My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 148: Departure

Qin Yanzhi did not come alone, but together with several members of the Sword Inscription Sect. Based on various clues over the past century, the righteous Dao had determined that the entrance to the Middle Ages secret realm was in a certain coastal area in East Yu. After Jing Yue came out of his seclusion this time, they would go to East Yu to try their luck together.

Although the hope was slim, everyone wanted to seize this opportunity because many years ago, Frostcloud Sect once again used the Jadecloud Bell to predict that the chance encounter was indeed in the east.

When they walked through the street, someone whispered, “The one just now seems to be Qin-zhenjun of Sword Inscription Sect?”

Another person said, “Looks like it. The people walking with him look very imposing, most probably all experts.”

“Recently, the major forces have sent many experts. I remember the last time there was such a commotion, it was 200 years ago when Jing-laozu was injured by Han Guang-laomo. At that time, even Tribulation Passage powerhouses rushed to Evernorth.”

“Is something about to happen again?”

“Hey, I heard a rumor.” One person lowered his voice and said, “I heard that Qin-zhenjun intends to become Dao partners with Jing-laozu. With so many people coming this time, are they about to hold the Dao partner ceremony?”

“What? The two of them?”

“I seem to have heard something too, but it seems that Jing-laozu is unwilling.”

Naturally, Qin Yanzhi didn't take the discussions on the streets to heart, but the several elders who were walking with him all looked at him worriedly.

Back then, the sect leader accompanied Qin Yanzhi to Frostcloud Sect to ask for Jing Yue’s hand. Not long after, both of them returned, and Qin Yanzhi went into seclusion since then. There were rumors in the sect that Qin Yanzhi was emotionally hurt and could only rely on seclusion to stabilize his mood. They didn't ask too many questions about this matter, so no one knew the truth so far.

Thinking back, their most talented Sword Inscription Sect disciple used to be unattainable, but he tripped up on that Laozu from Frostcloud Sect. It was inevitable that everyone felt upset, but what could be done? Jing Yue's seniority was comparable to Yi Ye, so they couldn’t grab him by force.

Fortunately, Qin Yanzhi was tenacious. After leaving seclusion, his cultivation base had improved greatly, so everyone was relieved.

However, they heard such rumors the moment they arrived in Frore City, so wasn’t it rubbing salt in Qin Yanzhi’s wounds?

Several elders shook their heads—love hurt the soul and kidneys*…

(TN: It’s always said in TCM that doing the deed is greatly related to kidneys)

When they entered the Frostcloud Sect’s mountain barrier, they naturally saw the boundary stone carved by Jing Yuan back then. The coercion of the stone posed no threat to the Heavenly Grotto Zhenjun, but they unconsciously straightened their postures, and even their backs were quite upright.

That was Daoist-Master Jing Yuan, the existence that righteous cultivators admired and worshiped!

Only Qin Yanzhi looked at the words on the stone and felt a little throbbing in his heart, and unconsciously quickened his pace.

When they arrived at the mountain gate, the receiving disciples of Frostcloud Sect stepped forward, but everyone looked a little embarrassed. They didn't know how to treat Qin Yanzhi. Should he be Jing-laozu's future Dao partner, the dejected person who was rejected by Jing-laozu, or Qin-zhenjun, the unattainable flower of the cultivator world?

So after a few simple greetings, they led the group into the mountain gate, and they didn't even dare to face Qin Yanzhi directly.

However, as soon as they entered the mountain gate, a handsome young man in a blue Daoist robe was waiting not far away. His eyebrows looked like distant mountains, and his eyes were like clear lakes, leaving others at ease at first sight.

The man nodded slightly to the elders of Sword Inscription Sect before he looked straight at Qin Yanzhi and said with a smile, “Yanzhi, you’re here.”

Qin Yanzhi stepped forward quickly and smiled at him.

The two walked in front together, and this harmonious scene shattered various rumors in an instant.

The elders of Sword Inscription Sect jumped for joy and held their heads high. As expected of Qin Yanzhi, for him to have a crush on someone, how could the other party not reciprocate?

The disciples of Frostcloud Sect thought it seemed that Jing-laozu didn't seem to reject Qin-zhenjun, so was the Dao partner ceremony going to happen after all?

Neither Jing Yue nor Qin Yanzhi cared what other people thought but they were talking in a low voice at this time.

“This time, Liu Yun will go with me. Nearly a hundred people from other major sects have arrived, including four Return to Void cultivators. At present, only a few sects haven’t arrived. When everyone is assembled, we’ll head to East Yu together,” Jing Yue explained the current situation briefly.

Before this, Qin Yanzhi knew that the Middle Ages secret realm could accommodate Return to Void and Heavenly Grotto. If Sword Inscription Sect’s Return to Void cultivator was around, he would probably follow this time.

As for other sects, if the sect had only one Return to Void and no Tribulation Passage in charge, they couldn’t leave so easily.

Qin Yanzhi, “Hopefully, we can find the secret realm smoothly during this trip. Do you have an idea of how to open the door of the secret realm?”

Jing Yue, “Let's see when the time comes. Since the Jadecloud Bell is pointing to the east, it means that the chance encounter of the righteous way is there, so we just need to go with the flow.”

He glanced at Qin Yanzhi again. “Your cultivation must be close to Return to Void, right?”

Qin Yanzhi, “Almost, just waiting for an opportunity.”

Jing Yue suddenly smiled. “Your chance has come.”

Qin Yanzhi was puzzled. Jing Yue spread out his palm and a purple fruit appeared, similar in appearance to a wax apple.

“An Enlightenment Fruit?” Qin Yanzhi asked hesitantly. He had only seen the appearance of an Enlightenment Fruit from the books, so he wasn’t sure.

“Exactly.” Jing Yue handed the fruit to him. “Do you remember the blessing grass seeds we bought in Haotian Realm? One of them actually produced an Enlightenment Fruit. We’re really lucky.”

This fruit could help with enlightenment. As for how much, it depended on personal aptitude, and it was most suitable to be used when trying to break through the realms. Moreover, the Enlightenment Fruit grew naturally and wouldn’t leave any residue unlike elixirs, so it was a rare treasure.

Jing Yue wanted to give it to Liu Yun at first, but Liu Yun was still far from Tribulation Passage, while Qin Yanzhi was fast approaching Return to Void.

Jing Yue, “We still have to wait up to ten days. Is that enough for you?”

Qin Yanzhi merely smiled, and carefully stored the Enlightenment Fruit.

The two chatted along the way. On the way, a blue bird swooped down and plunged into Qin Yanzhi's arms.

“Mother!” The blue phoenix knew that Hooligan and Jing-jing's Dao partner ceremony was set in stone, so its attitude toward Qin Yanzhi changed drastically.

As the saying went, a stepfather would follow a stepmother. Although Hooligan was not a stepmother, it must be wary lest this person spoke ill about Ji-ji to Jing-jing and undermined its position as the number one pet!

After all, Hooligan was very scheming!

Besides, Hooligan could produce innate pure energy.

Qin Yanzhi didn't know that the blue phoenix had so many complicated thoughts. He held it up and said casually, “You’ve lost weight.”

Jing Yue, “…”

Why would everyone say that Ji-ji had lost weight after not seeing it for a long time? It was as round as a ball!

When they arrived at a maple forest, disciples of Frostcloud Sect led several distinguished guests to Bluecloud Summit to meet the sect leader, while Qin Yanzhi followed Jing Yue to Whitefog Summit. Jing Yue deliberately gave up his residence for Qin Yanzhi to break through.

On the seventh day, Whitefog Summit shook slightly. Tens of thousands of long swords in Frostcloud Sect shrilled in unison, and Qin Yanzhi walked out, already a Return to Void.

Jing Yue, who was waiting outside, said, “Should I call you Laozu now?”

Qin Yanzhi smiled. “It's up to you, but in terms of seniority, I can finally match you.”

At this time, cultivators from all major factions were basically present. Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi came to Bluecloud Summit and they were naturally congratulated by everyone.

At first, the greetings were congratulations on Qin Yanzhi's advancement to Return to Void, but later, it inexplicably developed into ‘a hundred years of good marriage’ and ‘sweet harmony’. Jing Yue even heard the blessing of ‘have a son soon’?

In short, the scene was full of joy as if the newlyweds were about to be sent into the bridal chamber in the next moment.

Fortunately, Wei Tianli was still reliable, a Heavenly Grotto now. He was supposed to be promoted to the position of Grand Elder of Frostcloud Sect, but due to all the happenings in the righteous Dao over the years, he had not stepped down as the sect leader for the time being.

At this time, Sect Leader Wei said loudly, “Everyone is here in Frostcloud Sect to join forces in the great cause of exterminating demons. This matter may be extremely perilous, but with everyone’s help, I’m sure we can find a glimmer of life for the righteous path.”

He bowed to everyone. “The time has come. Everyone, please go ahead.”

On that day, nearly a hundred sword lights appeared on Frore City heading to East Yu.

However, before they entered the coastal area of East Yu, Jing Yue received a letter from the Dragon Palace. Lei Jing said that if they wanted to go to the Middle Ages secret realm, maybe he could help.

Thus, the group immediately diverted to the Dragon Palace.

In the resplendent and magnificent Dragon Palace, Lei Jing sat on his throne, looking at these human cultivators, and couldn't help but feel emotional.

The human race was weak, but they were always united and fearless in major events. Because of this, the Yao race was unable to rule over the World of Seven Continents but was forced into a corner by the human race instead.

With the divide between the righteous and demonic Dao now, the future was uncertain.

The cultivators greeted the Dragon Ancestor. To them, the Dragon Ancestor was equivalent to a Tribulation Passage and everyone’s predecessor.

Of course, Jing Yue was not included.

He stepped forward and said, “What did you mean earlier?”

Lei Jing cut to the chase and said, “I think everyone knows that I once entered the Middle Ages secret realm. When I left, I left behind a Reversal Dragon Disk in the secret realm.”

After saying that, he looked at Jing Yue smugly, and secretly sent a voice transmission, “Don't think that you’re the only one who has a trick!”

Jing Yue, “…”

Although he was speechless at Lei Jing's childishness, Jing Yue was shocked because he knew that the Reversal Dragon Disk was the treasure of the dragon race and had the power to travel back in time. Although a Tribulation Passage cultivator could manipulate time to a certain extent, it wouldn’t exceed ten years at most, while the Reversal Dragon Disk could go back more than ten thousand years, but the range was small and the time limit was very short.

Sure enough, Lei Jing said, “As long as you can find the exact location of the Middle Ages secret realm, I can use the Reversal Dragon Disk to bring an area within a radius of one mile back to the time when the secret realm opened ten thousand years ago.”

The cultivators couldn't help being in an uproar. They never knew that the dragon race had such a treasure.

In fact, Lei Jing wouldn’t have offered this treasure unless the situation forced him to.

When he left the Reversal Dragon Disk in the secret realm back then, he wanted to find a chance to enter it again. Unfortunately, the secret realm seemed to be hidden in an independent dimension, and he couldn't find it at all. Later, the Bipolar World became the World of Seven Continents, and he didn't know where the secret realm ended up.

Unexpectedly, Jing Yuan also left something in the secret realm back then and estimated that the secret realm was now in East Yu.

Jing Yue, “This is best. After we find the secret realm, we’ll ask the Dragon Ancestor to make a move.”

Lei Jing nodded. “Sure, but going back in time will make the space extremely fragile. Only ten people can enter at a time or the space will collapse.”

This remark caused the cultivators to look at each other in dismay. There were nearly a hundred of them here. If only ten could enter…

A long-bearded cultivator said, “Wang-daoyou, I heard that your disciple is about to form a golden core. You need to stay here and guide him at such a critical moment.”

The cultivator who was called Wang-daoyou twitched his mouth and said, “Zhao-daoyou, I heard that your Dao partner is eight months pregnant. It’s not easy for cultivators to have children so you should spend more time with your wife.”

Zhao-daoyou, “I don’t have a Dao partner.”

Wang-daoyou, “Oh, I must be mistaken. It should be Zhang-daoyou. Say, Zhang-daoyou…”

The cultivators argued. Whether for private or official reasons, no one wanted to miss this opportunity.

In the end, Lei Jing was so annoyed that he kicked everyone out.

However, when Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi left, he glanced at them meaningfully, and said quietly, “Isn’t there a poem among mortals? Something about pear blossom or crabapple…”

Jing Yue, “…”

That illiterate fool!

(TN: Lei Jing is referring to一树梨花压海棠literally translated as crabapple overpowered by pear blossom, used to mock an old man marrying a young wife.)

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