Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1480: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 38)

That night, Drunken Bliss announced that “Reincarnation Endowment” would be released at eight tomorrow night on their official Weibo.

With the strong lineup and the two powerful guards, “Reincarnation Endowment” instantly reached the top of the hot search list and kept ranking high.

There were all kinds of comments.  Many of them were expectant and there were a few who were worried.

Porcelain World’s Myth: After seeing “Sword Dance Clear Song”, I’m a bit worried about this kind of announcement.  9999 Likes.

-Distressed By Love: +1

-Looking Back On A Dream: +2

-Being Raised: As long as I think of “Sword Dance Clear Song”, I can’t even eat my seafood feast!

Sorrowful Strokes: Looking forward to “Reincarnation Endowment”.  When I read the novel two years ago, I was crying for Nian Yi and Qi Jun!

-Sweet Dream: Me too!  The beginning already spoils the ending, but I still couldn’t help finishing it!

Not Caring About Wang Lun’s Love: Please don’t compare god Clear Dust to another crook?  My god Qing Chen has never made a disappointing work since her debut!  Not like a certain person, aiyo.  ╮(▽“)╭


At this time, in a dimly lit room.  There was someone putting on nail polish who was preparing to start their broadcast when she saw the news on “Reincarnation Endowment”.

She gritted her teeth and angrily threw the nail polish in her hand on the ground as she fiercely said to herself, “Based on what?  Based on what can that half man half woman enter Drunken Bliss and I, the ‘most beautiful voice actor’ can’t!”

If she was in Drunken Bliss, the role of Nian Yi would belong to her and she wouldn’t have played that dominating Feng Wu!

Were all the people scolding her brain dead?  Could it be that they couldn’t see her name?

She was called Cute Little Fairy, alright?  How was it strange that this cute name couldn’t match Feng Wu!?

She felt that she had worked very hard, after all, she had spent two hours just to record the voice clips for Feng Wu!

She became angrier the more she thought about it.  When “Reincarnation Endowment” came out tomorrow, she would be the first person to create countless smurfs to attack it!


The next morning, it was close to nine when she rushed through the school gates.

She didn’t have time to get breakfast, but someone stopped her at the door and gave her a bag from KFC.

“You…..You’re also this late.”  Luo Qing Chen was surprised before saying in an understanding voice, “You were waiting for me?”

“Un.”  He replied before saying, “Give me your cell phone.”

Luo Qing Chen was still in shock at Wen Yan Chen waiting for her, normally he would have headed out quite early.

The past two times, it was already half past six when Mo Ran dragged her out to see him…..

Could it be that he had been waiting here for over two hours!?

“Alright.”  He handed her phone back to her, “This will stop you from being late in the future.”

“Ah…..”  Luo Qing Chen awkwardly scratched her head and said, “Sorry, I made you wait this long!”

Although it seemed like she made the other side wait, there was a bit of happiness in her heart.

“Whether I was waiting or not doesn’t matter.”  He put his hands on her shoulder and pushed her forward, “It’s cold today, so the breakfast is already cold.”

Her lips couldn’t help raising as a warm feeling filled her heart.

She suddenly thought of something: In the world of love, it couldn’t be lacking surprise and expectation.

The pleasant surprise Wen Yan Chen brought her, it had touched her and made her feel…..very happy!

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