Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1473: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 31)

Half Warm Cup was the hardest mountain to move each time, Flourishing Song had to keep asking for seven days.

But although Half Warm Cup’s clips came late, they never had to be worked on.

That was why he was the most famous god of Drunken Bliss, he was truly powerful!

[Qi Jun]Half Warm Cup: I might be late.

[Vice president]Flourishing Song: Why?  [Anger]

[Qi Jun]Half Warm Cup: Because I’m also participating in the club’s orientation party.

[Vice president]Flourishing Song: You really are bad at lying!

[Zhu Xue]Cloud Falling Clear Sky: Vice president +1, god Warm Cup is directly copying god Clear Dust’s words!

[President]Falling White Robe: Warm Cup, your words really are too rough, I really don’t have a way to speak up for you…...

Even the president couldn’t take it anymore.  Just saying that he was busy in the afternoon was better than saying that he was at the club’s orientation party!

Luo Qing Chen looked up and saw a faint smile on the face of that youth.  He had a slight pampering look in his eyes as his hands quickly tuped on the screen.

“Du, du.”

There was a message from Half Warm Cup on QQ.

Half Warm Cup: Is god Clear Dust really not going to speak up for me?  (つд?)

He didn’t forget to add an aggrieved emote at the end.

When she looked up again, she met Wen Yan Chen’s eyes and they both revealed a smile.

Luo Qing Chen’s smile was very sweet and hard to hide.  Wen Yan Chen’s lips curled and his smile was faint, but beautiful.

This was a kind of tacit feeling between them!

Because of their perfect pitch, they had immediately noticed each other and entered a tacit understanding.

Chen Na had seen everything.  She sat there angrily clenching her fist and stomped her foot a few times to express his existence.

It was a pity that no one had noticed her!

Luo Qing Chen took the phone and sent a message in the group chat.

[Nian Yi]Thinking of Clear Dust: Actually, god Warm Cup isn’t lying…..

[Li Xi]Splendid: ?

[Zhu Xue]Cloud Falling Clear Sky: ??

[President]Falling White Robe: ???

[Vice president]Flourishing Song: You…...You, you, you…...How do you know?

[Qi Jun]Half Warm Cup: Because we’re in the same club.

The screen immediately froze.

After three seconds, the president, Falling White Robe, made a statement.

[President]Falling White Robe: Drunken Bliss will be holding a crusade on Half Warm Cup at eight tonight, please inform the others!

[Qi Jun]Half Warm Cup: ?

[President]Falling White Robe: If you and god Clear Dust are at the same school, why didn’t you try to poach her sooner?  ╰_╯

Falling White Robe who never sent an emote was swept up in this and directly sent an angry emote.

[Nian Yi]Thinking of Clear Dust: Actually…...I am a first year and god Warm Cup is a second year senior.

Luo Qing Chen helped him to the end and told them the truth.

[President]Falling White Robe: Damn!  This much of a coincidence?

[Vice president]Flourishing Song: It’s just like a drama…..

[Qi Jun]Half Warm Cup: It’s just this coincidental.

[Vice president]Flourishing Song: @Thinking of Clear Dust, god Qing Chen, tell me, is Warm Cup an uncle with a full beard?  (^U^)ノ

[Li Xi]Splendid: Picture, picture, god Warm Cup sounds like he’s handsome!  How could he be an uncle…..

[Nian Yi]Thinking of Clear Dust: Do you want me to take one?

Luo Qing Chen didn’t forget to look at Wen Yan Chen with a naughty look as she sent this, feeling quite good.

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