Princess Tsubakiri

Chapter 14 - Oath


This will be the final chapter.




“Elder sister Yua…”

“Come, Camellia.”

I smiled silently and reached out, and my dear little sister walked closer to me while crying, then clinging to my hand.

“Elder sister… Elder sister.”


My memories had been completely restored, and having gathered all of the [grief] and [despair] in the world through newborn babies, I absorbed it as a God’s [power], but it didn’t even reach a tenth of my golden age.

As I thought, the defeat 300 years ago had lingering effects.

Even though I… had become a “God”, only the curse hadn’t been erased.

With the memories of 3000 years, the capacity of my soul had expanded, and by seeing the past and future through the [Eyes of Truth], I had obtained the power to control substance and had become a [God].

Despite using the power of this [Time God], my life could only be lengthed by a little bit, and could not defeat the curse in the end.

The four Great Gods who cast the curse on me. As long as three of the now five Gods remained, my curse wouldn’t be lifted.

Still, I won’t give up. In order to live normally, and die normally.

“Let’s go.”


Walking to the back of the cave, Camellia followed me happily.

The two men were still there, but standing frozen and pale. One of them collapsed on his knees as they walked past them.

Let’s go… To the place where the other “God” laid.


The [Time God] who arrived paid no heed to the other humans and disappeared to the back of the cave along with the other girl.

When the divinity of the [Time God] who dominated the surroundings faded, Nikolas could finally take a breath and wiped the cold sweat on his pale face.

(Is that what a real God is…)

Without being able to rejoice from meeting a God as a theologian, he was instead strangely relieved that he was alive as the God had disappeared.

That the [Black-haired Girl], who had exposed the secret of the Gods, and the former sixth God, the [Time God], was the same existence, seemed like a poor joke.

No, had she become a God because she found out the true identity of the Gods? In that case, the content of the scripture the [Black-haired Girl] left behind might be true.

The [Time God] Tartayua.

It was a new God that appeared 1000 years ago, and had become one of the [Six Great Gods].

It was born from the wishes of people who couldn’t accept the death of their loved ones, and was the only God who could revive people, the manifestation of the “people”.

While being one of the Six Great Gods, it had commanded evil gods and challenged the remaining five, and was supposed to have disappeared from this world 300 years ago.

Even Nikolas who prided himself on being unconventional had no more plans of being involved with the [Time God].

As soon as he recognized her, he couldn’t look her in her eyes because the petite girl gave off the feeling of being a great person who would reach great heights.

The reason Nikolas was still alive was simply because of the [Whims of the Gods].

Not only that, the legendary “monster”, who killed people like insects, was following her.

More than this level of talk would affect the humans’ destined length of life.

“...Murasame, I’m going to run away.”


Nikolas called out to the dumbfounded Murasame out of a sense of duty, but without even waiting for a reply, he hurriedly moved to the exit.


Murasame couldn’t accept reality.

Murasame noticed that that [Black-haired Girl] was the main culprit for distorting and ruining Camellia’s life, and after spending 30 years searching every place, he had been waiting at the place the [Black-haired Girl] cursed by the Gods would most likely appear.

Camellia would be where she would appear. If the [Black-haired Girl] disappeared, the reason for why his beloved Camellia was cursed would definitely be gone.

Murasame, who had only lived believing that, was beaten down by the harsh reality.

“...No, not yet.”

With bloodshot eyes, Murasame raised his face.

“If I awaken the rest of the Gods… No, even acting rashly is fine. Even if this country is destroyed, if I can kill her, Camellia will…!”

Princess Tsubakiri will come

At that time, Murasame thought he could hear the young Shrine Maiden’s voice.

Poor child. Because of his plan, as soon as she was born, she was imprisoned underground and was kept alive to only hear the voice of the God.

Distorting the Shrine Maiden’s life, the one being driven mad was in the end Murasame.


As Murasame lifted his face at his own immorality, the last things he saw were approaching silver eyes and the iron blade of a saw.


Finishing my last “business” and returning, Nanohana - Elder sister Yua who had walked ahead, looked back slightly.

“Welcome home, Camellia. Or do you want to be called “Tsubaki” here?”


We, Faysils, losing out homes and being scattered all over the world, began to adopt words from that place as our names.

But I, so happy from meeting Elder sister again, called her [Elder sister] as I did before, and Elder sister was happy to be called like that again.

Being too embarrassed to openly admit that, my tone of voice turned a little sulky, and Elder sister Yua laughed mischievously while hugging me tightly.

“Hey, how cute.”

“E-elder sister!?”

Before was one thing, but the me now was taller, so there was no further need of being hugged, so my face heated up unconsciously.

Having no memory of Elder sister being this touchy-feely, I became flustered, and she looked at me with a strange expression.

“...Are all of your memories not back?”


A stupid sound slipped out of my mouth, and Elder sister Yua let me go and watched me with a satisfied smile.

“The me now is the ‘former’ me, you know. The time I was a princess, I was playing the hypocrite, you see.”

“No way.”

It turned out that the ladylike Elder sister from the first time I met her wasn’t her true character but instead the “Hana” I met a few days ago.

I had thought my memories had been completely restored, but it seemed like there were some still missing.

Looking at me, Elder sister’s face suddenly distorted, looking like she was about to cry.

“...I apologize. I not only ruined your life but you were even affected by my curse.”

“Elder sister…”

Because I was at Elder sister’s side, at some point, I caught the curse as well, and I started being reborn, not as a Faysil, but as the existence called “Tsubaki”.

But catching that unnatural curse, I wasn’t able to keep my complete memories like Elder sister Yua. Regardless, I…

“Elder sister, you are wrong. This is what I wished for.”

I said clearly and held Elder sister’s hand in both of mine.

Come to think of it, most times I had met Elder sister was when she was dying, so I might not have said it properly.

I was saved by Elder sister 1500 years ago. It wasn’t because she picked me up. All the love Elder sister had given me since that time was my salvation.

Therefore, I didn’t regret it. My everything was to save Elder sister. Because if Elder sister no longer was in this world, nothing had any meaning.

Even if… the cause of everything really was Elder sister.

“I wished to be by Elder sister’s side. Therefore… Therefore, don’t abandon me…”

I clung to Elder sister’s hand and shed tears. In front of her, I was always a crybaby. I only become my true self in front of her.


Elder sister hugged me gently again… Her thin body was slightly trembling.

“I’m afraid of involving you. I don’t want you to get hurt because of me. But even then, you always came to my rescue… If that’s the case…”

Elder sister hugged me tightly.

“Will you always be with me?”


I replied to her invitation without hesitation.

This was an “oath”. Continuing to chase after Elder sister for 1500 years, I was finally able to walk next to her.

The four Great Gods who cursed Elder sister. Former one of the four Great Gods, the [Sun God] had its temple crushed by people because of Elder sister instigating them and was reduced to the third evil God.

From the war 300 years ago I and my “brothers and sisters” participated in, the [Wolf God] was weakened to the extent of its dogma being corrupted.

I would fight. Together with Elder sister.

Elder sister gave a shy smile to my unhesitating answer.


“O-of course…”

We were smiling together like a few days ago…


“Elder sister!”

Elder sister Yua suddenly bent her body and coughed violently, and as I frettingly supported her, her hands holding her mouth were soaked in blood.

“Elder… sister…”

“...Cough… I don’t have much time…”

It was the Gods’ curse. Intervening in all phenomena to give Elder sister the worst of deaths.

For that, Elder sister would die before becoming an adult. She was able to overdo it because of her godly [power] right now, but even though she could heal herself with that [power], she couldn’t recover the [life essence] of her present age.

She was giving a troubled smile, but it should be painful for her to even breathe.

“Let’s go, ‘Tsubaki’... We can’t let it be released.”


I supported Elder sister as we walked to the inner part.

Elder sister Yua had called me as “Tsubaki” and not “Camellia. I wasn’t only the “little sister” she protected, but called as a sister who walked next to her, so I would never stop my feet in order to walk next to her.

“...That child God is scared.”


Elder sister spoke as we walked.

“It was born from the desire of the people in this city, was forced to awaken by humans, and is scared of the ‘God me’ because I can stop it.”

“...I see.”

The God who resided in this place was still something like an unborn baby.

Therefore, it feared Elder sister. Influenced by the curse the Great Gods had cast, even though it was a God itself, it tried to get rid of her when she still didn’t have her memories.

“...It was there.”

“That is…”

A pillar of light rose deep inside the cave. That was this city’s God.


It cried out because of fear, and the large cave quivered like an earthquake.

“Sorry… I don’t have anything against you, but I won’t let humans use your powers.”

Elder sister’s determined voice echoed in the dark cave.

“People… aren’t supposed to come back. Furthermore, people aren’t supposed to be revived.”

The God’s power was similar to Elder sister’s power of the [Time God], the power of “revival”.

But I knew. It seemed like this God was able to only bring back the outer body, but the revival used by Elder sister made people able to continue their lives, and even their memories returned.

However, it was a “fake life”.

They only smiled and cried because it was a learned behavior of the body. Their hearts didn’t change. Without the heart changing, the heart wouldn’t grow.

There were no [souls] in their hearts. They were simply puppets moving based on memory.

Still, people said it was fine and wished to be saved by the [Time God]. They only wished for the miracle of resurrection for their loved ones to remain by their sides.

But behind it all was an endless tragedy. People without growing hearts couldn’t live with people with growing hearts, and most of the people who wished for them to be revived killed them as if they’d been driven mad.

Therefore, Elder sister disappeared 300 years ago. She made it seem like she had been extinguished.

“[True Eyes]”


Elder sister manifested her powers, and the God of this place cried out.

“My [eyes] let me divulge even Gods’ truths. The reason for the Gods to have had cast a curse even on my soul to extinguish me, was because I… could slay Gods…”

Elder sister could probably see something. She could most likely see the desires that made up the God of this place - no, of this country.

The important people who dominated the business and political world, the world’s money traders. And then, the people who had strong interests in this city. Uncovering these people’s criminal behavior, Elder sister’s [crimson eyes] eliminated them all at once.

That was the only way to destroy the Gods.


Ah… I could hear the God’s agony of death. Once again, a God was extinguished from this world.

“Elder sister…”


Losing its host, the cave started to faintly rumble. This deep cave probably maintained the God’s power and expanded when it grew.


“Elder sister.”

I hurriedly rushed over to Elder sister, and sat her down to support her.

Elder sister couldn’t hold up her body any longer. Although she could live a little longer if she didn’t use her godly powers, she couldn’t leave that existence as it was.

This was also the… curse, huh.

Elder sister wiped my tears when I let a sob out, and called out to somewhere.

“You step outside too.”


The owner of this voice was Brother Akino.

Looking at the white and black butterflies fluttering beside him, I realized Brother Akino’s true identity.

“Akino, how is she doing?”

“Yes, Mr. Mikoto is always worried about you...”

“He is as usual, huh…”

“Big brother is…”

Not only my destiny had changed 1500 years ago. The four siblings of that time. The twin Brothers' and Sisters’ lives had also been ruined.

My second Sister mourned and cried after Elder sister Yua’s death, and was still madly wandering around the world 1500 years later.

And, Brother Mikoto cursed all of the Gods’ fates after Elder sister’s oppression and became a God like her, and put the world in disorder to weaken the Gods’ power as the [War God].

“Was that Fukami Family also a family lineage with apostles?”

“Yes. We and our relatives all around the world are a family lineage that originally served you from 1500 years ago. Grandfather also protected Miss Tsubaki.”

“That old man is as capable as ‘that person’ was.”

Yearning for the time 1500 years ago, Elder sister closed her eyes.

“Brother Akino. Please evacuate soon. If you’re alone, you can still run.”


Unlike me, who was an apostle of the [Saw God] who only could fight, as the [War God]’s apostle, Brother Akino should be able to survive this situation.

However, Brother Akino shook his head calmly and knelt in front of us.

“As a part of the Fukami Family, let me accompany you to the end.”

The attendant following the road to Hades…

But if he could live, I wanted him to live. Because he was part of my… family.

“...Brother Akino. I saw a small girl in this underground. Please help her.”

“That is true. Akino, I will ask you as well.”

“...I understand.”

Brother Akino unhurriedly bowed, then disappeared, as if he had melted into the darkness.

That was how he had always protected me from the shadows, huh. So he was always protecting me… Thank you, Brother. Please live.

The ceiling of the cave started to crumble. Brother Akino might barely be able to make it.

“Cough… Tsubaki, come here.”

“Yes… Elder sister Yua.”

Being alone inside the crumbling cave, tears ran down my cheeks as I stayed in Elder sister’s embrace.

Elder sister’s body was growing cold. I wonder how painful it was. How much it hurt.

“Elder sister… I apologize. I couldn’t save you… again.”

“Tsubaki… Thank you. Right now, I’m happy. Because you’re here.”

“Elder sister.”

I couldn’t stop my tears… I failed once again. I couldn’t save her again!

As Elder sister was hugging me tightly, her weak hands patted my back gently.

“Tsubaki… Next time, I will definitely survive.”


The collapsing of the cave was growing intense, and a large boulder was falling over us, drowning out Elder sister’s weak voice.

“Even if…”


That day, a regional earthquake struck in the center of the Kanto region, and the leaders of the business and political world died one after the other.

The world's biggest money traders died of a heart attack, and because of that, the stocks in Japan continued to decline. Japan entered the “Lost Decades”1.


I dreamt of the past.

It was of the nostalgic… sad memories from 1500 years ago.

Elder sister was betrayed by her fiance, killed by her family, and died being burned alive.

By the time I found her, the still very young Elder sister was in the filthy slums, crying and dying from an illness that eroded her body.

One time, Elder sister had been captured as an aristocrat’s slave, and after who knows how many years of being confined, and when I found her, she had died from her whole body being chopped up in pieces.

No matter how many times… Every time I found her, Elder sister was dying. And I had never been able to save her even once.

The time I had come running to a place called Arizona, researchers who had captured the [Black-haired Girl] dissected her alive, and I could only ease her pain while crying.

And even this time, without saving her, I died together with Elder sister by being crushed by a boulder and suffering.

And, again, a new cursed life would begin…


A clear blue sky with gentle sunlight.

I could see a group of skyscrapers in the distance. I could hear the voice of a child in the distance.

A forest-like large park in the early afternoon.

Tree leaves trembled in the summer breeze….

That [Girl] suddenly appeared in this world.

The girl had neither been hiding nor fallen from the sky. She had suddenly been born into this world from [Nothing]...    

Only wearing a simple unbleached dress, it was a young barefoot girl about four to five years old.

The slightly dull iron-like hair fluttered in the wind, and the amber eyes opened slowly, reflecting the sommer flowers Camellia that were blooming nearby in a sepia shade…


The girl let out a heartbreaking cry, tearing up her throat.

[Once again, I failed.]


[Once again, I couldn’t save her.]


The girl was nothing. She didn’t even remember her own name.

Even then, violent anger erupted from the depth of her heart, an endless hatred burning everything. And the young girl cried and screamed vehemently because of the regret ripping out her heart.

In that strange situation, young mothers left with their pre-schoolers. But amidst that, a young girl wearing a smoking jacket jumped out lightly.

“Hey, does it hurt?”

She smiled broadly at the girl who was crying and screaming.

Shiny beautiful black hair. A stateless face with beautiful red eyes… Hearing the girl’s voice, the crying iron-haired girl was surprised and stopped.


“See, pain, pain, go away!”

As the black-haired girl patted her head, the crying girl bent her head and started crying like a normal child.


The black-haired girl hugged the crying girl shedding large tears, who showed a slightly troubled expression.

“It’s okay. It’s not scary. It’s not sad.”


Holding the girl who kept crying tight, the black-haired girl kept stroking her iron-colored hair gently.

“Because I’m here with you.”

The iron-colored girl thought.

I don’t want to lose this warmth a second time.

I will definitely save her this time. She will definitely survive this time. Even if…

[...Next time, I will definitely survive.]

Another voice from the girl’s memories overlapped with her thoughts.


[Even if… I have to sacrifice everything in this world.]




This is the end.

I made this work because I wanted to write a movie-like story.

I am thinking of a continuation, but since the next heroine will be killing even gorier, I gave up this idea because I had to suppress the goriness of Princess Tsubakiri to R-15 and there won’t be any liveliness then.

This kind of story is hard.

My next work will be a little lighter.

Then, let’s meet later.

  1. This was an actual period of economic stagnation for twenty years in Japan between 1991 and 2010. It began with the bubble economy bursting, meaning the market value escalated rapidly followed by a quick decrease in value. The cause was the excessive loan growth quotas for the Japanese banks; they basically lent an insane amount of money and then raised the inter-bank lending rates, making the bubble burst. It became known as Lost Decades or Ushinawareta Nijunen in Japanese.

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