Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1478: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 36)

This was a…..confession?

Luo Qing Chen was in a daze in class while thinking about this question.

Of course, the main reason was because of Ran Ran, not planning to let her go!

She would ask a question every five minutes.

“Ah, ah, ah!  Xiao Qing, why do you know senior Wen?”

Reply: “We are in the same online club.”

“Ah, ah, ah!  Why did you tell me you knew each other!”

Reply: “There are some things with our senior that I also just learned!”

“Ah, ah, ah!  Ah, ah, ah!  Ah, ah, ah!”

“Stop.”  Luo Qing Chen reached her hand out and said, “I’ll treat you to milk tea, alright?”


After school was over, there were many students moving across campus.

Everyone’s eyes unknowingly fell onto Luo Qing Chen and they burned.

When she was holding the cup of milk tea, Mo Ran started asking about the club.

She liked going bit by bit when she ate things and this time it was even more serious.

The people at the voice acting club didn’t like her.  The school celebration performance was about to begin, so not only did she not participate, she was also in charge of some backstage stuff.

Un, it was those two people who laughed at her at the door that day.

“Then do you want to stay there?”  Luo Qing Chen chewed a few pearls before asking this in a serious voice.

After all, if you didn’t love the voice acting work, it didn’t matter how much you liked animation!

Mo Ran thought about it before saying, “But I’m just not willing!”

Although she was a bit scatterbrained, she had a bit of stubbornness when doing this.  She either didn’t do it or she did it to the best of her abilities.

In the voice acting club, she didn’t feel like she had a chance to be treated fairly.

“Since you’re not willing, you can give it a try.”  Luo Qing Chen also knew that she was someone who didn’t like to give up, so she said this seriously.

“But voice acting really is too hard…..”  Mo Ran was very upset.

She joined the voice acting club because of her love of animation and if she couldn’t voice act, it would go against her original wish.

“Oh.”  Luo Qing Chen heard her voice and immediately knew what she was thinking.

“I feel that you shouldn’t be too restrictive.”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said, “Actually, the voice acting industry is quite interesting.  You can start with some modern era scripts, then some ancient era scripts…..and so on.”


“You’re worried those two will make it hard on you?”

“Un, un, un.”  Mo Ran gave a serious nod.

“Don’t worry, with their skills, they definitely won’t be qualified to get on stage.”

Luo Qing Chen was this certain because in terms of professionalism, she had to recognize He Yu Yan.

Although he didn’t have any conscience when it came to the Fang Qian Meng matter!

But when she heard the voices of those two girls, she could tell how exhausted their vocal chords were.  They must smoke and drink all day.

Voice damage caused by frequent smoking and drinking!

This kind of voice wasn’t qualified to become a voice actor.

Since she was chatting with Mo Ran, it was close to eight when Luo Qing Chen got home.

Her phone had been out of battery since she hadn’t charged it in a long time.

After taking a lazy bath, she slowly turned on her computer!

She never thought that the youth called Half Warm Cup would have…..filled her screen on QQ.

At that moment, there was a notification from the system in her mind!

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 80%.]

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