Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1476: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 34)

In just half an hour, there was plenty of cursing on the net.  King’s Landing’s official Weibo had to delete the post and then send an apology.

King’s Landing V: We really are sorry!  King’s Landing has disappointed everyone, please believe that we will do better next time!

After sending this post, the King’s Landing official chat group had the smell of gunpowder in it.

President·Yue Yue: I think that everyone should be clear on the situation.  I know that many of you have things to say, so just say them.

VA·Movie King: To be honest, that person really isn’t worthy of playing Feng Wu.

Fang Qian Meng sitting in front of her computer had her face turn green with anger.  People on Weibo were already scolding her and now there were people in the group doing the same!

VA·Cute Little Fairy: How do you know that it isn’t a water army on Weibo?  If others say that you’re not suited then you’re not suited, is it fun following the trends?

Production·Gently: Don’t you know if it’s a water army or not?

VA·Cute Little Fairy: I don’t!  Who knows if someone from production is jealous of me or not!?

Production·Gently: Me jealous of you?  After hearing your disgusting voice, I couldn’t eat for two days and you say I’m jealous of you?  Aiyo, save it!  The difference between you and god Clear Dust isn’t just one or two points!

VA·Mo Shang Thinking of the Past: I already told Yue Yue that it wasn’t good when I heard the voice clips.  President, what do you think?  @President·Yue Yue.

President·Yue Yue has blocked everyone from talking.

President·Yue Yue: I’m very sorry about this matter, it will definitely impact the dramas of other groups in the same period.  I have discussed this with management and decided to make up for the damages caused by this second rate show as soon as possible.  As for the main lead of this event @VA·Cute Little Fairy, I won’t kick you, just leave by yourself.

President·Yue Yue has returned everyone’s right to talk.

VA·Cute Little Fairy: What do you mean by this?  Damn!  I spent so much time and effort here and you’re chasing me away?

President·Yue Yue: Alright!  Since you’re not willing…...

President·Yue Yue has kicked VA·Cute Little Fairy from the group.

VA·Movie King: Eh, we can just have god Clear Dust come back!  She’s been at King’s Landing for so many years, she must have some feelings still.

President·Yue Yue: She won’t come back.

Yue Yue had already thought about this and she had done it, but when she went looking for Thinking of Clear Dust and added her.

She had already been blocked which meant that she didn’t want to have any contact with King’s Landing.

VA·No Words: I feel that we should train more newcomers since this matter has too much influence on King’s Landing.

For No Words, although he wasn’t popular, there were still more people who supported him compared to before.

Most of the messages on the web were: Jian Han is alright, Feng Wu is trash!

Since he was already hostile towards Fang Qian Meng, he didn’t say a single word when he heard her clips.

Feng Wu and Jian Han played opposite each other, but they had never worked together.

Actually, Fang Qian Meng had called him during this time, but he was someone who never looked back.

He didn’t want used goods!

President·Yue Yue: It is a good idea to recruit new members, but we have limited resources and there’s too much work casting a normal net.

VA·No Words: Actually, I’m the president of the voice acting club at my university and we’ve had to prepare for the school celebration event during this time.  I was planning on letting them prepare it themselves and if there are any good seedlings, I’ll pull them into the review group.

Now that there was no Thinking of Clear Dust, he was the number one of King’s Landing.  He always felt that he should do something to deserve that title!

President·Yue Yue: Alright!  I’ll hand this task to you!  It’s really been hard on everyone today!

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