Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1424: Sir school hunk with personality disorders (Part 50)

After returning to his room, An Yu Sheng locked it.

This was an act of self protection.  For someone with amnesia, a confined space gave him a strange sense of security.

His mind was a bit messy and he was a bit anxious.

He unconsciously picked up his phone and his gaze stopped on the name ‘Luo Qing Chen’.

Three seconds later, he sent her a message on QQ.

(Long time no see, have you been busy recently?)

He looked at the words and after thinking about it, he hit the backspace button…..

(Qing Rou said that she misses you a bit, do you have time to meet?)

He looked at the words for another while before hitting the backspace button again…..

(I really miss you…...)

This time he looked at these words for a full five minutes.

However…..he didn’t believe that he would actually send it.

His heart was wildly beating and his breathing became a bit fast.

Then he made his next move.

(You have withdrawn a message.)

But then the other side gave him a response.

(I miss you too!)

Luo Qing Chen’s words seemed very casual, but it wasn’t.

When she was sitting in front of the computer and saw An Yu Sheng’s ‘I really miss you’, she thought that he had recovered his memories.

But this ‘expectation’ was ended by herself.

One: The system didn’t restore his affection.

Two: If An Yu Sheng recovered his memories, he wouldn’t just send her a message on QQ saying he wanted to see her.

So the one that was thinking about her was the empty An Yu Sheng who was like a blank piece of paper?

Un, she suddenly felt a bit excited!

(Do you want to see a movie tomorrow?)

(That, if you don’t have time, we can change it.)

(No, let’s go whenever you have time!)


Time passed second by second.

After forty two seconds, Luo Qing Chen gave him his response.


When she typed that word, Luo Qing Chen’s lips revealed a faint smile.

This was a very strange feeling.  They almost never dated and they returned to the time where they were getting to know each other.

The dating period they didn’t have seemed to have come back.

But he was already no longer An Yu Sheng with the same personality disorder.

The next morning, she stood in front of her closet for a long time.  Finally she chose to wear a goose yellow sweater, a plaid skirt, and a navy blue coat.

Everything seemed to have gone back to the beginning.

Before this, although Luo Qing Chen knew that An Yu Sheng had amnesia, he was no longer that youth with the personality disorder.

It was like a blessing, a blessing in disguise.

But when she stood in front of the mirror, her eyes couldn’t help turning red.

He was no longer that paranoid youth, not someone who would prove that he would live and die for her…..

Suddenly…..feeling lost…...

It turned out that the feeling of being pampered without care for life and death was that good.  It turned out that kind of paranoid love would be missed.

“Ding ling.”  There was the sound of a text that cut through her thoughts.

(Send me your location, I’ll come pick you up.  ——An Yu Sheng)

Luo Qing Chen was surprised before she sent her location to him on QQ.

When she opened QQ, she found that there was a bunch of messages that An Yu Sheng sent her last night.

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