My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 144: Dragon Labyrinth Formation pt. 2

When several people thought of the previous tragedies, they looked grave.

Jing Yue, “But based on past behaviors, she could only transform up to two people at one time, one is her original body, while the other is controlled by her blood essence. Even if she has a trump card, the number of people she can control would not exceed three.”

Lin Huaifeng, “So although you killed her original body, her blood essence is still attached to Cheng-daoyou?”

Jing Yue, “In front of the Dragon Gate that day, Yanzhi and I kept our eyes on her, but until she tried to jump into the dragon gate, we didn't notice any signs that she had forced out the blood essence. I think she has most probably left the blood essence in someone's body before we came along. That person may be a cultivator who also entered the Dragon Tomb, or perhaps they didn’t come in at all.”

They had no way to determine this, so they could only pretend to be oblivious, killing the main body of the demonic cultivator first before observing the rest after entering the Dragon Tomb.

Cheng Yun, “But if she has been possessing me, why can't I detect it? I remember everything since I entered the Dragon Tomb until I passed out just now.”

“I think her blood essence can lurk in the human body. As long as she doesn't activate it, the host won’t be able to detect it,” Jing Yue speculated. Otherwise, it was impossible for Kong Miao not to be aware that the successor of Ashura Tower had pretended to be an eminent monk of the Three Realm Temple for a hundred years.

Cheng Yun agreed. “Very likely.”

Jing Yue, “When we first found you, Yanzhi and I realized something was wrong.”

Lin Huaifeng, “What's wrong? Why didn't I notice?”

Qin Yanzhi, “The posture of holding the sword is wrong. Unless a sword cultivator has no other choice, we won’t treat the sword like that.”

Lin Huaifeng recalled the scene just now and still couldn’t figure out what went wrong. He looked at his brother, who also shook his head.

Jing Yue, “She was leaning on the sword.”

Jing Yue clearly remembered that when Qin Yanzhi was still a child in Haotian Realm, he always went up the mountain with a sword in his arms or on his shoulders, never holding it like a walking stick. This was the instinct of people who really loved swords, and most sword cultivators were like that.

As a well-known sword cultivator, Cheng Yun obviously loved swords, so why would she use her sword like a walking stick when she still had strength left?

Of course, it was impossible for them to judge from this point alone, just doubts.

But after that, the change over the Dragon Labyrinth Formation had clearly ended, and all of them were holding on to each other, but they still got separated. At that time, it was as if an invisible force blocked them, and Jing Yue's divine consciousness discerned that it was a kind of cover-up. This anomaly made him think of the Ashura Tower’s secret technique.

Adding up all the doubts, Jing Yue concluded that the demonic cultivator of Ashura Tower had possessed Cheng Yun's body.

If he could think of it, Qin Yanzhi could too.

Qin Yanzhi severely injured Cheng Yun's dantian while Jing Yue slapped the opponent's spiritual dais, both to force out the demonic cultivator’s blood essence. As Cheng Yun closed her eyes in despair, the demonic cultivator’s blood essence quietly fled. She had no main body at this time, so she could only lurk into another body as soon as possible. As for the four of them right now, the Lin brothers were of course the best to control. As long as Jing Yue kept an eye on the two, he could definitely catch the demonic cultivator.

Lin Huaiyu, “I see, but what if she still has blood essence attached to someone else? You also said that she might have a trump card.”

Jing Yue, “I once used a drop of her blood essence to trace her main body, so I can also use this drop of blood essence to find the whereabouts of another blood essence, which there’s none.”

Lin Huaifeng, “Is it possible that she used some secret technique to hide it?” He quickly added, “I do not doubt your ability, Laozu, but the Ashura Tower is too uncanny.”

Jing Yue said with a smile, “Even if there’s a secret technique, she needs her soul-mind to control it, which must have been transferred to the blood essence the moment her body was destroyed. Now that the blood essence has been sealed and destroyed by Yanzhi, her soul-mind has also dissipated, so how can she control other blood essences?”

Lin Huaifeng, “So she’s really finished?”

Jing Yue, “Over and done with.”

Lin Huaifeng, “It still seems surreal.”

Lin Huaiyu, “But if she’s dead, will Ashura Tower have a new successor?”

“Perhaps, tomorrow, 100 years later, 10,000 years later, or maybe never…” Jing Yue smiled. “It's useless to think too much at this time. Anyway, the other party has to start from the beginning. At least, we’ve killed the one in front of us now.”

After thinking about it, everyone concurred. The most important thing now was to leave Dragon Labyrinth Formation.

Qin Yanzhi held Jing Yue’s hand again, but he heard the latter’s voice transmission, “So your Daoyi is me?”

Qin Yanzhi, “Sword souls only have a few forms. Who else could it be?”

Jing Yue, “Of course, it should be you with snot all over your face.”

Qin Yanzhi, “…”

Seeing Qin Yanzhi speechless, Jing Yue felt smug and no longer asked why the other party lied to him about not being able to activate his sword soul. When Ji-ji secretly told him about it back then, he realized the other party’s intentions. He was a little angry at first, but after thinking about it, the anger turned into helplessness, and even a little heartache.

After walking for a long while, the four of them finally arrived at the exit of the Dragon Labyrinth Formation. About a dozen cultivators waited around, but at this moment, everyone's eyes were full of resentment and anger.After all, no one knew if someone in the crowd would launch a sneak attack.

A demonic cultivator couldn't help sneering, and many righteous cultivators turned red.

Jing Yue pretended not to notice and walked out of the Dragon Labyrinth Formation first. According to the female dragon, the real Dragon Tomb should be outside the Dragon Labyrinth Formation.

Sure enough, the scene in front of him suddenly changed. Icebergs of different sizes stood under the dark sky. When he looked carefully, he found a dragon skeleton sealed inside each iceberg. Some dragon skeletons were still intact, while others were incomplete.

The place was extremely cold and even the ground was covered in frost. The hot air exhaled by people would instantly turn into ice mist.

It was said that dying dragons would enter the Dragon Tomb. When they breathed their last, the Dragon Tomb would automatically build an ice tomb for them as if it had self-consciousness, and it had been like this for millions of years.

Suddenly, Jing Yue felt the excitement from the Mini Canglan sword, and the weak consciousness of the sword spirit told him that there was an item of extreme ice element here.

Jing Yue's heart trembled. Now that he had obtained the Ice Gold Ore and the Ice Cicada Leaf, he was still missing the Ice Soil and Fire-in-Ice. Could one of them be found in the Dragon Tomb?

Qin Yanzhi noticed his inexplicable pause and asked, “What's the matter?”

After Jing Yue told him about his guess, Qin Yanzhi said, “Looking at the environment here, it’s very likely that something of extreme ice element will be born. Do you know the direction?”

Jing Yue, “Mini Canglan sword is pointing me to the northwest.”

Qin Yanzhi, “Let’s head to the northwest then.”

Jing Yue, “Let's walk slowly and take a closer look. I’ve told the Dragon Ancestor that I need a dragon bone, and he promised that if I can enter the hinterland of the Dragon Tomb, he’ll allow me to take one. The dragon race will occasionally come here to take the dragon bones too, but he only allowed me to open one ice tomb.”

Qin Yanzhi, “What type do you need?”

Jing Yue, “A fire dragon bone is the best, but unfortunately, I can't distinguish the attributes of the dragon from the skeleton, so I can only take a guess.”

No one knew why Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi wanted to go northwest, but based on Jing Yue’s previous ‘prediction’, they chose to follow.

Walking among the icebergs of dragon skeletons, although they knew that the dragons inside were dead, many people still felt nervous. Especially when those were likely dragons from tens of thousands of years ago, or even 100,000 years ago, walking through here seemed like traveling through history and time.

As for the dragons even earlier than that, even if they were sealed in the ice tomb, the bones were long weathered after such a long time.

Suddenly, Jing Yue stopped.

Qin Yanzhi, “Is it here?”

Jing Yue, “I don’t know. I think the dragon in front seems a little familiar.”

As soon as he said that, Mini Canglan sword broke away from him and struck the ice tomb!

“Mini Canglan…”


The huge impact cracked the thick ice tomb. With a light cracking sound, the gap grew bigger and bigger. Small pieces of ice fell off, followed by bigger pieces. Then, an ice tomb collapsed, completely exposing the dragon skeleton inside!

Jing Yue, “…”

Mini Canglan knew it had done something wrong, so it shrank back but was unwilling to leave.

Jing Yue felt the yearning from the other party. He looked carefully and found a faint silver-white flame in the belly of the dragon skeleton—Fire-in-Ice!

He tensed up and took a step forward, but someone rushed over faster than him—a demonic cultivator!

However, before the demonic cultivator got close, he was burned into ashes.

Obviously, the other party didn't recognize the Fire-in-Ice. He most probably noticed Jing Yue’s anomaly and guessed that the flame was a treasure. Little did he know that although the Fire-in-Ice seemed to exude an icy chill, it was more powerful than earth fire.

Without a magic weapon to counter it, one could only rely on powerful divine consciousness to seal the flames in order to obtain it.

Jing Yue wasn’t worried about someone snatching it from him at all. Here, including Qin Yanzhi, no one was more capable than him to get the fire.

Seeing the tragic end of the demonic cultivator, other cultivators were too frightened to move, but Jing Yue stepped forward slowly. Just when he activated his consciousness to envelop the Fire-in-Ice, he felt a foreboding. He quickly threw the Fire-in-Ice into the Sumeru ring and backed away abruptly!

A loud dragon roar with endless resentment rocked the entire Dragon Tomb.

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