Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1419: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 45)

She called a taxi and returned to the hospital.  It was snowing today, so feather like snowflakes fell down one by one.

Her eyes couldn’t help turning red…...

She slightly raised her head to keep the tears from falling.

The taxi driver was an uncle in his forties.  He looked at her in the front view mirror and slowly said with the tone of an adult, “Little sister, did you fail an exam?”

She slightly knit her brows and shook her head.

“Then did you have a fight with your parents?”

She lowered her head and shook it again.

The driver uncle seemed like he understood as he said with an ‘understanding’ look, “Then you must have had a fight with your boyfriend, right?”

“Wa!”  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t take it as she broke out in tears.

The tears that she held back fell down drop by drop like pearls.

The driver uncle panicked and said in an anxious voice, “Little sister, don’t cry!  This…..You’re still young, the best part is still coming, so don’t worry!”

“But I like him!”

The snow outside the window fell onto her face through the crack in the window, bringing a bone chilling cold.

In this small space, listening to the driver uncle’s voice, she put down all her strength and cried like a child.

An Yu Sheng…..An Yu Sheng…..An Yu Sheng…..

Those three words kept repeating in her mind, the youth who didn’t care about life and death to stay by her side.

How could he forget?  It was the ‘love test’ and they had finally gotten a perfect score after everything, so how could they change the questions!

“Aiya, I say, little girl, why are you so stubborn!”  The driver uncle said with his world view, “There are millions of men in this world, you can just change them every day!  Look at this uncle, I’ve already changed seven or eight times!”

“Why change!”  He said with a sigh, “Because I’m poor!”


Hearing the story of the driver uncle, she cried even more.

In this world, she and An Yu Sheng were like a stream that had a pure love.

But now…..there wasn’t any love.

When they arrived, the driver uncle didn’t take her money.  Rather he handed her a tissue and seriously said, “What I said was nonsense.  You’re this cute, you definitely won’t change.”

“Don’t say it.”  She took the tissue and blew her nose and wiped her tears before saying, “You don’t know how to comfort people at all!”

She still gave him money after saying this because she had already seen the picture of his wife and son in the front seat.

He didn’t tell the ending of this story, so it meant that it wasn’t good.

Taking the elevator to the fourth floor, Xia Qing Rou was in the hall waiting for her, but her expression didn’t look good.

She said in a soft voice, “Don’t worry, I already know.”

“You know?”  Xia Qing Rou looked at her in disbelief.

The red eyes and her slightly stuffy nose.

Although she didn’t know how she knew, she could tell from her expression that she did know.

“The doctor said that big brother still has the will to live, but his memories…..are completely gone.”

Xia Qing Rou softly pulled at her hand and said, “But the doctor said that big brother’s mental problem has become better.  It should be that he forgot big brother Liang Sheng, so he no longer has a personality disorder.”

“This is considered a good thing.”  She said with a nod, “Let’s go in and see.”

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