My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 145: Ice Tomb


Following another dragon’s roar, ice frost withered and turned into dust, and the Dragon Tomb was shrouded in mist.

In the mist, the giant dragon skeleton could be seen slowly raising its head, its jaws were wide open, and the dragon's body, which was sprawled on the ground at first, lifted slightly. It stretched its limbs out and stood up.

“What the heck!”

Jing Yue heard some cultivators cursing and he could understand it very well. After all, this dragon head alone was more than ten feet long. With its body, it was nearly twenty feet long!

Just looking at it from a distance, one could feel the destructive fear and pressure, and even Qin Yanzhi's face darkened.

But it was different for Jing Yue. In his previous life, he had fought against a giant dragon in its original form, and later successfully slayed that dragon too.

Wait a minute!

Didn’t he seem to think that this dragon looked familiar just now?

Could it be…?

No way…

At this moment, the dragon's head turned in the direction where Jing Yue was standing. Although the dragon's eyes were just two black holes, Jing Yue knew that the dragon was looking at him.

Sure enough, the next moment, the giant dragon took a step toward him, and the bones all over its body popped like firecrackers.

“It’s you.”

Jing Yue, “…”

“I didn't expect you to be so depraved and so weak now.”

Jing Yue, “…”

Qin Yanzhi, “…”

Onlookers, “…”

Jing Yue was just about to deny it when the dragon spoke again, “You don't have to deny it. Even if you change your appearance, your soul won’t change, and I’ll never, ever, forget it!”

With that said, the giant dragon jumped up and pounced on Jing Yue!

Jing Yue was about to curse too. He could now confirm that this was indeed the fire dragon Hong Yan who was suppressed by him and Lei Jing back then. But didn't Hong Yan die on the spot? Otherwise, the Dragon Tomb wouldn't have built an ice tomb for Hong Yan, and Lei Jing wouldn't have treated him as a ‘big benefactor’ in that uncanny way.

Although Jing Yue was full of doubts, Hong Yan obviously wouldn’t explain anything,

Back then, in order to leave a chance at life, Hong Yan sealed a sliver of soul-mind into the Dragon Pill and feigned his death, deceiving Lei Jing and the Dragon Tomb.

No, it shouldn’t be called feigning his death. If his soul hadn’t awakened, he would sleep forever until he disappeared.

Later, his body which was full of fire spiritual power combined with the Dragon Pill was slowly transformed in the ice tomb and became the Fire-in-Ice, which made his soul-mind weaker, thus losing consciousness long ago.

If not for the fact that Jing Yuan's soul, which was connected to his through a causal relationship, touched the Fire-in-Ice, it would be very difficult for him to wake up even if someone else got it.

But this was Heaven’s will, which showed that Heaven wanted to save his life and give him a chance to take revenge with his own hands!

Hong Yan was very excited and raised his giant claws high.

Everyone was dumbfounded. They didn't even have time to think about the implication behind the dragon’s words. They could only watch helplessly as the giant bone dragon charged at Jing Yue like a small mountain pressing down on an insignificant pebble in his way.

Qin Yanzhi hurriedly urged Daoyi as he stood in front of Jing Yue. Jing Yue was about to pull him away when suddenly, the dragon fetus in his arms moved, jumped out, and penetrated the bone dragon’s forehead!

The giant dragon let out a thunderous roar and the whole skeleton soared into the sky, writhing in midair.

Jing Yue stared blankly at the sky and froze in place, completely at a loss for what was happening. Although he had promised the mother dragon that he would find a flesh body for her dragon fetus, he didn’t mean this skeleton.

Suddenly, he sensed a faint consciousness from the dragon fetus that seemed to want to form a bond with him.

Jing Yue wanted to refuse subconsciously, but he found that the dragon fetus' consciousness was full of longing, as well as a little fear and sadness. He was startled and suddenly realized that the soul-mind of the dragon fetus was getting weaker and weaker. Without any external help, it would soon be consumed by Hong Yan.

“I’m sorry!” Jing Yue muttered silently in his heart and released his consciousness, becoming one with the dragon fetus!


When Lei Jing hurried over, he was just in time to see Hong Yan less than half a foot away from Jing Yuan, his wide jaws almost biting down on Jing Yuan!

Lei Jing was anxious and was just about to make a move when he saw Jing Yuan force a drop of blood essence into Hong Yan's forehead. The blood essence quickly merged, and Hong Yan wailed as his bone body arched straight. It got lower and lower, and finally lowered its noble head as if submitting to Jing Yuan.


Lei Jing wanted to rub his eyes. Were his eyes playing tricks on him? Even if Jing Yuan wanted to form a bond with Hong Yan, it couldn't be so smooth, right?

But he soon noticed something was wrong—Hong Yan had two souls!

“Hehe, you’re here.”

Jing Yue had just helped the dragon fetus suppress Hong Yan's soul, and took the opportunity to form a bond with Hong Yan, so he felt a little guilty facing Lei Jing now.

Lei Jing managed to hold back his shock, put on a calm look, and said indifferently, “What's going on?”

Jing Yue, “I don’t know.”

Lei Jing looked at the others, but everyone was stunned as well. How could they understand what the Dragon Ancestor didn't know?

But they understood one thing. Jing-laozu of Frostcloud Sect had subdued a dragon, which was already dead but was somehow resurrected again.

Err, no… but who was this handsome man with majesty and indifference in front of them? He popped out suddenly, and no one had seen him before.

“D-D-Dragon Ancestor?”

Somebody was lucky enough to have seen the portrait of the Dragon Ancestor at a market stall and asked hesitantly.

Lei Jing nodded slightly, looking noble and aloof, but in fact, he was frantically transmitting his voice to Jing Yue.

“What's going on? I kindly let you into the Dragon Tomb, and you caused such big trouble for me?”

“How did Hong Yan come back to life? What exactly did you do?”

“How come there are two souls in his body? The other one also has the breath of the dragon race. Where did it come from? Did you do it?”

“It must be you, or Hong Yan will never submit to you.”

Jing Yue couldn't bear it anymore. “Enough!”

He took a deep breath and replied with a voice transmission in retaliation, “You asked me why Hong Yan was resurrected, but I should ask you this question instead. Back then, you and I suppressed him together. I killed him by accident, and you even had a falling out with me. As for the two souls, as the Dragon Ancestor, don’t you know? The other one is the soul of a half-dragon, with half the bloodline of the human race, and is now my spiritual pet. It has nothing to do with your dragon race now. You don’t want to acknowledge it anyway.”

Lei Jing was furious. “It's the dragon fetus in the Dragon Prison!”

Jing Yue, “Yes, she approached me for help. Since the dragon race doesn't want it, our human race does.”

Lei Jing, “You, you, you, you’re so shameless!”

Jing Yue, “Better than the heartless and ruthless dragon race.”

Lei Jing wanted to stomp in anger but in order to maintain his image, he could only hold back in silence until he almost suffered an internal injury and forced himself to calm down.

Soon, he figured out the ins and outs.

Most likely, Hong Yan had deceived him by hiding a divine consciousness back then, and now he was awakened by Jing Yuan. Hong Yan wanted to take revenge, but he didn't know that Jing Yue had a dragon fetus with him. Even though only a half-dragon, it still carried the bloodline of the dragon race.

The dragon fetus rushed into the dragon skeleton by instinct and tried to compete with Hong Yan for control. Once he suppressed Hong Yan, he made a pact with Jing Yue!

Although his guess wasn't perfect, it was close to the mark. At this moment, Lei Jing only had one thought in his mind—the stinky Daoist surnamed Jing was too lucky!

Jing Yue regained his composure. He knew that Lei Jing would not do anything to him. As for selling the female dragon out… Anyway, the dragon race wouldn't kill the female dragon. Besides, even if he didn’t tell him now, Lei Jing would guess it sooner or later.

As he thought about it, the dragon skeleton in front of him raised his upper body again, baring his teeth and claws. “Despicable and cunning human, I’ll kill you!”

Jing Yue, “Get down.”


The dragon skeleton fell down in response, unable to resist at all.

Lei Jing, “…”

Hong Yan, “…”

Hong Yan was furious. Wasn’t Heaven going to give him a chance to take revenge?

He was clearly gaining the upper hand, but unexpectedly, a divine consciousness with a dragon aura descended from the sky to wrestle with him, and Jing Yue took advantage of his peril to forcibly form a bond with him! He actually took the enemy as his master?! How was this different from calling a thief his father?

However, he could do nothing to Jing Yue now. At this moment, Hong Yan really wanted to die. He would rather never be awakened!

At Hong Yan’s misfortunate, Lei Jing couldn’t help rejoicing.

After all, he was forced to seek help from Jing Yuan, a human, back then, which went to show how much Hong Yan gave him a hard time. Now that Hong Yan was still alive, his guilt had receded, and he was in the mood to gloat again.

It was for the best. Hong Yan becoming Jing Yuan's spiritual pet was almost equivalent to losing his dignity as a dragon. Even if he was resurrected, he couldn’t cause a storm again. And although Lei Jing didn’t like half-dragons, they had half the bloodline of a dragon after all. Since he followed Jing Yuan by chance, it could be considered finding a good home.

He used to worry if the dragon fetus really died, the female dragon in the Dragon Prison would probably turn against the dragon race.

Lei Jing had straightened his thoughts out and his eyes gazing at Jing Yuan were suddenly filled with tenderness. The other party had resolved his two dilemmas at once.

“Jing…Laozu, I’ll have to trouble you from now on,” Lei Jing immediately pushed the responsibility away.

Jing Yue: ???

“Hehe, you guys can go on. I won’t disturb you anymore.”

After saying that, Lei Jing disappeared on the spot, so decisively that Jing Yue wondered if he saw a fake Lei Jing just now.

After the Dragon Ancestor disappeared, the others returned to their senses and discussed incessantly.

Jing Yue couldn’t be bothered about their discussions. Even if there was a risk of exposure just now, as long as he smiled inscrutably, the others would just make up their own stories.

Just like this…

“Why does that dragon skeleton seem to know Jing-laozu, and Dragon Ancestor also seems to know Jing-laozu?”

“Have you forgotten? Jing-laozu received Daoist-Master Jing Yuan’s legacy. Dragon Ancestor and Daoist-Master Jing Yuan had a friendship so it’s natural to take care of his old friend’s junior. As for the giant dragon, he probably has an old grievance with Daoist-Master Jing Yuan, but after being asleep for so long, his mind is groggy and mistook Jing-laozu for Daoist-Master Jing Yuan. After all, they belong to the same lineage.”

“You have a point. I see that Jing-laozu is so calm and composed, so he must have everything under control. Maybe Daoist-Master Jing Yuan had already predicted this day and ordered his disciple to come to the Dragon Tomb to subdue this dragon.”

No one suspected the true relationship between Jing Yue and Jing Yuan. After all, Jing Yuan had been dead for thousands of years, so his rebirth was beyond common sense. If unfamiliar with Jing Yue, no one would have thought about that at all.

“Ahem.” Jing Yue coughed lightly. “Everyone, the Dragon Tomb is about to close. Let's hurry up.”

At his reminder, everyone remembered why they came here. Seeing that Jing Yue found an opportunity, everyone was excited and eager.

Jing Yue breathed a sigh of relief secretly. Qin Yanzhi said quietly next to him, “First a Dragon Ancestor, and now a fire dragon. You certainly have many grudges and acquaintances in your past life.”

Jing Yue, “…”

Author’s Notes:

<Hong Yan’s Confessions>

I think I may be the most miserable dragon in the world.

Back then, that useless dragon Lei Jing was clearly unable to defeat me, but he was cunning and good at currying favor with the previous Dragon Ancestor, so he took the position of Dragon Ancestor instead of me.

After much difficulty, I managed to gather enough strength and wanted to get back what belonged to me. That useless dragon Lei Jing shamelessly enlisted the help of a human and almost killed me.

The sliver of soul-mind I managed to hide was fortunate enough to be awakened, but another dragon appeared halfway and forced me to recognize the thief as my father!

I’m angry! I feel wronged! I'm sad!

Mother dragon, why did you give birth to me?

Heavenly Dao, why did you play me out?

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