After Rebirth, the Scum All Cry for Forgiveness

Chapter 14 - Qin Yao.

Unlike the Zhong family, which has complex family relationships, and the Shi family, which is gradually declining, the Qin family has only one heir, Qin Yao. Everyone in the Qin family knew that the two brothers above Qin Yao were just illegitimate children who weren’t good enough to be presented to the public. They held Grandfather Qin with reverence and awe, but they couldn't even see Grandfather Qin’s face.

But Qin Yao grew up at the knees of Grandfather Qin and he was deeply loved by him. Although he didn't say anything about this huge family property, in private, he had already decided that everything belonged to him.

One can well imagine how much more superior the environment was that Qin Yao grew up in. He didn't need to be scheming at all and everything was delivered straight to him. But he persistently likes Zhong Youyou, who doesn't like him back and never even gave him another glance…... That may be the biggest setback in his life.

Although he didn't make many appearances in the original text, he basically revolved around Zhong Youyou. When it was her birthday and the family members gathered around Meng Shixuan to celebrate happily, Zhong Youyou drank till she was completely drunk in the bar, and it was Qin Yao who looked for her street by street and sent her back.

When Zhong Youyou was pestered by the gangsters, it was Qin Yao who left the company behind, ran a red light, almost had a car accident, and rushed to protect her in time.

During the few days of her college entrance examination, it was raining heavily. Father Zhong and Mother Zhong didn't even think that she would be admitted to the university. Only Qin Yao rushed back from abroad, gave her a ride, and waited outside the examination room for her to finish the exam.

Every time, every single time, she and Meng Shixuan had a quarrel, only Qin Yao stood by her side no matter what. Even if the reason for her dispute with Meng Shixuan was Shi Zhitang…...

Until Qin Yao went abroad for company affairs and was absent for just a few days, she was kicked out of Zhong residence and that incident happened….. In just a few short days, her life took a turn for the worse, she was suddenly ruined and she almost ended up living in pure misery...…

When Qin Yao rushed back, his eyes were scarlet, looking as if he wanted to kill someone. He dug around looking for the man and almost killed that beast himself. If it weren't for him being desperately held back, he would have had blood on his hands. Later, he dealt with the Zhong family for the dead Zhong Youyou, and even ended up in prison…...

It can be said that he actually ruined his whole life for the original owner.


He is just a supporting role, and his scenes were naturally pitifully little, but Zhong Youyou was very impressed with him!

Because he was so high-spirited when he appeared on the stage and was determined to win everything. It is not an exaggeration to say that he was someone the gods favored. He had great prospects and no one can compare.

But later, after the death of the original owner…

At that time, Zhong Youyou didn’t even want to see the ending of the male lead Shi Zhitang, so she hurriedly jumped to Qin Yao’s ending, but didn’t expect to see the description like that — he was like a walking dead, with shaggy beard, and his willful eyes lost its luster and became muddy. It was a Qin Yao who was completely destroyed.

The contrast before and after the impact on Zhong Youyou is nothing short of thunderous! When she saw Qin Yao's ending, she didn't want to say anything and insulted the original author countless times in her mind!

She had to admit that after seeing Qin Yao’s accompaniment, dedication, and even ruining his future prospects for the original owner, she would recall that he was rejected by the original owner, ignored by the original owner, or even told him to get lost and disliked him. It was hard for Zhong Youyou not to be moved!

If she were the original owner, she would regret it to death!

She would rather spend her whole life entangled with a Shi Zhitang who didn’t love or even care for her, and was never willing to look back at Qin Yao, who has paid so much for her, even his life!

But if you want to say how much the original owner loved Shi Zhitang, in fact, she might not have, maybe it was the feeling of the injustice of it all —— everything that should have belonged to her was taken away by Meng Shixuan, so how could she not detest it? However, because of this, she let down Qin Yao.


Alas, Zhong Youyou sighed, she is really not worthy for the original owner.

Qin Yao on the phone waited for a long time, but Zhong Youyou didn’t speak. His handsome face was flushed, his heart burst out from his throat, and his fingers were about to press the phone into his ear, for fear of missing the other's breathing. Zhong Youyou never took the initiative to call him, what's wrong?

Wait wait, maybe something happened?

Qin Yao's face changed suddenly and he opened the door and rushed downstairs before he finished talking with Grandfather Qin.

When the door was opened, the noise of the banquet was instantly transmitted into Zhong Youyou’s ears through the phone. Zhong Youyou only then realized that she was stunned for too long, so she hurriedly said: "Qin Yao, I have something I need your help with."

Qin Yao paused and breathed a sigh of relief.

When several guests saw him coming down, they went towards him one after another, raising their glasses wanting to greet him, but before they had time to speak, they saw the little young master of the Qin family walking towards the secluded garden.

Zhong Youyou saw that Qin Yao did not respond, and felt it a little strange, and asked: "Qin Yao, are you listening?"

Of course Qin Yao is listening, Qin Yao has always been listening.

There is no one around, the corners of his mouth are almost reaching his ears, and his heart is beating violently, afraid that his emotions will be leaked the moment he opens his mouth.

He blocked his mouth, stretched out his arm to hold the phone far away, hurriedly took a few quick breaths, then took the phone back, and asked politely and distantly, "What's the matter?"

Zhong Youyou: "……"

No, what's with this situation? This is different from the original text. It shouldn’t be that Qin Yao hadn't liked her yet at this time, right?!

It is also possible. Qin Yao appeared very few times in the novel and she couldn't figure out when Qin Yao fell in love with her. Maybe just like Father Zhong and Mother Zhong, he took a different route from the original text.

This is too unlucky!

But now that the call has been connected, she can only ask Qin Yao to help. Her voice fell an octave lower from dismay and she quickly said: "I have a conflict with my family. You know. I plan to move out. Can you help me find a reliable house?"

Qin Yao's ears were red, and after a moment of muttering to himself, he said “en” in a low voice.


Hearing this reluctant tone of "Since you have spoken, I am embarrassed not to help you, so I will help you"...... Zhong Youyou, who was so angry that she hung up the phone, was depressed.

She had to say, she was indeed a little lost. After all, when she read the original text, she had a good impression of the character Qin Yao and was slightly happy when she called him...…

But at this time, Qin Yao probably doesn't like her at all…... She should wash up and sleep, and not think too much.


Zhong Youyou didn't know that the little young master of the Qin family on the other end of the phone was still holding the phone, and he didn't remove the phone from his ear for a while. In the darkness, his face had already turned red like a red cloud on the horizon during a sunset.

Her attention was quickly diverted and she looked at the baggage she had packed on the ground, her heart filled with drive.

Speaking of which, the original owner doesn’t have many things. She has been living in this small guest room since she came here. She had thought of everything. Quilt covers, sheets, towels, etc. were all things that were originally in the guest room. The standard blue and white plaid pattern should more or less be the same set used by the servant, and Mother Zhong had never thought of buying a new one for her.

So Zhong Youyou won't take it with her.

Compared with the various exquisite hairpins and pretty little dolls in Meng Shixuan's room, there were no such things in the original owner's room. After all, those were all gifts. No one gave any to her. It would be boring for her to buy it herself —— She stayed here for three years. Every year, the Zhong family’s attention would be focused on Meng Shixuan and when she came back drunk, they would only look at her with loathing.

So, after Zhong Youyou tidied up, she found that all he needed to take away were only the things she bought from the mall before.

She couldn't help but sit down on the floor and sigh. She felt the solitude and loneliness of the original owner from the bottom of her heart. Day after day, staying in this west-facing guest room, being snubbed, ignored, it would be a wonder if her character didn’t become twisted. She lifted the sleeve of her right arm and took a look. The wound was healed, leaving behind only a scar.

After finishing this, Zhong Youyou was also tired and finally fell asleep after climbing into bed.

She didn't notice that after she turned off the phone, there was one more unanswered call. The words ‘Shi Zhitang’ flickered, as if he really wanted to talk but hesitated, and then finally faded away quietly.


Zhong Youyou and Qin Yao agreed to move out the afternoon of the next day. Therefore, the next day she deliberately slept in to avoid Father Zhong and Mother Zhong. They should have already gone to the company at this point on the weekend, but she never expected...…

As soon as she entered the dining room, there was a large table of dishes. Mother Zhong was wearing an apron. When she saw her, she was pleasantly surprised and gently came over: "Youyou, you’ve woken up, quickly come sit down."

Father Zhong also raised his head and looked kindly at her: "Your mother got up at dawn to make breakfast for you. She made these by herself."

For her? This was really unprecedented.

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