Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1413: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 39)

“The patient has already entered deep cardiogenic shock!”

“Blood pressure and blood oxygen keep falling!”

“There’s no light in his eyes anymore!”

“But his heart is still beating at a regular rate……”

“Quickly administer one milligram of adrenaline!”


There were many people in the hospital and all kinds of sounds hit her ears, but there was no one by her, only Xia Qing Rou.

Xia Qing Rou gently patted her back and kept saying by her ear, “It’s fine, it’ll be fine.”

But she kept thinking of Su Nian’s desperate look and An Yu Sheng’s calm smile when he closed his eyes.

She couldn’t help thinking that if she didn’t appear, it wouldn’t have reached this point.

Brothers of the same father and different mother, one would be imprisoned for life for murder and the other was in critical state, with the chance of losing his life at any second.

But Luo Qing Chen knew that even if she didn’t appear, the ending would be the same.

It was likely it would have been even worse.

It had to be said, An Yang for both Su Nian and An Yu Sheng was a large hindrance to both their personalities.

Their thinking was different from normal people, they started things and ended things in extreme fashion.

Sitting in the hall outside the emergency room, there were many medical staff that went in and out.  She didn’t even dare breathe too loudly as her clear eyes watched the light outside the emergency room lighting up and turning off.

Until it finally went dark forever.

The doctor came out with a very serious look.  Before she could come forward, An Yu Sheng’s parents had already rushed forward to take the doctor’s hands like maniacs.

“The patient is out of danger for now, but with the duration of the cardiogenic shock, it will depend on luck whether he wakes up or not.”

As soon as his voice fell, there was the sound of crying.

“Don’t be too pessimistic.”  The doctor saw that Mrs An couldn’t keep standing and continued, “After all, the patient has a strong will to live.  I’ve been a doctor for many years and I’ve never seen many people who can come back from losing two thousand CCs of blood.

Normally speaking, normal people would go into shock just from losing a thousand CCs of blood.

An Yu Sheng’s case was a miracle.

Mrs An had a bit of light on her look of despair before her expression became fierce again.

She wildly hit An Yang who had already been reduced to tears beside him, hitting him while crying, “It’s all because of you, it’s all because of you…..That crazy person already hurt one of our sons and now she wants to hurt the second one!”

An Yang , who could go unhindered in the business world, was filled with regret at that moment.  He could only keep apologizing and begging for forgiveness.

“What kind of thing is that singer girl, she’s this ruthless!  A singer is a singer, she’s too low class!”  Mrs An said this, but then she had no power left in her voice after saying the last word.

Many people watching heard her ugly words, some agreed and some felt disdain.

But who could truly understand her pain, the pain of losing two sons, the pain that could turn one’s hair white.

Luo Qing Chen sitting not far away wasn’t crying as she bit her lip and said to Xia Qing Rou beside her in a soft voice, “Thank you.”

Thanking her for not blaming her, thanking her for staying by her side.

Xia Qing Rou had been the best girl she had seen in this world!

She was a bit surprised as she said in a daze, “Don’t thank me, you are the girl that my big brother loves, so I know you’re more anxious than me.”

Xia Qing Rou’s voice was very gentle and in this ice cold hospital, it was like a spring breeze that entered her heart.

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