Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1456: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 14)

Luo Qing Chen spent her entire day in class in a daze.

Her mind was filled with the damn dramas of this world, the online circle and the reality circle were just too small!

She went straight home after class and turned on QQ, seeing that Half Warm Cup’s image was lit up.

After thinking about it for thirty seconds, she sent the male lead a message.

Thinking of Clear Dust: You’re in A City?

Half Warm Cup: Yes, you too?

Half Warm Cup immediately answered her question and it was because of this quick reply that she panicked a bit.

Actually, she didn’t need confirmation at all because there was no such coincidence as the exact same name.

And he was also a handsome guy!

Thinking of Clear Dust: Yes.

She didn’t hide it.  After all, Wen Yan Chen only had 10% affection for her, it was impossible for him to want to meet her!

Half Warm Cup: Seeing your icon flash, I thought you were going to give me an answer.

After all, she had suddenly become a separate group on his QQ and had become a special concern.

Although he was very surprised by his own actions, he suddenly enjoyed this ‘childish’ feeling.

Thinking of Clear Dust: Give me two hours, I’ll give you a reply.

After typing this, Luo Qing Chen closed the chat and searched “Reincarnation Endowment” on Baidu.

This was a story by a godly author, it was an ancient era web novel.

It was one of the most popular IPs, it could even be considered more popular than “Sword Dance Clear Song”.

It should be known that the author was a part of Drunken Bliss.

Luo Qing Chen seriously read “Reincarnation Endowment” and the depiction of the characters.

Actually, she didn’t think that the female lead called Nian Yi suited her because the roles that she played were more domineering and cold.

As for Nian Yi, she was a bit…...gentle with a bit of coldness.

She would have the gentle love of a young girl when she was with Qi Jun.

This role, how did it suit her?

Two hours later, Luo Qing Chen took a can of Coke from the refrigerator and took two sips.  After she cleared her heart, she sent a QQ message to Half Warm Cup.

Thinking of Clear Dust: Why do you think that Nian Yi is suited for me?  (⊙⊙?)

She added an emote to express her profound confusion.

Half Warm Cup: You read it?

Wen Yan Chen on the other side had a surprised look.  Being able to read a story this quickly, she really was an outstanding voice actor.

Thinking of Clear Dust: Yes.

Half Warm Cup: I feel that you’re more suited for another kind of voice.

He never thought that she was a half man half woman like the internet said, when he heard her voice, he felt that she was a very clean girl.

Thinking of Clear Dust: Have you heard my work before?

Wen Yan Chen's determined tone made her wonder if the other side knew her voice or not.

After all, her voice work had been fixed.  To make her change now, the only thing she could use was her real voice.

Even so, that wouldn’t be an easy task.

Wen Yan Chen sent her a screenshot.  It should be from a private folder on his computer, it was completely filled with her work.

Without knowing why, a bit of warmth filled her heart when she saw this.

Half Warm Cup’s actions, it was completely like he had a crush!

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