Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1416: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 42)

When the principal saw this, he didn’t feel displeased at all, rather he was quite happy.

He heard long ago that Mister L wanted to build a giant shopping mall in the golden triangle land, which included the land that the affiliate school was on.

According to the land division system, the owner had the right to demolish the school.

After all, those with land were the biggest.  Since the government had allocated this land for auction, it meant that even if Luo Qing Chen razed the affiliated school to the ground, it was expected.

However, there was suddenly a chance with this expectation.

When the principal appeared, the one who was most excited was Liang Bing Bing.

It was like seeing a last straw to grasp and she desperately wanted to live, so she ignored her own appearance and rushed towards the principal.

“Principal, look at this little punk, she actually came to our class to run wild!  Shouldn’t you expel her for this?”


Right, look at that table over there!  If I didn’t dodge quickly enough, I might have ended up the same!  This person is the biggest threat to the safety of us outstanding students!”

Her words were filled with rage as if Luo Qing Chen had committed a great crime and she was the pillar of the country.

“I’m saying……”

“Principal, you shouldn’t underestimate the personality of this inferior person!  Expel!  The school must expel her!”  Liang Bing Bing cut the principal off again, shouting as loud as possible to expose all of Luo Qing Chen’s ‘crimes’.

“Student Liang Bing Bing!”  The principal shouted in an angry voice as he strictly looked at her, “Tidy up your things and leave this school immediately!”

He was already dissatisfied with how Liang Bing Bing did things, but he didn’t feel any discomfort now.

This person who could only report others was the shame of the school.

“Right, make her leave!”  Liang Bing Bing angrily roared!  It was like she had won as she angrily looked at Luo Qing Chen!

“I’m making you leave!”  The principal’s calm voice rang through the classroom.  Everyone looked at Liang Bing Bing with bated breath, not daring to make a sound.

Because this scene was just too embarrassing!

Liang Bing Bing thought that principal was here to save her, but he had actually chased her out.

“Principal, what did you say?”  She turned to look at him with wide open eyes filled with disbelief.

“I think that I said it very clearly.”  The principal angrily threw a pile of photocopied documents on the podium.  This was all sent from Luo Qing Chen’s email, it was all filled with Liang Bing Bing’s crimes!

Liang Bing Bing looked at it and saw that there was Su Nian’s confession that connected her to the kidnapping!

“Principal, how can you expel me for these kinds of rumours!”

“That is right!”  The principal cleared his throat and continued, “The affiliated school board has officially announced that because of student Liang Bing Bing’s involvement in this kidnapping, she will be expelled and forever erased from the records of this school!”

The crowd that were still talking about Luo Qing Chen all looked at Liang Bing Bing with contempt at this moment.

“What are you looking at!  Do you believe what he says!  Who knows if this little punk girl is sleeping with this principal who doesn’t know anything!”

“Pa!”  There was a crisp slap that fell onto Liang Bing Bing’s face.

The principal was flushed with rage as he raised his voice to angrily shout, “Such a despicable student is daring to show off in my school, scram for me!”

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