Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1481: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 39)

After getting in class late, Luo Qing Chen slightly knitted her brows.

Because she…..didn’t see Mo Ran!

After opening her textbook to hide herself, she sent a text to Mo Ran!

(You skipped class?  ——Luo Qing Chen)

Mo Ran’s reply came very quickly, but Luo Qing Chen was even more worried when she saw it.

(I’m at the voice acting club, there was an accident today and I’m helping out.  ——Mo Ran)

(Just you alone?  ——Luo Qing Chen)

(No, there’s still the president!  Right, he mentioned that he wanted to invite us to lunch!)

He Yu Yan wanted to invite her to lunch?  This really seemed unpredictable!

Luo Qing Chen didn’t reply.  She wanted to call Mo Ran after class, but she never thought that she would come back after the third class.

“I have some good news to tell you!”  Mo Ran seemed very excited, looking like a ‘pie had fallen out of the sky’.

“He Yu Yan wants you to participate in the school celebration performance on behalf of the voice acting club?”  Luo Qing Chen made a small inference and directly said this.

She narrowed her eyes to look at Mo Ran and from the change in her expressions, she knew that her guess was right.

“Damn!  Xiao Qing, you really are a god!  How did you know!”

“His condition is that he wants you to help him get me, right!”

“This……”  Mo Ran scratched her head and said, “The president spoke for a long time, but he just wanted to have a meal!  I just…..”

“You sold me for your own benefit!”  Luo qing Chen pretended to be angry as she questioned her!

“It isn’t like this…...I…...It isn’t…….”

Mo Ran’s eyes turned red and she began to cry.  She cried as she explained, “Sorry…..Let’s not go, alright!”

After saying this, she broke out crying.

All the eyes in the classroom fell onto Luo Qing Chen.

Luo Qing Chen shook her head, indicating that this wasn’t her fault.

But the classmates didn’t seem to believe it…...

“Mo Ran!”  Luo Qing Chen bit her lip and said, “I forgive you!  But there’s something I have to ask.

Mo Ran heard the word ‘forgive’ and she immediately broke out in a smile before saying, “Ask, ask.”

“What role does He Yu Yan want you to play!?”

“He didn’t say!”  Mo Ran answered in a soft voice with a solemn look, “Actually, I just wanted to make myself satisfied while also taking revenge for you on him!”

Luo QIng Chen was surprised.  She suddenly remembered that she had told Mo Ran about her grudge with He Yu Yan online.

It was no wonder Mo Ran was helping him.

“Little girl, you haven’t learned how to voice act yet, but you’ve learned quite a bit about revenge.”

“That’s right!”  Mo Ran wiped her tears on her clothes, “I was so wronged!  You thought of me like that!”

“I’m joking, I’m joking!”

“After all, I am on your side, I went over there to spy on him!  Moreover, I have some understanding of a popular person on the internet, one called something cute fairy.”

“Cute Little Fairy.”

“Right, it’s her!”  Mo Ran didn’t forget to roll her eyes, “It’s her ‘most beautiful voice actor’ picture from last year, it isn’t even a tenth of you, alright?  You must not have posted your picture, right!”

Luo Qing Chen nodded with a chuckle, knowing the purpose of Mo Ran’s words.

“I want to let that whatever No Words see what a true beauty is!”  Mo Ran pushed her hand and said, “But, he really is a bit interested in you.”

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