Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1488: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 46)

Luo Qing Chen took a look at this smurf.  It was only made today and it was called: Ugly Streamer Looks So Bad.

She only had one person on her follow list and she was in her room from time to time.

After being muted by the mod, she still didn’t leave.

There was a feeling that this person was Fang Qian Meng, but it was just a sixth sense and wasn’t accurate.

[It’s her!]

The system gave her a confirmation.

She suddenly found that the system had been more active recently.

[Because the system really likes the male lead’s voice and really hates Fang Qian Meng.]

This was her first time hearing the system using words like ‘like’ and ‘hate’.

When she had been helpless and was bullied by the supporting female leads, she didn’t see the system say it hated the supporting female leads!

[Because the system is voice controlled!]

Oh!  I understand!  So you only have a voice and no body!


Luo Qing Chen, who wasn’t tired at all, talked with the system for a bit and then she felt tired.

But a certain person wasn’t tired at all.

Because she was also broadcasting today.  She had less than two hundred people and there was no spam, just a few people who wanted to hang out in the rooms with the lowest number of viewers while doing some tasks.

During the broadcast, no matter how cute she acted, she didn’t get any attention.  Even if she said a few more words, there would be less people who stayed in the room.

Until she angrily changed the name of her broadcast to: Feng Wu Special.

Then she read the lines of Feng Wu, “If I become a Buddha, there will be no demons in this world.  If I become a demon, what can Buddhas do to me?  If I destroy the world, who can stop me?  If the heavens have grievances, why bury them?”

This time she removed the sounds that the web criticized her on and gritted her teeth as she viciously read it.

Sure enough, the number of people in the room increased and her fame went up.

But no one gave her a gift and almost all the comments on the screen were cursing her.

Peanut and Red Date Are a Couple (Lv 8): Aiyo!  It has been changed, are you qualified to be Feng Wu?

Don’t Insult Feng Wu Thank You (Lv 9): Please read my name.

Ice Lemon (Lv 1): You are all too much!  Why are you insulting Meng Meng, Meng Meng is very good!  You are all from a water army!  (?。?)


Fang Qian Meng saw the words attacking her and she sniffled her nose, “I feel very wronged.  I was working hard for the role of Feng Wu, but the result wasn’t as everyone expected.  Still, I worked very hard!”

The Scholarly Invisible Man (Lv 3): A sparrow can work hard to break the shell, but it can’t become a phoenix.

Farewell to the Spring Breeze (Lv 1): +1 to above.

Little Princess (Lv 2) +2 to above.

Fang Qian Meng angrily hit her keyboard when she saw this.

As a result, she accidentally turned off her beauty filter.  The person in the room was no longer a fair skinned girl who had big eyes and a sleek jaw.

It was all makeup.  One could see the heavy layer of foundation that was on her face through the cold screen, as well as the many layers of fake lashes.

Fang Qian Meng quickly screamed when she saw herself on stream and quickly turned off the broadcast.

But the netizens weren’t fools, a few seconds was enough for them to take screenshots.

Sure enough, in less than ten minutes there a topic named #Female Broadcaster Before and After Filtering# that reached the top searches.

Although there wasn’t much, it still attracted many people who came to gossip.

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