His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 149 - Getting Married

Shen Zixin smiled as if she had forgotten the argument she had with Shen Ziqiao the other day. The two became intimate and close like they were in the past again.

“I personally embroidered this pillow cushion. I hope you can accept it.” Shen Zixin smiled and sat besides Shen Ziqiao, handing her a bag covered by red silk cloth.

It was a pillow cushion of a painting of birds and flowers indicating a long and happy life together as a couple.

Her needlework was neat and clean. The painting looked realistic and was going to come to life. One could tell that she had amazing needlework.

Shen Zixin was known for her impressive needlework.

“Thank you.” Shen Ziqiao truly thanked her, letting Hong Yu place the pillow cushion carefully away.

“As long as you like it.” Shen Zixin relaxed. She looked up to see Luo Zhaohua smiling at her. “Young Miss Luo, if you like it, I can also embroider a pillow cushion for you.”

Luo Zhaohua immediately smiled and nodded. “Okay, okay.”

Shen Ziqiao softly laughed. It would seem that Luo Zhaohua didn’t understand Shen Zixin. By the time she processed her words, her face flushed and she looked around embarrassedly.

Shen Zixin lowered her head and covered her mouth to smile.

Luo Zhaohua was annoyed at her. She pinched Shen Ziqiao.

Shen Ziwen and Shen Zixin were unable to join the conversation and were given the cold shoulder.

“Third sister married the best person of us sisters. Even more, the emperor had bestowed marriage to you. You should support us in the future.” Shen Zifen exclaimed in a sharp tone.

She was really lacking manners! Shen Ziwen looked shockingly at Shen Zifen who had surprisingly said a lot.

Could it be that she was jealous of other people since her marriage hadn’t gone well?

Shen Zixin married Garrison Liu’s second son. Second Master Liu was favored and now took a role in the military camp. He originally lived well but Garrison Liu’s family was poor but upright. Even more, Second Master Liu was unskilled. As a result, he had lots of clashes in his daily life. This caused Shen Zifen to be unhappy with her marriage.

Had her father given her a bit more dowry when she got married, her life wouldn’t have been so difficult like it was now.

Shen Zixin’s expression uncontrollably stiffened when they mentioned bestowing a marriage.

Even if she persuaded herself to calm down, she still felt resentful.

“Ah, who knows how life will be in the future? Who knows? Maybe one day, I’ll be unlucky and misfortunate.” Shen Ziqiao laughed.

Luo Zhaohua spat. “Look at the time now. Say something auspicious! I think Qi Zheng is outstanding. He’s only in his twenties and he has done a great meritorious service. Who knows how great his future would be? Stop thinking about these things before you’re not even married into the family yet.”

Shen Ziqiao laughed embarrassedly after being scolded by Luo Zhaohua. She was just saying.

It seemed as if Shen Zifen hadn’t seen Shen Ziwen’s expression. She glared at Shen Ziqiao’s golden hairpin and exclaimed, “This should’ve belonged to my fourth sister. If it weren’t for the bestowed marriage… the emperor is ignorant.”

She made it seem like the emperor had broken up a couple.

Shen Zixin kept her head down and hid her hands inside her sleeves.

Luo Zhaohua snorted. “Who said that this was what the emperor wanted? Although the emperor had bestowed the marriage, do you know who went to request for the imperial decree?”

Wasn’t it Shen Xiao? The Shen sisters looked at her in confusion.

“Qi Zheng personally went to request the empress and for her to bestow the marriage. He always wanted to marry Jiao Jiao. They were already in love with each other. What did this have to do with anyone else? Even without it, there’s no way Qi Zheng would marry someone else.” Luo Zhaohua was waiting for Shen Zixin to come over so she can say this.

Don’t think that she was a treasure and that everyone had to rush to try to get her hand in marriage.

This was the first time Shen Ziqiao had heard this. She widened her eyes in shock. But after thinking carefully, it was indeed something he would do. He was probably afraid that Xiao Gu would ruin it right?

“How do you know?” Shen Zifen didn’t believe her. A figure like Qi Zheng would actually take the initiative to find Shen Ziqiao, that idiot?

“I was by the empress’ side so how could I not know?” Luo Zhaohua exclaimed determined.

Shen Zixin’s face paled right then.

Luo Zhaohua looked at her but reprimanded Jiao Jiao, “Since you knew Qi Zheng already, why didn’t you mention that to me? Look at this misunderstanding. It could’ve been avoided.”

Who would go around talking about this?

Shen Zixin and Shen Zifen’s expressions weren’t that good. They left after a while.

Shen Ziwen said that she was going to pay respects to the Old Madam as well and then she left with her two sisters.

Luo Zhaohua hmphed at their rear views.

“You did this on purpose.” Shen Ziqiao said helplessly.

“If not, your fourth sister will never give up.” Luo Zhaohua exclaimed justly.

Many people came to congratulate Shen Ziqiao today.

It was quickly the second morning.

Shen Ziqiao was called up early in the morning. She was still in a daze so she allowed first and third aunt to do whatever they wanted to her.

First aunt wanted to laugh at how lazy she was. “You don’t look like someone who’s about to get married.”

The maids in the room all covered their mouths and softly laughed. They were all used to Shen Ziqiao’s lifestyle. They knew that she had to sleep into the late morning before waking up. It was indeed difficult for her to wake up that early.

By the time Shen Ziqiao really woke up, they finished putting on her makeup and brushed her hair as well. The woman in the mirror looked like the morning sun, bright and beautiful.

Shen Ziqiao had never seen herself dressed up. As it turned out, she was a beautiful woman too.

First aunt had Lady Meng bring some pastries over for Shen Ziqiao to eat.

Princess Nihong had symbolically brushed Shen Ziqiao’s hair three times. “One brush to having a long-lasting marriage, two brush to growing old together, and three brush to having many children…”

Celebratory playing of instruments rang outside.

Shen Ziqiao was shocked. “That quick?”

She didn’t even change into her wedding clothes yet!

First aunt laughed and exclaimed, “They’re playing this to urge the wedding procedures. You can ignore this.”

They had to at least play the instruments several times before they could open the door.

Shen Family’s door was tightly shut right now, allowing the procession to become rowdy however it wanted to. Qi Zheng stood in front relaxingly. His red wedding clothes made him appear even more handsome and young.

There was a smile in his eyes. He didn’t mind waiting a bit longer.

He had waited so many years so did people think he cared about this amount of time?

The instruments sounded again.

Shen Ziqiao held her first aunt’s hands tightly in the room. “How...how many times have it been?”

Everyone was lounging around, not nervous in the least bit. “Don’t worry. Just rest and be the bride you are.”

With the third aunt’s help, they assisted Shen Ziqiao in wearing her wedding clothes.

The sound got louder and louder outside. Even though Shen Ziqiao was in the inner courtyard, she vaguely heard noises too.

Shen Ziqiao had Hong Ying go check on the situation to see what was going on in the front courtyard. They couldn’t hear much from where they were.

It suddenly became quiet outside.

Hong Ying came inside and said that the door was still closed, keeping Eldest Master Qi from coming inside.

“Is he going to leave me because he’s impatient?” Shen Ziqiao asked nervously. Although he knew that Qi Zheng wouldn’t do this, but if she had gone overboard...who knows?

Princess Nihong and the others laughed too. “I’ve never seen a bride that protects her husband before they even got married. You’re scared of him running away? Don’t worry. Anyone can run away but him.”

Shen Ziqiao’s face flushed, knowing that she had made a fool.

“Open the door, open the door.” Hong Ying ran back panting who had just been dismissed to find out more information. “Third miss, don’t worry. The groom didn’t run away. He gave a huge gift and the eldest master had people open the door.”

Shen Ziqiao wanted to bury herself in a hole after everyone laughed again.

The auspicious time was here. First aunt helped Shen Ziqiao who wore the phoenix crown out of Qiao Xin Courtyard.

Because Old Madam Shen was uncomfortable, she didn’t come out. Shen Xiao led everyone in the Shen Family to wait in the lounge.

Ning Xi who assumed the role of the matchmaker helped Shen Ziqiao get on her knees and kowtow at Shen Xiao.

Shen Xiao, a man almost six feet tall, actually teared up upon seeing Shen Ziqiao getting married. Trembling, “You have to listen and obey the rules of your husband’s family and most importantly, listen to him…”

“Father…” It was unclear why but Shen Ziqiao wanted to cry. Indeed, Shen Xiao had treated him really well, yet she had been cold towards him all these years.

“Okay, it’s almost the auspicious time. Quickly get in the sedan chair.” He exclaimed in a deep voice.

“Sister!” Shen Zikai choked with emotions. He tried opening his mouth to say something but he was unable to in the end. “Mother would be happy if she saw this.”

Shen Zikai carried Shen Ziqiao into the sedan chair.

Qi Zheng stared at Shen Ziqiao’s red wedding clothes with a fiery gaze. He was ecstatic.

The joyous melody sounded again. Shen Ziqiao felt the sedan chair being lifted.

Just like this...

She was married! Shen Ziqiao was shocked inside. This was the first time she had gotten married in both worlds.

She wondered how her life as a married woman would be in the future. She wasn’t worried about Qi Zheng. She just didn’t know how to deal with Xiao Gu and the others.

It was a really thorny issue.

It was unclear how long after but the sedan chair came to a stop.

Shen Ziqiao was carried out of the sedan chair. She walked over the doorstep and her hand landed in a warm and sturdy palm.

Qi Zheng! She slightly calmed down.

Qi Zheng’s eyes were smiling. Although he couldn’t see her, he could imagine how beautiful and charming she was.

First bow to sky and earth, second bow to mutual parents…”

Xiao Gu glanced coldly at the married couple bowing, fisting her palms.

The emperor had bestowed marriage to Qi Zheng but her son needed to take in a fool as his concubine. She was unresigned to this.

Hmph. Let’s see how long you can smile for after marrying such a troublemaker wife. Xiao Gu thought sinisterly about Shen Ziqiao and Qi Zheng’s future.

“Be them sent to the boudoir!” They exclaimed out loud.

Shen Ziqiao was escorted to her wedding room by everyone. Princess Nihong was already inside waiting, urging Qi Zheng to take the red cover off.

A smile floated on Qi Zheng’s face. He removed the red cover and Shen Ziqiao’s beautiful face appeared in front of him.

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