My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 149.1: Middle Ages Secret Realm

Three months later, near a certain coastal area in East Yu, many cultivators gathered.

In the past hundred days, after everyone's continuous deduction, they finally locked the location of the Middle Ages secret realm.

At this time, Lei Jing arrived with nine members of the dragon race, ready to set up a formation to activate the Reversal Dragon Disk.

The ten members of the dragon race stood in a circle and cast spells at the same time. The air in the formation suddenly rippled. The sea surged, sometimes with wild waves as high as the hills or sometimes as calm as stagnant water. The sky thundered and the clouds churned rapidly.

A moment later, a blue light shot straight into the sky. The sky and the earth in the formation were reversed, and the sun, moons, and stars fell.

Everyone couldn't help being dazzled by the spectacle. Lei Jing suddenly said, “We have only a few minutes. Go in quickly!”

The ten cultivators entered the blue light one by one. Before Jing Yue entered the secret realm, he turned his head subconsciously. Lei Jing’s face, which was undisturbed by time, had become haggard and slack, and his hair was pale and dry.

The Dragon Ancestor had become old.

On the quaint dark stone path, cultivators carefully explored the way.

Among the cultivators who entered the Middle Ages secret realm this time, there were five Return to Void and five Heavenly Grotto, of which four Heavenly Grotto had entered the upper realm. Only Jing Yue had the lowest cultivation level, but with his special status, no one dared to compete with him.

Not long after they entered, they found a subtle change in the secret realm—it seemed that everything they saw became older, and even the air became stagnant.

Obviously, the Reversal Dragon Disk had lost its function, and time resumed its original flow.

Although Jing Yue had been here in his previous life, after 10,000 years of changes, he didn't know what had changed in the Middle Ages secret realm, so he took every step very cautiously.

Because this was the remains of the battlefield of the gods and demons. Until the Middle Ages reappeared, crises lurked everywhere.

They occasionally saw collapsed buildings and towering stone piles in the secret realm. There was no sun, moon, or starlight here, and the sky was a depressing dark purple.

Similar to his previous life, there was no danger here at first. They were just on the periphery of the ruins.

But not long after walking, the blue phoenix in Jing Yue's arms suddenly became restless, trying to break free.

Jing Yue, “Don’t fuss. It’s dangerous here. Stay still.”

The blue phoenix, “Jing-jing, there’s something in front. It’s very important to Ji-ji!”

Jing Yue was taken aback. Since he raised Ji-ji, Ji-ji had never said something similar or expressed similar desires. But after thinking about it, this was the Middle Ages secret realm. Perhaps there was indeed a heritage left by the blue phoenix clan or something that could be absorbed by the blue phoenix.

He cheered up. “Can you determine which direction it is?”

The blue phoenix, “Just in front, very far in front.”

Seeing that Ji-ji couldn't explain more, Jing Yue could only move forward.

“JI-ji, we’ll go forward just like this. If you sense a change in direction, let me know immediately.”

The Middle Ages secret realm was huge and they could run into chance encounters at any time. Jing Yue and others didn't have a clear direction and couldn’t care less about which direction to follow.

Gradually, the stone piles decreased, but the number of ruined walls increased.

Not far after walking, they reached an open cliff with no way forward.

There was an abyss under the cliff with dozens of unfamiliar purple flowers on the edge of the cliff, every petal on the flowers one foot wide. From a distance, they looked like the nether flowers on the Yellow Springs River.

Jing Yue was here the last time. He knew that the purple flowers were actually steps to cross the abyss. As long as one stood on the first purple flower, a new purple flower would appear out of thin air in front, and every step would bring them closer to the other shore.

However, he couldn’t help feeling that things weren’t so simple, but after thinking about it carefully, he couldn't think of anything. His memory seemed shrouded in mist.

But no matter what, stepping on the purple flower must be the right choice. Jing Yue glanced at Qin Yanzhi before he took the lead.

The next moment, he suddenly felt the world spinning. When he regained his clarity again, he was already in a dark mountain forest.

Where was this?

He felt extremely weak, and his energy drained like opened floodgates. In a short time, he was reduced to a mortal, and he couldn't even sense the breath of the blue phoenix.

That’s right! Jing Yue suddenly recalled that the purple flower was called the Forsaken Flower. The last time he stepped on the purple flower, his consciousness entered an illusion, but when he woke up, everything in the illusion was forgotten. No one remembered what they had experienced.

To put it simply, every time he walked out of the illusion, the memories brought to him by the previous Forsaken Flower disappeared.

He could only sense his consciousness here. He could only turn into whatever form the illusion wanted him to appear as.

But at this moment, maybe because it was his second visit, all the memories from the last illusions were revived one by one, which was nothing special. He just saw a drop of water falling, and an unfamiliar voice told him that this water was the source of all water, and he had been in meditation ever since.

Since the beginning, there was no danger.

But he wondered what he would experience this time.


Thunder rumbled and rain poured from the dark sky.

The rain splattered on Jing Yue through the gaps in the treetops, quickly drenching him.

It was very cold, and without the aid of spiritual energy, Jing Yue felt the natural temperature as a mortal that he had not experienced for a while. He looked at the pouring rain and was at a loss for what to do.

Suddenly, he heard the cry of a baby coming from a distance, which was especially weird on such a rainy night.

But whether it was danger or anything else, it was his only clue at the moment. Jing Yue immediately rushed to where the sound came from, but it was as if he had bumped into an invisible wall. He couldn’t find the right direction, and the crying sounded near and far at the same time.

Although he had no spiritual energy, he had experience. Jing Yue picked up a few wet branches amid the heavy rain. After a simple deduction, the branches moved without aid and pointed east.

Jing Yue headed east and his surrounding vision gradually widened. Soon, he found a baby in a swaddle behind a rock.

For some reason, Jing Yue felt an affinity when he saw the baby and even let his guard down.

He quickly walked forward and picked up the baby. The outer swaddle was soaked and the baby's face was also stained with rain. At this time, the baby was staring straight at Jing Yue with a pair of big, pure, and clear eyes.

Jing Yue saw the good appearance of the baby with a hint of kindness on his face and felt tenderness in his heart. Even though he knew he was in an illusion, he couldn't help but ask, “Little thing, why are you here alone?”

The baby stopped crying and smiled at Jing Yue.

Jing Yue was also amused, “Aren't you uncomfortable? Why are you still laughing?”

He wanted to find a dry place to hide from the rain with the baby in his arms, but the howling of ferocious beasts came from the forest again.

Based on experience, there should be a pack of nine-star wolves nearby. Although this ferocious beast was only at level 2, it was extremely fast and knew how to use battle tactics. As a mortal, it was difficult for him to deal with them, not to mention he had a child with him.

Jing Yue frowned slightly, but felt a hand hitting his chin with light force, like a cat's paw scratching.

He lowered his head and found that the baby had escaped from the swaddle at some point. His chubby arms waved wildly in the air, and the baby's small mouth opened slightly as he called out.

Jing Yue quickly grabbed his arm, wondering if this baby would be taken away by a ferocious beast if not for him.

With that thought in mind, he suddenly froze, and a chill went up his spine, making his brain ache from the cold.

Nine-star wolves, heavy rain, baby…

Jing Yue jerked open the swaddle that half-covered the baby and saw a bright red birthmark on the lower part of the baby's left chest. The birthmark was only an inch long, but it was shaped like a sword.

Jing Yue was shocked. This birthmark was exactly the same as Yi Wang's!

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