Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1471: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 29)

Luo Qing Chen felt her heart skip a beat and after taking a deep breath, she didn’t dare breathe out.

“Welcome, new members of the vocal music club.”  Wen Yan Chen slowly let go of her hand with a sparkle in his eyes.

Actually, people didn’t know that his ears couldn’t help feeling a bit warm.

He never thought that the first time holding her hand would be in this kind of situation.

There were some people where if they heard their voice, it would be deeply imprinted in his mind.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 70%.]

She was a bit stunned until the system’s notification brought her back.  She looked up at Wen Yan Chen and said, “Hello, senior.”

Wen Yan Chen looked over her and there was a confused look that appeared in his eyes.

After a person who was a female voice actor with perfect pitch, it was impossible for her not to know that his voice was the same as Half Warm Cup.

But there was no surprise in her eyes, which meant there was one possibility.

She already knew that he was Half Warm Cup…...

“Damn, Yan Chen, why are you at the welcome party?!”  Jian Yuan looked at him in complete shock.

He was Wen Yan Chen!  He didn’t even come to the meetings before their performances, not to mention this noisy orientation party, alright?”

“I can’t?”  Wen Yan Chen put his hands in his pockets out of habit.  When he walked forward, he didn’t forget to whisper to Luo Qing Chen behind him, “Come.”

Su Zhi was still very unhappy and she pursed her lips, but since senior Wen had already spoken, she couldn’t say a thing.

When they sat back down, Chen Na finally came back to her senses.

She wanted to say something bad, but she couldn’t say it when she saw Wen Yan Chen.

“These two new classmates are lucky!  Being led in by school hunk Wen is not a right that everyone can enjoy.”  Jian Yuan didn’t forget to tease them with a trace of a smile in his eyes.

After all, he had known Wen Yan Chen for many years and he really had never seen this behaviour from him before!

Could it be…..they knew each other?

Other than welcoming the new members, Jian Yuan told everyone about the school celebration that was coming next month.  Each club had to prepare two or three programs and the ones with the highest votes would participate in the school celebration performance.

Chen Na gave a cold snort as she looked at Luo Qing Chen and Su Zhi.

After all, when the vocal music club had large performances, she would normally participate.

But she had never performed with school hunk Wen before because he said, “I only like playing solo.”

“Di, di, di.”  The phone vibrated.

While the others were eating fruits and chatting, only Luo Qing Chen and Wen Yan Chen picked up their phones at the same time.

In the group chat of “Reincarnation Endowment”, there were questions about their progress.

[Vice president]Flourishing Song: @Everyone, time is running out, have you finished recording your sound clips?

[Li Xi]Splendid: Not yet!  I suddenly feel that Xi Li’s voice is very difficult.  乛?乛

[Vice president]Flourishing Song: Does Hua Hua want to change?  Actually, it isn’t a problem!

[Li Xi]Splendid: Oh, no.

[Li Xi]Splendid has retracted a message!

[Li Xi]Splendid: I don’t think it’s that difficult for me, I’ll be done in three days!

[Zhu Xue]Cloud Falling Clear Sky: I’m half finished, I just need to work with god Clear Dust on some of the more emotional lines.

Luo Qing Chen looked down and her lips curled.  She quickly replied on her iPhone X.

[Nian Yi]Thinking of Clear Dust: Don’t call me god Clear Dust!  It sounds so strange, just call me Qing Chen!  (*^-^*)

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