Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1445: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 3)

She angrily went looking for He Yu Yan, but she never expected his response.

“I feel that Meng Meng is suited for this role.”  After saying this, he passed for a bit before saying, “After all, she is pretty!”

The previous host was filled with rage after hearing this.  This was the dubbing circle, not the acting circle, the face didn’t matter, alright?

The previous host went to find the president Yue Yue and told her that she shouldn’t use her since this person wasn’t suitable.

She never thought that after Fang Qian Meng learned of this, she directly attacked with a live broadcast!

She pointed every word at the previous host, saying that the previous host had bullied her as the number one female star of King’s Landing.

She diligently recorded her voice clip according to the script and even the male lead No Words said that she was more suited for this role.

But she never thought that this number one star would actually be unwilling to hand the role over for her own gains.

Fang Qian Meng’s broadcast room exploded.

The otaku boys all became keyboard warriors to express the grievances of the girl crying on screen!

The previous host’s Weibo that was almost never used was conquered by trolls in a single night.

Actually, there were many people who liked the previous host’s voice, but the previous host had never done anything like broadcasting.

Both business and fans needed to be managed, there was no cohesion if they weren’t managed.

This was something that the previous host didn’t do enough.

So with the pressure of the public, she couldn’t do a thing as she could only watch as the crowd toppled the wall.

It wasn’t only this, because of the terrifying pressure, she was temporarily replaced by King’s Landing.

The role of Feng Wu fell into Fang Qian Meng’s hands and she became an on screen coupling with He Yu Yan!

When “Sword Dance Clear Song” was broadcasted, the response wasn’t very good.

It was because normal people had ears and Fang Qian Meng couldn’t show the domineering nature of Feng Wu.

But since there was no comparison, people couldn’t say a thing and many of them showed support for the show.

King’s Landing held a special offline conference in order to keep the enthusiasm for this show high.

At the press conference, He Yu Yan announced that Fang Qian Meng was his girlfriend, pushing the topic to a new level.

The previous host who was watching it on the computer exploded with rage and even had a heart attack.

She hated her own voice a bit since she thought that this voice had made her lose everything.

Although her family sent her to the hospital, she couldn’t be saved.

The previous host didn’t know that when everyone was pushing down the wall, there was an invitation from the Drunken Bliss Group in her inbox.

The person who invited her was no one other than the number one cold god of the voice acting circle, Half Warm Cup

This person never posted on Weibo, but had close to six million fans.

All his works were popular and he was known as the person with an unparalleled cold voice in this world!

But it was a pity the previous host never saw this email, or she wouldn’t have died from anger.

Perhaps there might have been a day where she could turn it all around!

After the previous host died, Fang Qian Meng and He Yu Yan became the best couple online.

But there were some people who started with their face and couldn’t reach the peak since they didn’t have the talent.

Since then, there was only one name when it came to the best in the voice acting world.

It was: Half Warm Cup.

There were many girls shipped with him, but they all disappeared into the annals of time.

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