“Am I that kinda person?” Dao Zi shouted indignantly. Who wears protective gear in a fight? I wouldn’t hear the end of it if someone found out.

“Then why don’t you team up with Da Xiao?” Qin Ge suggested.

Da Xiao was the head of security at the shooting range. He was also ex-military and his skills were on par with Dao Zi’s.

“Did someone piss you off today?” Dao Zi asked.

“We’re bros, man. Come on, let’s fight,” Qin Ge urged.

“F*** it!” Dao Zi finally gave in and took off his shirt, exposing his strong upper body. He rushed to the side and shouted, “Tell Da Xiao to come over to the boxing ring!”

After an intense round of fighting, he felt much better.

Perhaps I was longing for this moment for too long. I’ll try my best. If I end up hurting you, then I’ll let you go.

As soon as the wheel of time started spinning, the day for the honeymoon quickly arrived.

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