Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1484: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 42)

Luo Qing Chen’s back turned stiff and her heart skipped a beat.  Mo Ran standing behind her looked at Wen Yan Chen with an even more stunned look.

After all, Wen Yan Chen was just too handsome at this moment!

“I…...like…..to eat.”

A god was a god, once he started acting, not just his voice, even his eyes seemed like they could speak.

“I’ll bring you here next time, it’s not safe going so far.”  His voice was very low and it didn’t seem like acting, it was like he was really worried about his girlfriend.

Without knowing why, she felt nervous.

This feeling of being protected spread through her heart as she said with a sweet smile, “Alright!”

There was a Lamborghini parked not far away, Wen Yan Chen walked over to it while holding her hand.

He Yu Yan who was prepared to enter his car stopped and he narrowed his eyes as he looked at Wen Yan Chen.  With a cold snort, he said to himself, “Father doesn’t believe that this Lambo is yours!”

“Pa, pa, pa, pa.”

As soon as his voice fell, he felt his face being slapped.

Wen Yan Chen took out the key and pressed it before the lights of the Lambo lit up.

He could clearly see the actions of He Yu Yan stopping to watch through the front view mirror.

It was because of this that he had slowed down when he took out the key.

He wanted to give He Yu Yan a bit of hope before shattering them.

He suddenly felt like his actions were a bit black bellied.

He Yu Yan gritted his teeth and angrily slammed his car door.  The waitress from the restaurant came out with a wallet in her hand, “Sir, this should be the wallet that you lost!”

The waitress’ tone was good, but He Yu Yan was filled with rage when he saw this wallet.

“Damn, scram!”  He took the wallet and angrily roared out.


On the way back, it was silent.

After all, there was still an eight hundred watt lightbulb in the care.  Even if Wen Yan Chen wanted to say something, he felt a bit weak.

Putting on a bit of light music, she closed her eyes to take a nap.

It was Wen Yan Chen who woke her up when the car stopped because Mo Ran was sleeping even heavier than her…..

“Un…..That……”  She awkwardly touched her ears and pursed her lips, “The lunch today really was…..”

“If you want to say thanks, don’t say anything.”  His lips curled into a faint smile as he looked into the rear view mirror.

After confirming that this eight hundred watt lightbulb was still fast asleep, he looked at her and said, “After all, I enjoyed it.”

Luo Qing Chen’s ears had been buzzing the entire afternoon.

She didn’t hear a single word her teacher said, only Wen Yan Chen’s words rung in her ears!

She felt like she was somehow being teased again…...

When she was a bit troubled, Mo Ran kept talking in her ear the entire time!

“Xiao Qing when did you get together with school hunk Wen!”

“Xiao Qing, your development is just too quick!”

“Xiao Qing, how on earth did you get school hunk Wen who is always freezing cold!”


Mo Ran suddenly called out which scared her.

“Xiao Qing, you, you, you…...It can’t be that you…..”  She pointed at her stomach as she said, “Have that, right!”

“Have that your head!”  Luo Qoing Chen said in a loud voice as she slapped her head, “I don’t even have a boyfriend, don’t you know that?!”

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