Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1467: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 25)

He had always liked girls who were small and cute.

For example, when he saw Luo Qing Chen at the club today.

As the saying goes, there was no harm when there was no comparison.  When Fang Qian Meng lit the cigarette, he felt the harm of comparison.

“I want you to give me gifts!”

Fang Qian Meng had always been very direct, saying this without any embarrassment.

“Since you called me, it isn’t just as simple as a few dollars.”  He Yu Yan’s feelings became even stronger when he heard her say this.

He had always felt that someone like Thinking of Clear Dust who listened to him was boring, but now he suddenly felt that kind of girl was quite good!

“Nonsense!  You can even say a few dollars.”  Fang Qian Meng spat out, “At least ten thousand!”

“Ten thousand?”

“Why are you talking so much!”  Fang Qian Meng gave a cold laugh, “Aren’t you a rich second generation?  Then again, with how long you’ve been at King’s Landing, is ten thousand a lot?”

He had it, but he didn’t really want to give it at this moment.

“If I don’t, will you break up with me?”

“Right!  I’ll break up with you!”

Fang Qian Meng’s attitude was very firm, not planning to take a single step back.

“Alright.”  He Yu Yan’s lips twitched before he said, “I’ll give it to you.”

“Room 9800, quickly!  Don’t let me fans wait!”  She quickly hung up the phone after urging him and fixed her hair and makeup.  She took a glass of water and went back to her stream room.

Her room had less than seven thousand people left and there were only a few messages being sent.

At this time, He Yu Yan directly entered the broadcast room and gave Fang Qian Meng ten pumpkin carriages, creating a stir in the room.

Pumpkin carriages were the most expensive gifts on Grapefruit TV, each one was worth one thousand dollars.  This kind of gift would be displayed on all streams on Grapefruit TV, it was the gift of a rich man!

He Yu Yan didn’t hesitate to give her ten, making her suddenly cry out on stream.

“Ah!  Who gave me a gift!  Ah!  It’s No Words!  Ha, ha, it truly is expensive!  We are so close, there’s no need to give me gifts.”

He Yu Yan sitting in front of the computer had no expressions on his face, but his eyes were filled with disdain.

Seeing Fang Qian Meng change faces so quickly, his mood was very bad at this moment.

How could there be such a fake person in this world, fake people really were disgusting.

At the same time, Luo Qing Chen saw a large banner in her room.

[No Words has sent ten pumpkin carriages to room 9800.]

There were carriages after carriages that flew by, flying ten times before disappearing.

Qiu Qiu is Clear Dust’s Little Princess (Lv 9): So angry!  I’ll give god Clear Dust a horse carriage too!

Not Caring About Wang Lun’s Love (Lv 10): Me too, I can’t let god Clear Dust be bullied.

Big Sister Peach’s Spring (Lv 1): Who can tell me what the price of a pumpkin carriage is?

Scattered Flower Skirt (Lv 12): Not cheap, it’s one thousand for one!

Big Sister Peach’s Spring (Lv 1): So expensive!  I want to give one to god Clear Dust just to anger this scum man and cheap woman to death!


Seeing the fans that wanted to give her gifts, Luo Qing Chen quickly said, “Don’t, don’t, don’t!  You mustn’t give gifts, you should use that money to buy a few pumpkins to eat!  Or…..you can go get some beauty treatments.”

[Ding, affection has increased by thirty.  Mission completion rate is now 60%.]

When she said this, the system’s voice came rang in her mind.

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