Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1469: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 27)

After the broadcasts, she opened up Weibo and found that two people she followed had pinged her.

She looked confused, the only person she followed should be Half Warm Cup.

After opening it up, she found two problems.

Wind and Rain: I just saw that King’s Landing’s “Sword Dance Clear Song” changed the casting of Feng Wu to Cute Little Fairy and then Thinking of Clear Dust jumped over to Drunken Bliss.  Does god Warm Cup think that Thinking of Clear Dust left King’s Landing out of anger because she didn’t get the role?  @Half Warm Cup V

Half Warm Cup V replying to Wind and Rain: I kept persuading her for half a month before she joined Drunken Bliss. @Thinking of Clear Dust.


Dear Cutie: So exciting!  I just saw god Warm Cup send a hundred thousand in god Clear Dust’s broadcast, my young girl’s heart exploded!  But I’ve heard that god Clear Dust was related to No Words before, does god Warm Cup know about this?  @Half Warm Cup V

Half Warm Cup V replying to Dear Cutie: It was nothing. @Thinking of Clear Dust.

“Puchi.”  Luo Qing Chen who was lying in bed preparing to go to sleep couldn’t help laughing when she saw these two.

This act of not forgetting to ping her when answering questions for her, she really admired it!

At the same time, Fang Qian Meng who ‘logged off in shame’ burned in rage like she had eaten a hundred thousand in peppers.

The question was, so what if she was angry?

The answer: Of course she would find a punching bag!

She thought about it while calling He Yu Yan, but there was no answer from the other side.

After she called several times, He Yu Yan finally answered.

“Where did you go?  Why are you so slow in answering the phone!”  Fang Qian Meng’s tone was very bad since she still hadn’t vented her anger yet!

“What does it matter to you?”  He Yu Yan gave a cold snort, completely different from before.

“You……”  Fang Qian Meng’s anger immediately came up, but she felt it was stuck in her throat.

“What about me?”  He Yu Yan’s tone was very cold, as he said to Fang Qian Meng without any warmth, “Do you want to say that you’ll break up with me?”

“Right, right, right!  Break up!”  Fang Qian Meng was stuck for a long time before she forced this out.

Whenever she spoke of breaking up, the other side would make up with her, so she felt this move worked!

“I also feel this is a smart move.”  He Yu Yan gave a cold laugh, “Even if you didn’t call me today, I was planning to call you tomorrow.  After all, there are many girls who look better than you in this world and there’s many girls with better attitudes.”

For someone like He Yu Yan, once he had a new goal, he would throw away his old things.

He had met a girl more suitable in real life, so why would he waste his time with an internet celebrity?

“You…...No Words, don’t regret this!”  Fang Qian Meng angrily bit her lip, feeling like her heart was burning up!

“I’m sorry, I never look back.”  He gave a soft laugh, “That ten thousand can be considered the money for sleeping with you, there’s no need to be polite.”

As soon as his voice fell, he hung up.

A large part of why he endured Fang Qian Meng before was because they had met in real life and even slept together.

As a man with a sense of responsibility, he didn’t care if she acted up a bit.

But that didn’t mean that he would tolerate it forever.

What Fang Qian Meng was doing was testing his limits.

Then again, he already had a better choice, so he didn’t need to care.

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