Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 396 - Cultivation Examination(14)

Dangerous night, silent valley.

Jiu looked at the unconscious Qian’er in her arms as they were surrounded by men in black and wanted to cry.

Am I destined to die here?

Wind blew and the sword fell.

She witnessed the sword eluding spiritual qi aiming straight at her. She was ready to battle to her death when a spiritual treasure in the shape of an umbrella had suddenly flown over and helped block the attack. This was…

Han Yu!

Jiu’s gaze brightened. As expected, Han Yu and Yu Wenxiao’s figures appeared in front of her.

Ah, so this was the road Han Yu and Yu Wenxiao must take to return to Lingbao Sect.

Han Yu: although I can’t explain why, I can’t let Lady Jiu be in danger!

Yu Wenxiao: screw you. I knew it wouldn’t be as simple as following the male lead! When will this come to an end? Boss, where are you? Please save me!

Jiu had to protect Qian’er while stepping back. With the three together, they were able to tie with the men in black.


At this time, a strange fragrance emitted within the air and a lady in red floated over. She wore an off-shoulder long dress and the red veil covered her face. They could only see her alluring eyes under the moonlight.

The scene turned strange with the lady in red’s presence.

Jiu: damn, I actually wore the same outfit as her. I refuse to admit that she looks better than me.

The woman lifted her brows and looked at Jiu and then her gaze landed on Han Yu and Yu Wenxiao, revealing an interested look.

Next, her weapon, Killer Bees, flew out and enveloped the sky. The black insects merged with the darkness and nobody could distinguish the weapon from the sky.

Killer Bees!

This was…

“Everyone be careful, she’s Dong Qingxiu!”

Yu Wenxiao had guessed the lady’s identity. Delightful Sect’s goddess. She enjoyed wearing red clothes and she was lascivious and ruthless. What caught people off guard was that she raised a group of killer bees!

This set up...if they were a mission enforcer…

Yu Wenxiao immediately thought of a name. She couldn’t be...Ding Jiajia could she? The higher-ups would treat her that nicely?

While Yu Wenxiao was in a daze, the killer bees flew in front of him.

“Brother Yu Wen, be careful!”

Han Yu immediately took out a few magic weapons that he refined but it only persisted a few minutes under the killer bees’ attack.

Rumors say that Dong Qingxiu relied on double cultivation and had already reached the final golden core realm. Even more, her killer bees had reached the perfect golden core realm. The devils were incredibly powerful, basically the same as human cultivators in the primary realm.

Not long later, Han Yu and Yu Wenxiao started struggling and Dong Qingxiu had approached the two.

She just needed to kill everyone in her way and her lower cultivations than her.

This was the good thing about evil cultivation. They could kill the innocent but not be suspected.

While Dong Qingxiu was smiling and waiting for success, the situation suddenly changed.

A silent dangerous feeling rose within her heart. Danger!

Dong Qingxiu’s eyes widened. “Retreat quickly!”

Before she could finish, the evening wind blew. The surrounding men in black as well as Han Yu and the others all got on the ground.

A white figure walked over through the moonlight.

Their clothes swayed, reflecting the man’s handsome face.

Xu Ce?

Dong Qingxiu froze and subconsciously wanted to escape.

But in the next second, the man appeared in front of her. A pair of slender hands clutched Dong Qingxiu’s throat tightly.

Dong Qingxiu originally was all mighty and lofty but now, she was weak and powerless like an infant in front of him.


Dong Qingxiu struggled to talk but the other party gripped her throat emotionlessly as if going to kill her at any moment.

No, she couldn’t die.

Dong Qingxiu revealed a determined look. In the next second, she suddenly burst and exploded. Fresh blood splattered everywhere and her spiritual qi flew everywhere.

Master Mo slowly moved back. Not a single drop of blood splattered on him. Though  Dong Qingxiu detonated herself, her spirit had escaped…

She actually…condensed her primary core!

Everyone in the cultivation world knew that Dong Qingxiu had just advanced into the final golden core realm. She didn’t even hit the perfect realm. Yet, Dong Qingxiu was able to detonate her body and leave through her primary core.

Master Mo glanced in the direction she escaped in and sneered.

No worthy you’re the strongest mission enforcer from there. You’ve hidden quite deeply.

Unfortunately, although you escaped, the primary core could only attack people whose cultivation was lower than yours. You’re still not my match the next time we meet.

The wind got stronger and blew at Master Mo’s robe.

He turned around and glanced at the unconscious Jiu, Qian’er, Yu Wenxiao, and Han Yu. In the end, his gaze landed on Yu Wenxiao.

He walked over and waved his sleeves. Yu Wenxiao’s eyelashes started trembling and he furrowed his brows.

“Wake up.”

Master Mo kicked Yu Wenxiao a few firm times.

Yu Wenxiao immediately opened his eyes. He looked at the gentle Master Mo in alarm. “You…”

Was he Xu Ce?

Don’t blame the mission enforcers for thinking he was Xu Ce. Seeing his image and temperament, as well as his incredible cultivation, he was basically Boss Xu!

“Tell me what you know or I’ll kill you.”

Master Mo looked at Yu Wenxiao, talking in an icy tone.

This tone...didn’t feel like Xu Ce. Mn, maybe he wasn’t a mission enforcer?

Yu Wenxiao smiled and revealed a careful expression. “Hero, we don’t know anything. If you don’t believe me, you can wake my junior brother up too. We were just passing by! Please be generous and let us go!”


Master Mo smiled lowly and said, “I originally didn’t plan on using the searching spell on you but since you’re not going to cooperate with me, don’t blame me.”

Saying this, Master Mo bent over, his slender fingers gradually inching close to Yu Wenxiao.

“Wait, wait!”

Yu Wenxiao immediately panicked. “, what do you want to know?”

“Clues. After you entered the mission world, the clues you received in the world.”

Yu Wenxiao’s face paled at the words. Damn you! I knew you were a mission enforcer and a habitual murderer.

Master Mo found out about the clues a few months ago. He was collecting medicinal ingredients in a forest when he encountered a mission enforcer. Through their fight, the mission enforcer told Master Mo about the clue regarding the plot he obtained unintentionally in order to survive. In the end, Master Mo didn’t keep his words and killed the mission enforcer. Yeah, he had no principles.

Forgive Master Mo for killing people cleanly and swiftly. Despite killing five or six mission enforcers, this was the first time he found out that there were hidden and main plots within this world.

He wanted the fight with Dong Qingxiu to be fast but steady. Who knew that she detonated and escaped. Master Mo naturally wouldn’t let Yu Wenxiao escape so easily this time.

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